Chuck liddell and anna trebunskaya dating

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chuck liddell and anna trebunskaya dating

Anna Trebunskaya and Chuck Liddell perform during week four of 'Dancing Rich Franklin trained hard for the Vancouver date and the former. Anna Demidova. Joanna Krupa, model. Derek Hough · Chuck Liddell, Ultimate Fighting Champion Anna Trebunskaya. Debi Mazar, actress. R: You've been paired with such celebs as Jerry Rice and Chuck Liddell. What has been your favorite season to date? AT: I've loved something.

Chuck Liddell

The 11 remaining celebs were asked to bring it to four new styles of dance—country two-step, lambada, bolero and Charleston—all of which brought us to another place or time, be it the Jazz Age orwhen The Forbidden Dance battled Lambada at the box office. Well, maybe "battled" is the wrong word Anyway, the actors had a leg up when it came to playing a character i.

But we love any night on DWTS when lifts are allowed and even the pros have to experiment outside their comfort zones. Here's how they coped Turns out the country two-step wasn't the dance that was going to make the UFC champ look light on his feet after all.

Chuck was his usual charming self, and for a nonprofessional he looked like the kind of guy you'd want hoisting you into the air, but otherwise…He spent most of the time walking around the floor while Anna twirled around him.

chuck liddell and anna trebunskaya dating

The performance was believable enough, though, to have Carrie Ann Inaba picturing him two-stepping in any ol' Texas honky-tonk. The '20s came roaring back tonight in the form of Melissa Joan Hart, whose Charleston was the cat's pajamas i. Maybe because the routine required more acting than usual, but the former teen star finally lost the nerves and performed at a high level all the way through.

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We wouldn't know the bolero from the rumba if it hit us in the face, but whatever excuse Nat and Alec have to look all sexy like that…why not? Another flowing, barely-there dress. More grace and flexibility.

chuck liddell and anna trebunskaya dating

What could go wrong? Even before Karina landed on her knee with a thud when Aaron missed the final lift, the former tween star probably wasn't going to land himself a role in The Forbidden Dance II.

He nailed his opening acrobatics, but the rest of his performance was more daddy longlegs than praying mantis. We believe Chuck Liddell wins in the two-step believability department.

The Iron Chef America chairman is a much better dancer, however, so this time we could actually see what the two-step entails—despite the myriad mistakes. What do you like best about working on the show Dancing With the Stars?

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I love the creativity that surrounds DWTS. I feel very blessed to meet all the amazingly talented and accomplished people.

chuck liddell and anna trebunskaya dating

What has been your favorite season to date? I also became friends with their families and felt their support every second of the journey. What is one of your favorite fashions for the dance floor?

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And what about for when you feel like glamming it up? My go-to casual look would be a long summery dress. And a little cocktail dress with classy pumps for a dressy look.

chuck liddell and anna trebunskaya dating

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers? Are there any who create clothing that you wear on the dance floor? Diane Von Furstenberg has phenomenal prints and dresses that are a staple. Sue Wong has exciting cocktail dresses and gowns-never boring. I get inspiration from many-too many to name-haute couture designers for my dance costumes. What trend are you most excited about for the upcoming fall and winter season?