Alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

Buffy’s Willow And Tara Reunite

alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

Amber Benson has been on's Hot every year — and she The actress is best known for her role as Tara (Willow's girlfriend) on Buffy the Tara was just supposed to be a friend to Alyson Hannigan's. Amber Benson dating history, , , list of Amber Benson relationships. Who is she dating right now? Amber . Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson. Amber Benson first caught the eye of many a lesbian and bisexual viewer when as the lesbian love interest of main character Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan). AE: What has been your favorite role to date, and why?.

So it was two years before we started seeing each other and that was back in I took my mom's advice and thought really hard about the whole thing—and didn't marry until I was nearly Luckily, he hasn't had to deal with anything except me kissing women. It's weird to see your beloved kissing anyone else, but I would imagine it's easier for him to see me kissing a female, than another guy. But we'll see how he deals. InHannigan did refer to Tom Lenk, who played the allegiance-shifting, nerd-with-villainous-tendencies Andrew Wells, as one of her best friends.

alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

But they were all friends As in, she was over it by season three, Hannigan guessed. It feels right, and you have to listen to that.

Bonding on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Who Fell in Love, Who Feuded and Who Became BFFs | E! News

There have been times when we've palled around. But no matter what, she was the other half of Buffy. In seven years, she never let me down. There was a perceived notion, on both sides, I can say, between Sarah and Joss of ingratitude for both parties. Joss doesn't feel like Sarah's ever shown the proper amount of gratitude for what he's done for her and her career, and I think she feels the same way.

Two years later, momentously for fans and perhaps the former onscreen BFFs as well, Gellar and Hannigan did reunite for a day of family fun with their husbands and kids. Twenty, as in years. I appreciate everything about that job. As an actor, all you ever want to do is leave your mark—you want to do something that affects people.

An interview with Amber Benson

There was one guy who would come in right as we opened, renting the maximum -- which was, like, six -- and by the end of my shift he would return all of those and rent six more.

He would do that all weekend long. How much porn can one watch? Even on fast-forward, thats gotta give you a headache.

Alyson's Wonderland

Hannigans headaches ended when she landed the role of Willow Rosenberg on Buffy. She loves to remind Whedon that she wasnt his first choice for the role. Until the day I die, I will give him a hard time, she laughs.

alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

At the time, the WB network wanted one young woman and Whedon wanted another; Hannigan was their compromise. She wont let me forget that, cracks Whedon, who has become close friends with Hannigan.

alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

I was charmed by her, but I had no idea, basically, how great she was. She responds to every challenge the same way, which is to be as good an actress as Im ever gonna get to work with. I met her long before Buffy, and the first thing I remember thinking was that she had a great laugh.

Willows self-discovery was initially hinted at when Willow and Tara worked some magic together that seemed like a little more than witchcraft.

Obviously, during a couple of the spells, they were so fucking, notes Hannigan. I was like, This isnt a spell -- this is just the sex you can get away with on television! In one episode the spell they did involved a great deal of chanting and Willow falling into convulsions, which did not disresemble an orgasm, concedes Whedon.

alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

I never had any apprehensions about it, says Hannigan regarding Willows sexual journey. Its always been a part of my environment and my life. Growing up, my moms best friend was -- well, he still is -- gay. While the shows characters were accepting of their friends sexuality, fans werent necessarily eager to embrace the new Willow. I think there may have been a little bit of shock at first, maybe even some animosity, reveals E!

Online TV expert Wanda, whose weekly chat and column get more than 2 million hits a month. There was at first this giant bunch of people on the Net going, I will never watch this show again. You made Willow a fag, remembers Whedon. Im kinda like, Bye. Well miss ya a whole lot. Many fans were just disappointed that Willows boyfriend Oz [Seth Green] had left the show. The biggest problem was that people loved Seth so much, Whedon points out. We loved him too, but he left. And getting people into a new character is difficult.

But over the months, fans of the show have warmed to Tara and her relationship with Willow. I didnt realize how much so until Tara suffered a tragedy near the end of last season, says Wanda. I started getting E-mail after E-mail asking if Tara would be OK, if they were staying together, if Willow would save her.

I got things like You must tell me! Will Tara and Willow make it? I cant sleep at night. Signed, so-and-so, mother of three. We do have a bunch of people saying weve changed their lives, says Whedon, who has said in the past that he didnt want to make Buffy an issue show. I always want to put out good role models. But I wasnt there saying, I want to help gay teenagers be comfortable with themselves. We talked about the idea of college as being a place where people expand their sexuality or discover their sexuality.

So far, I think the show is going well and I especially love my old friend, Lisa Rieffel, who kicks butt on it every week. What has it been like working on the series? Angela is great to work with, as is her partner, Alex, who is totally shooting the whole thing. Does your working relationship with Angela Robinson mean there could potentially be any guest appearances for you on The L Word in the future? I would love to shake my booty on The L Word.

What has been your favorite role to date, and why?

Alyson's Wonderland

They both have a soft spot in my heart. They are similarly sweet and shy on the outside, but super strong on the inside. In retrospect about your role on Buffy: Would you change anything in the way it was written and how?