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Your psycho-professional might very well give you a prescription. A life coach will help you to manage your dating life, your relationships, your marriage. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Elaine's connections and the only online dating/relationship site to include Date/Relationship Coaching. Elena Petrova is an online dating coach with 16 years of experience in the industry of relationships. Elena is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Master.

Her stories of similar challenges with her own children have been very comforting. Our relationships with our kids seem to be stronger than ever now, and we are again thankful for Elaine's caring and wisdom. She even made a crucial referral to a child therapy specialist for helping our year old son with some of his issues, and he is now thriving as a result.

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We would be happy to take calls as verbal referrals for Elaine's approach and style, if any prospective counselees want to call us. Elaine will provide our phone number, if so. Thanks much for all you've done and continue to do, Elaine! Not only does Elaine help me identify the root of my anxiety but helps me come up with ways to handle any any issues that arise. I feel much more armed with solutions to anxious feelings and how to reframe it into productive activity.

Thank you Elaine for you help and I look forward to continuing on with our work.

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I was way too young to lose my mother — 28 years old and she was only My mom was my best friend, we would talk 10 times a day and with out her I felt lost and depressed. It was difficult for me to interact with other people or want to leave the house I was extremely depressed. I see Elaine every single week and she has helped me tremendously get through this difficult time.

She is very kind, thoughtful and an excellent listener. She has helped me with my panic attacks and tactics with getting to sleep. Her office is a safe place to let down my guard and truly feel my emotions.

Therapy with Elaine proved to be a holistic and healing experience, although hard work, Elaine pushed me in all the right ways, and was able to have insights to my issues before I did, allowing her to empower me to work through my "stuff. We began working with family issues and the issues that seemed to be the presenting problem for me at the time of my first visit, however, through the years she has helped me work on myself in the big picture, not just what my initial problems were.

I would, and have, recommended Elaine to many peers, coworkers and family members. As I am now studying psychology myself, I can say with full confidence that Elaine has therapy skills, natural abilities and insights, that are hard to learn and are a testament to how great she is as a therapist.

Female, age 26, Colorado From the on set of divorce, and the sudden collision of emotional upheaval, that echoed through out my family, clearly a therapist was a necessary step, not an elective. Luckily a friend of mine gave me an excellent recommendation, Elaine Rosenblatt. She was able to break through barriers, in which, I could see my children and myself unknowingly putting up. At this time in my life as a parent I did not know how to stop the distress we were all going through.

I could see the sessions with Elaine gave all of us a passage way through or bridge like atmosphere to filter and identify thoughts and feelings.

They will not tell you how to choose a career path or a mate. They will not tell you how to plan your life. The old therapies are not much help either.

By now, the bloom is off the rose of psychoanalysis. People have finally gotten beyond psychobabble and pseudo-theoretical gibberish. They seek out more practical, solution focused treatments. The prefer guidance and counsel. At times, they can find it in cognitive and behavioral treatments, but more often they are turning to coaches. CBT, as it is called, serves a useful purpose. But, on most occasions, it cares mostly about re-configuring your mind. Too often it feels like rearranging the deck chairs, etc.

It does not look into a real situation or examine ways you might employ to turn it to your advantage. It rarely gets into the business of solving problems. For that people have increasingly turned to coaches. Most people know better than to try to go it alone. Life coaching is a relatively new field. Athletes have always had coaches to help them to play at their best. The same applies to acting coaches, singing coaches, and business coaches.

He or she will show you how to be your best, to do your best, and to seek out the best in others. You will learn how to negotiate disputes, how to solve problems, how to forge alliances, and how to act ethically. A life coach can wear many hats. He can be a business coachan executive coach, a relationship coach, a marriage coach. His focus will always be on the human interactions that constitute your social world.