Ashanti and 50 cent dating

Why Nelly Made 50 Cent Apologize To Ashanti | Hot

ashanti and 50 cent dating

Oct 26, In an interview with TMZ, Ashanti disses 50 Cent as a bully after he made fun of her low ticket sales. Sep 6, New York rapper 50 Cent is having a hard time dealing with R&B singer Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson allegedly having a low-key past. Oct 27, 50 Cent recently trolled Ashanti on Instagram and made some jokes after she canceled one of her concerts earlier this month due to low ticket.

50 Cent Went Savage On Ashanti After Selling 24 Tickets For A Show

LOL," he wrote then deleted on Instagram along with a screenshot of the news story. Ashanti -- who runs in the same circles as Ja Rule -- was not impressed with Fiddy's trolling. FOX It's an unwritten rule that one should ever kiss and tell, right? Well, actress Vivica A.

ashanti and 50 cent dating

Fox did and it got her into a lot of trouble with her ex 50 Cent, who she dated for almost one year in Since their breakup, she's rated their sex life "PG," called their relationship "ghetto love," and insinuated on numerous occasions that Fiddy was gay and a "booty snatcher.

The "blue ones" of course refer to the pills taken in the movie The Matrix that allows users to dream on.

Ashanti receives 50 Cent apology because of Nelly

But not before he named his miniature schnauzer dog 'Oprah. So why did he dislike the Queen of Daytime for so long?

ashanti and 50 cent dating

Because he felt that the year-old put down hip-hop culture and everything he stood for. And he also called her out for rarely inviting rappers on her self-titled talk show.

Hmm, but what's his excuse for calling his cat Gayle, after Winfrey's best friend Gayle King? LMAO," he tweeted in The In Da Club rapper was so adamant that his album would outsell Yeezy's that he was willing to bet this career on it. Fast forward more than a decade and Fiddy appears to still hold a grudge against West, taking every opportunity he gets to troll Kim Kardashian's other half.

Aside from new music, the year-old, has been working closely with BET, as well. As he readies the premiere of his hip-hop anthology series, Tales, Gotti opens up about his comeback, on-going beef with 50 Centand his sketchy relationship with Ashanti.

ashanti and 50 cent dating

Peep the excerpts below. On if it was hard the second time around: Allow me to try new things and different things.

Ashanti On Breakup With Nelly - The Meredith Vieira Show

On plans for the new Murder Inc.: Allow me to reinvent and reshape Murder Inc. I love the new artist, the new energy. On how he became inspired to relaunch Murder Inc.: Diddy kind of inspired me. And my daughter really inspired me.

Ashanti receives 50 Cent apology because of Nelly

This was so hot! On the complications he had with record labels in the past: There were a few labels that were interested, once they found I was making music again. They were afraid of me. I had other people offer me deals, but I went with Leo and Kev because they understand me.

On the current state of hip-hop: I really just love hip-hop.

Ashanti Trolls 50 Cent After Shade Over Cancelled Concert | MadameNoire

Hip-hop has done more for all of us, especially niggas from the hood. I hate The Inc. They made me have the stupid press conference with Russell [Simmons] with The Inc. I cringed because it was a bitch ass moment for me. On if Ashanti would be returning to Murder Inc.: Ashanti On the relationship between him and Ashanti: It was a brilliant idea. It was just poor execution. I think his partners were to ambitious.

On the concept of his new show Tales: I take great classic hip-hop songs, and take the inspiration of what the song is about and turn it into a 1 to 2 hour scripted episode.

ashanti and 50 cent dating

Expect tales from different genres: On how he shopped around the idea for the show: He continues, involving the music, I felt like I would have a better chance.