Books on teenagers and dating

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books on teenagers and dating

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books on teenagers and dating

Taming the Dragon in your Child by Meg Eastman. This is a good, general parenting book to help your kid better manage their anger from toddlers to early teens. The Anger Workbook by L. Minirth This is a Christian based anger management guide written for adults The Anger Control Workbook by Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers This is an excellent book but written for adults so it is probably going to work better with older teens.

Very structured, very straightforward. Anxiety, Fears and Phobias Quiet: Why Smart Kids Worry by Allison Edwards Even though this book is written for parents of smart, anxious children, the parts on anxiety and the strategies are great for the whole range of anxious kids. It is written for adults with bipolar disorder but also is a good resource for spouses, partners and adult family members. Paolos This is a great book to have as an overview and beginning place when you have a kid with bipolar disorder.

The Bipolar Teen by D. George This is the teen complement to The Bipolar Child. Also a wonderfully comprehensive overview of all the things you will need to be thinking about and anticipating with a teen who has bipolar disorder.

What Works for Bipolar Kids by M. This is a good companion book to one of the overview bipolar books. Julie Fast and John Preston have written a ground breaking book for couples who want to prevent manic depressive disorder from hijacking their relationship. Fast, a health writer diagnosed with bipolar illness and clinical psychologist Preston are ideal companions.

Once medication has been prescribed, the key is studying the specific ways your partner is effected. This allows couples to develop pro-active strategies for treating and stabilizing mood swings and symptoms, before they develop into full-blown crises. The techniques emphasize prevention, rather than putting out fires. Other segments of the book deal with the work checkered resumes and financial problems spending sprees created by this illness.

If your kid has a poorly medically managed mom, it may be worth reading some of the sections together. I think the language is a bit above any except older adolescents not profane, just more sophisticated. Friends and Family Bipolar Guide by D. Meehl You will get some good ideas about how to deal with the challenges of having a family member with bipolar disorder. One thing I like about this book is that the authors identify specific issues and challenges so that you can recognize or anticipate them.

And, they give specific suggestions about what to do, how to say things, how to know when you need to step back. Pollack is a psychologist who has been involved with a 20 year research project on studying men and masculinity. This book is very thorough and readable.

This will make it a little harder to get through for most of us. Excellent resource but not for everyone. He is a clinician and an academic. These books are great for therapists while also quite accessible to parents. For anyone that wants to hear how boys and teens really talk and feel, the Voices book is a collection of transcripts of boys accounts of various internal and external experiences. This can be useful as a way for kids to see what other boys think and feel and you can give it to a kid who reads or read sections to those who hate to read.

The Wonder of Boys. It is exceptionally clear, thorough, easy to read yet addressing many of the complex issues of parenting. This book is perfect for regular people: He overdoes the gender differences thing biological and otherwise but the larger implications will probably be lost on most people other than feminist scholars or those intuitively self aware of gender politics.

I think this is the best. A Fine Young Man. Gurian has continued his exceptional explication of raising boys. This book focuses on dealing with teenagers and the challenges they face. Both are worth reading. Make the time to read both. These authors make their points through vignettes drawn from their work with boys. The info is integrated within paragraphs so you have to read through text to get the info.

Wild At Heart by John Eldredge. This is the book that Christians, especially more conservative Christians, have turned to in looking for a way to validate a masculine identity. It is passionate, Biblically based, and encouraging of men to live wild and free but with responsibility.

I have trouble with this book from several directions. First, you have never read of more instances of manly activity short of a Teddy Roosevelt biography. He, along with his young sons, are forever climbing up rock faces, hunting caribou, kayaking down untamed rivers, all the while having meaningful, male experiences while staying in touch with their emotional side. Finally, Eldredge holds the view that men were ordained by God to be warriors fighting three enemies: Women, on the other hand, are ordained by God to be romanced, play a role in a great adventure, and unveil beauty.

It is a bit too anachronistic and thereby too confining and narrow a definition of masculinity and manhood as well as being disrespectful of the capabilities and equality of woman for me. There is a Wild At Heart workbook for people who want to take themselves or their sons through the passage to manhood.

There are a lot of suggestions about the importance of finding ways to make a place for men fathers, relatives, role models in the lives of boys nevertheless.

Books on Christian Dating for Your Teen - Thinking Kids

Masculinity books for Men Fire in the Belly by Sam Keen This is my favorite book written for men on constructing a new definition of manhood and masculinity. Conversational, intelligent, balanced i. Gurian has had a whole industry around the recapturing your manhood thing and does a good job with it.

She makes good points and brings real research to bear on her review of the ways in which boys are struggling. It is more a review and a call to action rather than a source of information about what parents or others can do. This is a good book for moms of boys to read. A mother who loves boys wrote this book. The War Against Boys: This is the next level out on the limb of how our poor boys are being terribly treated.

It is a bit too strident for me despite being sympathetic to the argument and appreciating the garnering of facts to counter some of the extremist radical feminist rhetoric against manhood and masculinity and, sometimes men as a gender. Academic Books on Masculinity Manhood in America: A Cultural History by Michael Kimmel I found this a fascinating scholarly history of how manhood has been defined in America.

Note that Kimmel is known as a feminist scholar and by that I mean that he has a bone to pick with male hegemony over the millennia. He has recently written a screed on young men called Guyland. While accurate about a segment of men, I fear it may do more damage than good in discussions of manhood and masculinity. If you are going to talk about men and manhood, you have to have read this book. If you have this intellectual or theoretical bent, there is no better resource.

Bullying and Harassment Queen Bees and Wannabes: They are good go-to books to understand what is going on and to get some ideas about what to do to help your kid navigate those challenges.

It is really for elementary and middle school issues rather than high school issues. This is a good book to have if your kid is getting picked on or harassed. Letters to a Bullied Girl by Olivia Gardner The author was bullied and taunted for years during high school. Two teenage sisters organized a letter writing campaign to provide support. This book has letters of all kinds from kids, parents, friends and relatives of the bullied.

It also has letters from bullies. This can provide a lot of emotional and moral support for your kid if they have been targeted. This book is deeply touching. Business Minded Entrepreneurial Kids The Teenage Investor by Timothy Olsen If your kid is interested in the stock market or you want your kid to know about the stock market and long term investing this is the book.

Good book for younger teens. He has written a book about being a childhood entrepreneur. As you might expect, it is written in the style of and for kids. It is also a good book for younger business minded teens.

More informal and conversational than the Bochner book above. Get this book and keep it on your coffee table for your kids to just happen to pick up. Books that Build Character: Excellent resource to keep your kid reading and have them pick up lessons on character at the same time.

Dealing with Dishonesty by Elain McEwan This is a brief but helpful book that covers the range of issues related to lying with suggestions for how to respond. The Giving Heart by M. Ryan This is a wonderful little book on generosity that covers the value of giving, the spirit of giving and the practice of giving.

It is written for adults but it is perfect as a guide for parents to think about and encourage generosity in their kids. Read it with your kid. Meltzer wrote it for his childhood age son but it is really ageless and it is as important to remind your teenager about heroism as it is your younger kid.

The author is challenged by his teenage son to provide some evidence that he has hope for the future. Sanders is a beautiful, inspiring writer. It just turned out that he was spending too much time commenting on the concerned side when talking to his son. He has wonderful passages describing the nature of the human condition and our relationship to nature and the planet. He organizes the book around what he identifies as the sources of hope.

These are interspersed with personal reflections from his own life that relate to these promises for the future.

This book lifted me up, brought tears to my eyes, spoke to some inner part of me. It was deeply touching and thought provoking.

And it pissed me off. Let me be clear. I highly recommend this book. It has become one I give out to teenage clients who have lost hope. Sanders has gloriously revealed real, convincing proof for the human potential for joy and happiness in the philosophical sense, so that really means contentment and, of course, hope.

books on teenagers and dating

The day began with the baking of pies while winterizing the house. All the while they engaged in warm, witty and insightful repartee feeling the warmth of family togetherness and mutual love. Shall I recount the number of trips he casually mentions where he and his son go on camping, hiking, backpacking and white water rafting trips? They are a marvel of meaningful, productive, highly intellectual, self-reflective, physically active and socially responsible activity.

What if things really suck? Just fill in all the ways in which things could go wrong. A Survival Guide for the Information Age by Bryna Fireside There are more options for you than just going right to college though everyone knows that a college degree provides statistically greater income potential and gives you credibility.

Here is a book that helps you explore other options while taking seriously the need for you to develop some real lifetime employment potential. And it has an simple self-test to see what you may be suited for. Communication-general Discipline That Works: Promoting Self-discipline in Children by T.

This book is a good one for parents who have a focus discipline that promotes autonomy in their children. It has many good sections and lots of examples. Communication is an important aspect of this book with explanations and directions for improving this part of the relationship. This is a fun book that is oriented toward promoting autonomy. It is not as comprehensive as the others, it gives a nice, simple, and understandable overview of parenting issues without the details. I like it but it is definitely an add-on rather than a basic book for parenting collections.

Small Talk Savvy by Wadsworth. This handy little book has lots to say about how to make small talk. Parents and Adolescents Living Together: Family Problem Solving by M. This is a training manual for improving parenting skills. Section 1 focuses on communication is a topic in this part with some very structured, straightforward instructions with examples and practice situations. Section 2 focuses on sex, alcohol and drugs, school problems, and antisocial behavior. This is a book that has chapters on all sorts of issues that are difficult to talk to talk about with teens.

This is less about how to communicate with your teen and more about how to be prepared to discuss difficult topics: Real Boys Workbook by W. Pollack wrote a slew of books about boys Real Boys is the flagship volume. He is a Harvard professor, etc. There is lots of good, practical stuff in this book including questionnaires and thought questions as well as having direct instructions about the issues addressed.

It is a good resource. LOTS of info on communication, relationships, and ways to help boys negotiate the different contexts of their lives. Focused specifically on helping boys learn to manage and integrate their emotional lives.

Concrete, easy to follow instructions for raising emotionally competent boys. A Guide for Parents by A.

I really like this book. It is comprehensive and straightforward with excellent recommendations, examples and strategies for addressing anything to do with dating and sexuality. This is definitely one to have on your bedside table. It will help you think your way through what YOU think and then help prepare you to actually discuss the issues with your teen.

Mazlish This is the one. It has been around forever and everyone always recommends it. This book gives advice on getting the most out of doctor visits, illustrated by doctor-patient conversations and real-life experiences. Tells how to ask the right questions, understand the answers, and how to survive managed care.

Popular Teen Dating Violence Books

This book was written by a physician who found herself belittled and patronized by her own physician. Communication-with kids and teens Cults Cults: What Parents Should Know by The American Family Foundation If your kid has gotten themselves involved in a group that makes you think its a cult, this book will help you sort out some of the issues.

It is more of an overview that will arm you to know how to proceed and what to expect. This is the first book to buy. Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan This book, on the other hand, is for when you know your kid is in a cult and have decided you are going to wade right in and do something about it.

Get some help from someone who knows what they are doing. It is actually about relationships including with siblings. This is a way for your kid to think through things they may not have faced but need to consider before they find themselves in the situation. This is an excellent book on the differences between boys and girls to help girls understand why boys act so stupid. It is very well written.

It is not a complete resource. It deals almost exclusively with the psychological and social ways of boys.

A Book for Teens: Dating Smarts by Amy Lang

It has suggestions for how girls can engage boys in conversation, understand their reactions, etc. The best book for understanding boys from a teens perspective I have read. It would be an interesting book for boys to understand more about themselves.

You will want to examine the section on sexuality before you turn it over to your daughter. He promotes abstinence through discussion alternative means of being sexual. Deeply Christian-based book on dating really for young adults but still relevant for mid to older teens.

Explicitly advocates saving sex for marriage as what God wants for us. Lots of good info about establishing your expectations and setting boundaries hence the name? Probably will need to be a joint effort of you and your kid reading and discussing. The best book on depression that I have found. Easy to read, truly comprehensive, and a must for anyone with or with immediate family members with depression.

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This workbook can take you through important aspects of understanding and managing mood disorders including a better understanding of the disorder, paying attention to and building a support system, and making a life that enhances wellness. It includes questionnaires, charts, and other helpful ways to monitor and stay on top of the illness.

Very readable and practical. Depression-in kids and teens Out of the darkness: Teens talk about suicide. The author interviewed teen suicide survivors and their family members.

Lots of insight, lots of validation, instructions about how to handle depressed teens and hope offered through the progress made by the survivors. Can be a useful adjunct book. This book is designed for partners of someone who is struggling with depression. It is a good source of support and understanding of what is and will be faced and what you can do for them and for yourself. Can be adapted to thinking about having a depressed child. Black-eyed Susan by Jennifer Armstrong.

Sad Days, Glad Days: A Story about Depression by Dewitt Hamilton. Ages Depression-for parents Lonely, Sad, and Angry: Good reference for parents that provides information on all aspects of depression in children and adolescents including diagnosis, causes, interventions with some good appendices. This book was written by a mother of a teen who was suicidally depressed as a way to provide information about what you can go through and what you can do. It is easy to read and has lots of excellent information.

This is a good book to have if your child is moderately to severely depressed. One interesting aspect is a focus on taking care of yourself as a parent. It is published by an Alcoholics Anonymous publishing house so it has an addictions orientation.

This unique set of books was written by an year-old child who suffers from depression and his mother. In plain language, these books one addressed to children and the other to parents and professionals, provide a wealth of information to help make sense of the comples problems childhood depression and find ways of coping.

A suicidal teen, a desperate mother, and a chronicle of recovery by G. It can help parents get a sense for what they may face and good information and examples about how to make your way through. This book is for adults who are experiencing divorce that provides both information and advice.

The text is interspersed with interviews with people struggling through this difficult life event. This is more for yourself than for knowing about what to do for your kids.

How Divorce Transforms Families by A.

books on teenagers and dating

This book follows divorcing families to examine both quantitative statistics and qualitiative descriptions aspects of the positive and negative effects of divorce on family members. Very research-y but good.

Reuniting Fathers and their Children by Mark Bryan. This is a great book for understanding the effects of fathers loosing contact with their children primarily through divorce. It provides excellent support and concrete suggestions for re-establishing a relationship with your child. It is very strong on accountability, responsibility, and making a commitment to having a relationship with your child, regardless of how long it takes and sometimes it takes years.

This is a good book for single fathers. It helps you identify potential problems, plan time with your kids, and find ways to stay or become more active in their lives. Good resource for problems that can arise. This book brings much of her experience and expertise together. She is particularly expert in childhood issues. She also provides advice that is based on the developmental age of your kid.

Helping children cope with divorce by Edward Teyber Excellent book to understand the impact and process of separation and divorce on children. This book focuses primarily on helping parents understand what their children are going through. It also provides suggestions for helping this be as easy a process as possible. A must read for parents going through divorce. This book is very well written. It covers a wide range of issues including deciding to divorce, telling the children, understanding the impact on kids and minimizing the effects, visitation, disciplining as a divorced parent, and more.

A good book to get for direct information on what to do during all of the upheavals of divorce. This is a very concise book organized in almost outline form. This is the toolkit for adults to talk about this month and what the purpose behind the campaign is. It offers some downloadable and printable fact sheets that could be valuable in displays, on social media, or on physical bulletin boards. All descriptions come from WorldCat, and I know this is far from a complete list.

Please feel free to add more to this list, especially books where the male main character may be suffering from dating violence. I find that there is often a lacking in stories about relationship violence — verbal, sexual, or physical — of the male being the victim. Bad Boy by Dream Jones: Devastated to find herself back in a group home after a peaceful year of living with loving foster parents, a Brooklyn teenager striving to become strong and independent soon falls prey to the dangerous affections of a good looking but shady young man.

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown: When seventeen-year-old Alex starts dating Cole, a new boy at her high school, her two closest friends increasingly mistrust him as the relationship grows more serious. Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf: Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn: Sent to counseling for hitting his girlfriend, Caitlin, and ordered to keep a journal, sixteen-year-old Nick recounts his relationship with Caitlin, examines his controlling behavior and anger, and describes living with his abusive father.

Dark Song by Gail Giles: After her father loses his job and she finds out that her parents have lied to her, fifteen-year-old Ames feels betrayed enough to become involved with a criminal who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Dreamland by Sarah Dessen: After her older sister runs away, sixteen-year-old Caitlin decides that she needs to make a major change in her own life and begins an abusive relationship with a boy who is mysterious, brilliant, and dangerous.

Falling For You by Lisa Schroeder: Panic by Sharon Draper: As rehearsals begin for the ballet version of Peter Pan, the teenaged members of an Ohio dance troupe lose their focus when one of their own goes missing. Shattered by Sarah N. After March shoves her boyfriend and he ends up in a coma, she tries to figure out what it means to have a perfect life.

A teen actress gets involved with an older director, whose explosive temper and controlling behavior threaten to destroy her life.