Are james lafferty and shantel vansanten dating

A List of James Lafferty's Girlfriends,Is he Married? Know about his Affairs and Dating

are james lafferty and shantel vansanten dating

He opened up about the struggles of dating in L.A. in an interview with Buckley names James Lafferty (Nathan), Stephen Colletti (Chase), and close with Shantel VanSanten who played his on-screen love interest Quinn. On deck, reveal who is Shantel Vansanten dating currently. After giving The ex- love couple Shantel VanSanten and James Lafferty, Source. Shantel VanSanten: James Lafferty and Shantel are dating! Member since July Shantel is dating her co star James Lafferty.

After spending quite long time with each other, they haven't still thought about their marriage.

are james lafferty and shantel vansanten dating

The lovely couple still has time to think about getting together. But their fans are eager to see their celebrities as a married couple. We have to still wait for sometimes to see this. Likewise, actress Shantel also had few love relations before she started her affair with John.

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Shantel started to date her boyfriends from her twenties. Check out her boyfriends. Actress Shantel's first boyfriend was Michael Johnson.

He's an American football player of Shantel began her affair with Johnson during During that time, she's still struggling for her better future in acting. Their lovely relation slowly went faded and they finally ended their relation in After their break up, they both took their own pathway. A year later, actress Shantel again found her love. She then built her relation with the well-known American actor James Lafferty.

The lovebirds began dating each other since June Shantel, however, couldn't remain in the relation for a long time either.

After dating boyfriend James for about 11 months, she broke up him. His name's Robert Buckley. Their relation gained various reviews from the public. The couple officially remained in the relation. James and Shantel dated for a year.

Shantel VanSanten-Boyfriend-Break-up-Dating History

The couple met back in on the sets of the very project, and they later dated one another. James and Sophia dated one another back in The source elaborated in"They're definitely together," Also, Sophia's ex James addressed their broken marriage in such words.

You're put in a situation where you're gonna deal with things right in your face. But I think [Sophia and I] are both professional and mature enough to get through it. And now it's just easy.

And she's got James, and James and I are friends.

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It's just a little tight group in Wilmington. Rachel Wilson and James Lafferty were rumored to have hooked up back in The answer to that might be a NO as he is seen to be single and without a girlfriend as of now and is solely focused on his career.

Who is Shantel VanSanten dating currently? Know about her affairs and relationship

Or maybe, he is dating someone, and he is keeping things far from the knowledge of the fans and media. Also, he is less likely to have a wife who he is married to as now news of such has broken thus far.

are james lafferty and shantel vansanten dating

Rumors are common to arise in a celebrity's life, and James can't escape that.