About matt and kim dating nick

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about matt and kim dating nick

Matt Johnson met Kim Schifino at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute in Despite their height difference, the couple began dating, and in formed. Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino didn't plan any of this. After starting to date as students at Pratt Institute, the pair decided to start a band—even. Two years before starting the wildly exuberant keyboard-drum duo Matt and Kim, Matt Johnson met Kim Schifino at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute.

Here's something your parents don't tell you: That was really helpful to the band. Then you're just enjoying things in the moment that you're doing them.

It's not about trying to do things in steps to get other places. I remember discussing that I never want to play a show that I wouldn't go to. I think there are a lot of times where you're encouraged to play a show because it's the proper stepping-stone to get you somewhere else.

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Having come from only really playing in warehouses and stuff in Brooklyn, we made them make the ticket price six dollars, because that's what our fans wanted to pay.

It was the lowest ticket price they've ever done at Bowery Ballroom. What do you attribute your longevity to? I find that sometimes bands decide what it would take for them to be successful.

Say, like, "We gotta win a Grammy. That's when we're successful. It's like how rarely does that happen for a band? So, you're spending your entire career failing, if that's your beacon of success. But, if you're like me and Kim, you're just happy every time you come back to town and there are a few more people there.

Or you're happy every time you put out a song and people seem excited about it. Then you're just constantly a success. Every day you get to celebrate. What was the first one you ever had?

about matt and kim dating nick

Coming from a punk background and, especially, growing up and listening to punk music, it was such a concern. It happened and it was fine. But we were nervous about it. Then, the next one that came was a Bacardi commercial with " Daylight.

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I'm sure it could be looked up online. It didn't have any talking over our song. It was just this beautiful commercial of people dancing through different eras. It was as much a Matt and Kim commercial as it was a Bacardi commercial.

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I still remember at that moment being like, "Hopefully, not a lot of people will see it and we'll just get this great check. When I was working freelance film jobs, at the beginning of this band, it would have taken me literally a year to make that much. It broke it in the good way. Broke us to the public.

Interview with Matt Johnson of Matt & Kim: Bare Naked Lady (And Man)

The money was nothing in comparison to the exposure and how many people learned about our band through that commercial. It was one of the best things that ever happened to our band. It totally changed my perspective on working with brands in advertising. Especially being [a] band that [was] not on a lot of radio stations, the exposure was incredible.

All the feedback was positive.

about matt and kim dating nick

Maybe, at that point, [for] the people who are so concerned about what was the newest coolest thing—we were not that anymore. We were too aboveground anyway.

about matt and kim dating nick

I don't remember any hate coming off that. It was our first time working with a producer, and it has been good.

about matt and kim dating nick

And I think it was. Do you have a particular favorite track that fans should look out for?

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Well, I have a lot of particular favorite tracks. It just feels right. Sometimes the stars just align and a song just works, and sometimes it can take a really long time to work on a song, and sometimes it just happens. This one just kind of happened and everything lined up.

What do you think about her interpretation of your idea? I think she did a good job. We talked on the phone beforehand. Actually, I think she talked to us on the day she was going to do the shoot. She was saying that she was a big fan, and this and that. But I think when people see you as a bigger artist, you get more and more responsibility. I think definitely at the time that Kim and I did it, it was like, you know, a couple of dumb kids from Brooklyn who do stupid things.

There is stuff on television all the time that is far more sexual sort of content and what not. Everyone takes their clothes off.

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We all have similar aspects. Numerous cops came up, even when we were doing rehearsals. There are so many police on beat in Times Square. We had a very loose permit to shoot. Videos are really important to us.

about matt and kim dating nick

Actually, I went to school as a film student, and videos are the only time I get to work on video stuff as of late. So I really enjoy it.