Blake and chace dating

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blake and chace dating

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have been dating since the end of The couple have known each other since they were 12 years old, and since they started. Blake Lively opens up about her 3-year relationship and time, I was wearing the same clothes and doing fashion shoots, and dating the same. Reps for both Blake Lively and Penn Badgley confirmed to People that the couple has ended their nearly Dan and Serena haven't been dating since season two — and are technically step-siblings — but Chace Crawford.

A few months later, they were spotted looking like a couple again at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Things only got more confusing from there. InWestwick loosely told Wetpaint he was single and still looking for a girlfriend.

Then, the following year, Westwick and Szohr were spotted hanging out together on at least two separate occasions in Los Angeles, fueling rumors that they were indeed back together again. Those rumors have since died off. Did Leighton Meester have a sex tape? Getty Images Leighton Meester was the subject of her own gossip scandal in after TMZ reported that a sex tape featuring the young actress and her then-boyfriend was being shopped around. The story lingered around for a few months before Meester squashed the rumors for good.

It's unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did. According to Vanity Fairthe couple began divorce proceedings in December after two years of marriage and while Rutherford was pregnant with the couple's second child.

What followed was about six years' worth of a nasty, at times shocking, custody battle that included everything from lawsuit to private detectives and, at one truly bizarre point, accusations of kidnapping. The case finally settled in December when a judge in Monaco granted Giersch full custody of their two children and ruled that Rutherford could only visit them in France and Monaco, according to People magazine.

At the time, a lawyer interviewed by People magazine — who was not involved in the case — alleged that the Monaco court's ruling was likely fueled by an incident that August in which Rutherford refused to return her children to Monacowhere they had been living since under court order. Like we said, the whole thing was insane. Chace Crawford has battled endless gay rumors Getty Images From pretty much the moment Gossip Girl became a tabloid sensation, co-star Chace Crawford has battled rumors in the press alleging that he is gay.

Despite dating a number of high-profile female celebrities, Crawford has been accused of being with everyone from Westwick to his good friend and former 'N Sync member JC Chasez, both of which were adamantly denied. Speculation over Crawford's sexuality sprouted up again in after some outlets wondered if The New York Observer outed Crawford as gay in a piece on celebrities' struggle to keep their sexuality a secret in Hollywood.

Crawford and Lively both trashed the show Getty Images In separate interviews over the years, both Crawford and Lively have given quotes to magazines suggesting they may not think all that highly of Gossip Girl's quality.

blake and chace dating

In OctoberCrawford quipped to Us Weekly that he had lost his dignity while filming the popular series. Feeling bold, he decided not to take his eyes off of her to see her reaction. She smiled at him, which he returned.

He nodded, as he grabbed two glasses of champagne, handing one to her. She's a nice person.

blake and chace dating

We were only friends, though. Leighton looked at him for a moment, wondering why he decided to mention that. Leighton stood there, thinking about what to say. At least not yet.

Blake Lively: 'Gossip Girl' Set With Chace Crawford!

Not only the experience as an actor, but also the relationships we build further on. The two were interrupted by Josh Schwartz making an announcement on stage. Leighton turned around to face him. She blushed like crazy. Way to jump to conclusions, she told her self. I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing to have coffee with you. Penn chuckled to himself. It was going to be a difficult job convincing her to go out with him. But it was totally going to be worth it.

He saw Chace wave at him to join the group, to which he did what was told. Penn got up from his seat, prepared to leave, before Blake called out his name. Would you like to join us? He had thought to go back to his hotel room and relax, but decided it was a good idea to get to know his new cast mates. Together they walked to the studio garden, and took a seat at the table outside.

Ed had gone with Chace to get food from Subway a few blocks away, while Leighton had gone to the bathroom to freshen up.

Leaving Blake and Penn sitting at the table together. They were sitting next to each on the bench, catching up. She's been really busy with her fashion line, so I haven't had much as I wanted to talk to her.

That seems like a nice idea. This was the first time they had talked in a long time, and it was nice. Penn had missed talking to his best friend.

blake and chace dating

I mean, scented candles and beautiful flowers everywhere. Leighton took a seat on the other side of the table. Blake looked down at her watch. You know, since it's so unnecessary for guys.

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Penn gave her a smile. There come the guys. He looked over at Ed knowingly, and started to smile. It's just this great dance club. We were thinking of going there tonight. It's not like the hotel room is any fun alone, anyways. Chace looked at his watch. Chace looked over at Leighton, cocking one of his eyebrows. Penn smiled back, before grabbing a sandwich from the table. He took a seat next to Chace.

We're going to a club! Come on, it will be fun. Enjoy the time you have before you can't go outside without mobs of girls surrounding you! If he was being honest, he would tell them he didn't want to go.

That he just wanted to relax before his first day at work. It's time to head to the meeting room now, anyways. Leighton walked over to Penn. You don't have to wait up. After all, it's not like Josh's speeches are the most interesting in the world. They got up, and started walking towards the studio. And you're going to the club with the guys. That also seems like fun. Got to keep up your male pride. Penn and Leighton walked up to him to receive their little booklet filled with their lines.

We will then meet at 12 o'clock to discuss what actors will be needed for which scene. In the meantime, the actors not needed for the first scene, will be assigned their trailer park" Josh asked the group of actors surrounding the table.

It's going to be the last for a long time. Penn turned to look at Chace, with a 'I told you so' look on his face. But Chace shook his head, and stood up to walk over to Penn. Just to have a drink.

blake and chace dating

Blake and Leighton walked up to the boys. While the guys had gone out to explore the night life in New York City. Blake turned, and looked at her with her eyebrows cocked. Why, are you worried? She held up a long, gold dress to show to Leighton. Blake looked at her friend suspiciously. Blake was still suspicious. We're still getting to know each other and all. I mean, it has been only like 1 day since we've met.

Has Blake ditched Penn for Chace??

She grabbed a blue skirt from the rack, "come on, let's try these on. Blake immediately perked up. So it's probably not even happening. It was going to be a friendly get together?

Your whole I-don't-date-cast-mates rule. That way I won't get hurt, and it won't be awkward.