Arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

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arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

See more ideas about Arrow season 3, Green arrow and Team arrow. What we know about Arrow Season 3 -- Except we know that Oliver *asks* Felicity on a date. Arrow - Thea & Roy # #Season3 Roy Arrow, Arrow Felicity, Arrow Upcoming Episodes Promo (3xxx07) Arrow Cw, Team Arrow. Felicity and Oliver Queen might be a thing on "Arrow" but that Emily Bett ( Felicity) and actor Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/Arsenal) each. It all started off so promising, this “Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak. between Roy and Oliver in the Arrow cave, Laurel and Wildcat in the gym.

Why did she stay beyond that, though?

Pick Your Team: Guilty Arrow 3x06 Review

That last part failed to work for me, though. The flashbacks gave us our first real look at a sexually active Felicity look at her, making out with her boyfriend in publicand the conclusion featured her saving herself, physically subduing the bad guy while Oliver simply watched, likely relieved he no longer had to ponder violating his pesky moral code. The NSA comes off as some kind of criminal factory, and what, they just let him go after a couple of years? If the idea is that he actually resents and blames Felicity for his prison term and soul-crushing job with the NSA that was not communicated effectively.

It would have been so easy to have her brazenly flirt with Ray and Oliver. There was a considerable amount of exposition to be parsed from her dialogue with Felicity, but Ross and Rickards did a good job of coming off as a mother and daughter with a long history of in-fighting. Plus, her realization that Felicity knew not one but two billionaires was genuinely funny, and her entire scene meeting Oliver and Diggle was oddly delightful.

In fact, the more you can do to actively forget anything about the following Laurel story points the better: The best you can say about any of that is that it was mercifully short. Otherwise, it was interesting seeing Thea stand up to Oliver as well as superficially impressive to yet again see Willa Holland seriously rocking another belly shirt. This was also another case where if you forget anything about prior episodes what happened made sense and was maybe effective, Oliver logically arguing any money she received from Malcolm was blood money.

arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

So much about this episode just seemed off, as if challenging you not to laugh at it. And so on and so on. Laurel had a big showcase episode last year, and if my comments section was any indication so many people hated it because in order to elevate Laurel the show made all the other characters take complete leave of their senses. It took her belief in the justice system away. There are simply crimes that go unpunished. There are criminals who are beyond the law. The Canary lived outside the law and so did whoever killed her.

She chooses Ted Grant but more than that she chooses herself. She chooses her own path. He may have lost faith in his sidekick, but he still wanted to protect him.

arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

Just like Oliver Queen holds himself responsible for everything, so does Ted Grant. When Laurel tells him they use to date, his reaction was priceless…a slight eye roll. Right there with ya buddy. And then he walks away!!! In less than five minutes he was already sick of these two. After Oliver tells Ted to stay away from Laurel he responds, "Did you bother asking her what she wants?

arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

Ted sees that in her, he understands it and he respects it. As much as Laurel is looking for someone to believe in her, I believe Ted is looking for someone to believe in him. The Black Canary needs someone to believe in her. No different than how The Green Arrow needed someone to believe in him. The Black Canary has found Ted Grant. Oliver Oliver was operating like upper management tonight. It was somewhat amusing to watch. To be honest, Oliver is always distrustful of anyone new, which is why Felicity is such a miracle in his life.

Perhaps he sensed the sparks? Come on Oliver, let that shipper flag fly…we know you ship it too. Jealous Oliver is angry, volatile, frustrated and uncontrolled. He was controlled, quiet, thoughtful.

TV Review: Arrow, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” (S3,EP5) – The Good & Very, Very Bad

He was making a statement of fact. On the flip side, after Roy confesses and Laurel leaves, Oliver walks up to Felicity immediately.

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Notice how close he got? This man will use any opportunity to just exist in her orbit. He asks her one question.


Was Felicity saying Roy was guilty? He believed her immediately. What I am saying is that they question each other more. They hesitate with each other more. Too much has happened, too many lies, too many hurts. He was protecting Laurel by keeping her out of the game, he was protecting Roy by not telling him the truth about the cop killing.

arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

They have their own autonomy. Yes, they are his team but they belong to themselves. The scenes with Ted Grant were priceless.

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To choose their team. Who are they partners with, who will they stand by?

arrow 3x06 felicity and roy dating

Oliver tells Ted Grant that Laurel will stop coming to see him. Oliver had every opportunity to choose Laurel. Honestly, when was the last time Laurel listened to Oliver? A mentee must listen to their mentor, but their romantic history complicates that.

Third, who Laurel is becoming and who Oliver wants her to be directly conflict. Instead, Oliver chooses Roy. I think the minute Felicity mentioned the arrows to Oliver he immediately started thinking.

He started to connect the dots.