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Disclaimer: Nope, I do not own Glee or any of the characters involved, At first, her parents didn't want Tina to be dating Artie, it was nothing personal, . they were about two blocks away when they past a construction site. In the series finale of 'Glee,' Rachel becomes a Broadway star, marries One of Artie's movies gets into a film festival, and he gets back together with Tina! . I know they did talk Artie/Tina but they also any have them like 2 Only on this site would anyone care/ask/start a thread about fricking Marley. Tina Cohen-Chang is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. . In season 5, Tina breaks the news that Artie and Kitty are secretly dating because Kitty doesn't want to openly dating . became the fifth most discussed topic on the social networking website Twitter, in reference to Tina's storyline.

They got a burger each and shared fries. They ate and laughed until they both felt like they were about to burst. The smell of rain lingered in the air and the clouds were nearly directly above them before Artie suggest that they walk the few short blocks back to his house, where he suggested a Mario Kart tournament could go down.

As they were walking down the streets, they were about two blocks away when they past a construction site. The usual clean-cut sites around Lima didn't obstruct the sidewalks or get in anybody's way.

But since all the rain, the piles of dirt that ahd been dug out of the ground and was once in huge neat piles was now turned into mud, still slippery from the downpour last night and was slopped all over the sidewalk.

But just as Tine was chuckling, she forgot that she too was supposed to be watching her own balance and stability. Her feet slid out from under her she landed on the ground, her legs and clothes covered in cold slimey goo, staining her clothes and grazing her legs. She sat up and remained on the ground, unable to move because she was laughing so hard at the expression on Artie's face. He had heard her yelp and heard the thump as she hit the ground, he wheeled around and saw her sprawled on the ground, her hair covering her face and her shoulders shaking.

He had a moment of panic, thinking that she was crying until she lifted her head up, she had mud on her cheeks and a huge grin on her face, she let out a huge guffawing laugh mixed with embarrassment and happiness. If she were with anyone else, she would want to crawl up in a puddle and die silently, but with Artie, it made everything so much funnier.

Her laugh was contagious and he couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the state of his girlfriend.

glee artie and tina dating website

I'm never going to hear the end of this am I? But i will think of some extremely witty jokes after we get you cleaned up. I promise you, this will never not be spoken of again. She stood up and looked down at herself, which made her laugh even harder. She remembered the mud on her face and knew a way to get him back before the jokes from him started.

He knew exactly what she was up to and began to protest. He grabbed her hands and turned his face away while laughin uncontrollably at his crazy woman of a girlfriend. You touch me with mud, and I'll have you beheaded! She finally reached his lips, her hands grasping both of his arm rests. It was quick and sweet, until she rolled her muddy cheeks all over his face, smudging dirt on his nose and on one of his cheeks.

He was in nowhere near as bad a shape as she was, but she just wanted to give him a taste of how she felt, it was only fair, afterall. Now please take me to your house so I can get cleaned off. They both were still giggling at Tina's clumsiness. I need your shower and I need it now. She grabbed the door handle and went to turn it, it was slightly rickety and you had to push it really hard a few times before it opened and closed sucessfully.

The handle was covered in dints as though someone repeatedly tapped the smooth metal with something hard, it also felt as though it would completely fall out if you pushed or pulled on it too hard. She made a mental note to remind him to fix it. She walked into the bathroom and pulled back the black shower curtain. It all seemed fairly straight forward to her, it just had a seat under where the stream of water came down that she could manoevre around with ease.

Aside from the seat, the water faucets and everything was exactly the same as her shower at home. The room wasn't all that big and she wondered how Artie moved around this area with ease.

As if reading her thoughts, Artie said "I know it's smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house, but it was all we had to work with that was in our price range after the accident.

That's why the door handle is so rickety, I move my chair around and nearly always find a way to hit it with the handles of my chair somehow. My choice this time! I will not stand for another 80's romantic comedy with Judd Nelson's weird face in it!

Well come here and show me affection before you leave. She walked up to his chair and went to lean against him on the chair with both hands resting on each armrest, she didn't realise his breaks weren't on before she leaned against and put some of her weight against the chair they both went flying backwards.

They heard a loud thump as they both hit the door in a messed heap and collapsed into a fit of giggles, she leaned into the kiss and then turned away, shooing him out of the door. She heard his squeaky wheels turn around, wheeling around the small bathroom to face the door.

We seem to have a bit of a problem. She turned around to see what he was talking about. He was looking up at her face with a troubled and serious expression on his face, pointing at the door. She looked at the door and noticed a huge hole where the door handle should have been, where it was moments ago. She realised that when they hit the door, they must have knocked the door handle out, because it was not where it was moments ago, attached to the door where it should mbe.

It was,assumingly, sitting on the floor on the other side of the door, completely out of either of their reach.

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Arties parents were out for the night and wouldn't be back until early tomorrow morning, it was only 6pm and neither of them had had dinner, though the food they ate after the park would have them full for a couple more hours, they still had no access to food for the rest of the time here, both of their cell phones lay discarded in Artie's bedroom.

While Artie worked on trying to budge the door open by shoving various random bathroom essentials in the hole in hopes of unlatching something inside the hole to open the door, Tina looked around the room and saw that there was only one window that could help them, it was around the top on the ceiling and only about 8 inches long by about 20 inches wide, neither of them would be able to reach it let alone climb through it.

With no disturbances or distractions. They could make anything fun with eachother. She pictured them resorting to Artie allowing Tina to shave his legs out of boredom and making snowflake shapes out of cut up toilet paper and chuckled to herself. This night was looking up already. We have a whole night to ourselves! We will find something fun to do to pass the time. Honestly, the only I am upset about right now is the that now I'm going to miss out on your reaction when I planned to put 'Star Wars' on.

You know ewoks creep me out! He chuckled and looked into her eyes, then is smile faded and he cleared his throat, something he always did when an awkward situation arised.

His eyes were lingering down to her filthy, mud-covered body and she suddenly realised that she was still in desperate need for a shower and they are locked in a bathroom Suddenly the room got very hot.

Would it be totally weird if I had a shower right now? You need it," he said, followed by a nervous chuckle. They'd been dating for a month and were completely comfortable with one another, but neither of them had ever been completely naked in front of one another, this was unknown territory for both of them.

She realised that her make-up will be washed away in the shower, it will be the first time Artie will see her in plain clothes with her plain face. If it were anyone else she would be embarrassed or nervous, but she knows that Artie thinks she's beautiful, no matter what she looks like.

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She walks over to the, fortunately, black shower curtain and closes it after giving him a quick kiss and a sweet smile. She closed the curtain and begins to undress. As she's pulling her shirt and skirt off, she decides to make a little fun out of this semi-awkward situation.

She grabs her clothes in one hand and seductively hangs one hand out from behind the shower curtain to where Artie is surely watching, wide-eyed and curious. She let's it all fall but keeps hold of her shirt with the tip of her index finger, letting it linger on the tip of her finger before slowly dropping on the ground with her skirt.

I would never have suspected you to be such a tease. She heard a sharp intake of breath and snickered to herself. Now that's just not fair at all. She put her thumbs under the elastic of the lacy underwear covering her hips, silently thankful that she wore a pair of good panties for the occasion, and pulled them down her legs. She heard him gulp and coudln't surpress her giggles. Without a word, she turned the taps on and began scrubbing the mud off her, completely aware that now all that seperated her naked body and Artie was one measly little shower curtain.

The thought made her body ache. Maybe tonight could be 'the right moment'. Maybe this was some higher power telling them that they loved eachother enough to take their relationship that extra step further. Maybe it's going to happen. They were in love. Really in love, and they were both aware of it. Completely head-over-heels smitten for one another. What more reason do you need? After her body was rid of the dirt and after she had used his shampoo and conditoner which made her smell exactly like him, she turned the taps off, coming to a sudden realisation that her towel was over on the bench next you Artie.

Kind of in need of a towel right now I promise there will be no peeking," He replied jokingly. She knew he was way too respectful to even dare do anything like that against her will, but the aching inside of her told her that she kind of wanted him to look. She heard him wheel closer to the shower curtain and saw his hand holding the white fluffy towel peek through the curtain, waiting for her to take it from him. His strong, muscular, callused hands.

The hands that do everything for him and willingly do everything for her. There are so many undiscovered things that those hands had the potential do to her. The aching in her core progressed and she grabbed the towel, making sure to brush her hand against hers. As their hands touched and it felt as though an electric current shot up her arm. His hand retreated and she could hear him wheel back to his original place on the other side of the small bathroom.

Wow, he had a lot more self-control than she thought. Usually, stereotypically it was the other way around.

It was the boy who had to stop himself from pouncing on his loved one, well at least that's what Tina got from watching th movies. Artie was her first real boyfriend and right from the moment that they started dating, they'd never really followed the dull social routines of dating.

She was still standing there in the shower, completely naked and holding the soft towel in her hands, she'd been so frozen by that touch that she'd actually let her thoughts take her to a different place. She shook her head and snapped herself out of it. It was only after she was completely dried off, except for her now damp hair, that she realised her clothes were still with Artie over the other side of the room.

Clothes are kind of necessary. She couldn't help but smile at this. Always the pleaser, Artie was. She tugged the boxers up and the shirt over her head, letting her damp, waist-length hair flow down around her shoulders, she knew Artie liked it better when her hair was out. She looked down at her outfit and noticed that Artie had strategically chosen the v-neck, the v-neck which she had made him buy, yet he refused to wear in public. It had eventually turned into a private joke that he would only wear it when they weren't planning on leaving the house.

She deemed her appearance good enough and flipped back the curtains with one hand. Artie's face changed suddenly, not used to this different Tina. I've never seen you without make-up before. She suddenly got self-conscious. She looked down and let her hair cover her face. Unless you have a secret make-up stash that you use when no one is home. I didn't mean it was a bad thing.

Come here," He beckoned her closer with his arms after realising how his words could have been misinterpreted.

She walked the few steps over to sit on his lap. He held her bridal-style before pulling the hand that would usually be under her thighs while carrying her, to her looked straight into her eyes, holding her face gently in his hands he whispered sweetly.

You're beautiful to me no matter what you look like, you know that. You don't need to hide anything from me. His hand slowly slid from her cheek to the nape of her neck, where is big hand wrapped around the back of her neck and pulled her towards him. Her hands grasped his collar and she closed the gap between them. The kiss was perfect. His lips made her knee weak and she was thankful to be sitting down. Their lips were caressing in sweet motions, opening and closing.

Her hands moving from his collar to his neck, deepening the kiss. His hands moved to her waist, pulling her closer to him, they were intertwined and she could feel him smiling through the kiss. Tonight is theirs, there'd be no distractions, no parents coming in to remind them to- "Oh my god. Her mother had no idea where she was. What am I supposed to do about my parents? They don't know that I'm staying here.

She's going to flip! Well, your Mum's know that you're here and you told her this morning that you wouldn't stay late. My estimation is that it's roughly only 5: She's either going to come around here tonight to see where you are herself, or she's going to assume that we fell asleep and wait until the morning to hear from you. She'll probably still come around here though. She knows where the key is hidden outside, she'll see your parents car isn't home and hopefully come in and find us to help us out of here," Tina replied half hopefully, half sadly.

If this is the case and we only have a few hours left in here, we are wasting precious and rare alone time," He said slyly with his deep tone of voice that he only used in moments like this. She sighed drammatically, and they both leaned in, smiling.

The kissing continued, syncronized movements, they fit together perfectly. Tongues battling for dominance and hands sneaking and sliding all around one anothers body. They pulled away some moments later breathless and a little red in the face, staring into eachothers eyes. Tina had felt the hardness of Artie's excitement building up on the spot where her thigh was resting on crotch, she thought she'd save him the embarrassment and get up to find something fun to do while he calmed himself down.

She kissed him once more quickly and stood up, straightening up her clothes and flicking her hair over her shoulders before looking around the room. What is something fun we can do to pass the time? She didn't say or do anything to indicate that she realised it, she knew he couldn't feel what was happening to himself.

We could have a rap-off and the winner gets to shave the loser's head? She always loved his teeth, it's a weird thing to like about someone. But his teeth were so perfect and they made his face so much brighter, seeing him smiling with his teeth on display never failed to give her a fuzzy feeling in her stomach. She turned and looked at the cupboard next to her, she opened the top doors to find piles and piles of towels covering the shelves.

She opened the bottom to find rolls upon rolls of toilet paper. She suddenly had a good idea. How could that possibly be comfortable for either of us, T?

Pass me the toilet rolls and I'll set it up. She passed him the toilet rolls and he turned his wheelchair around to lay them on the ground in front of the sink. She suddenly felt bad for feeling like she was rushing him into something that he may not be ready for, or at least rushing him into the idea of doing it. She turned around and pressed her chest against the back of his head while wrapping her arms around him to rest on his chest, her head perked up on his shoulder.

She kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. I am ready to make the bed," he said in his special deep voice. His head turned and his blue eyes looked into hers, darkening with longing. She suddenly felt all hot, so she leaned into kiss him, hoping that he woulnd't notice her blush. The kiss was passionate and full of anticipation.

She pulled away before it could go any further and continued to hand him toilet rolls while he lined them up in a large rectangle. Once they thought it was at a sufficient size, they both began piling towels upon towels on top, eventually it began to look like a bed.

While setting it up, neither of the said a word, they only shared shy glances every now and then followed by one them looking towards the ground and smiling. When all the towels were out of the cupboard and the bed lay finished, completed with two towels rolled up to resemble pillows. They looked at eachother and nodded, admiring their handiwork.

T, I'm pretty sure there are people who make a career out of 'making beds'" He used finger gestures to remind her of their sexual innuendo of 'making beds', ". You can find them on the internet ridding themselves of their dignity and making animal noises, sometimes in groups. He chuckled back, staring at her while she laughed, entranced. The laughing faded away slowly as what they were about to do hit them both suddenly.

Artie cleared his throat. If I lay down on the bed, would you please roll my wheelchair into the shower area? It's taking up a lot of space in this shoebox," he asked lightheartedly. She nodded and he started transferring himself from the chair and plopping himself down on the bed, adjusting his legs and making himself comfortbale.

She rolled his wheelchair into the shower are and sat on the edge of the bed. I think we would have made do with the hard, cold floor if we had to. But this is good," she smiled as she lay down a snuggled against him.

The walls felt like they were closing in as the elephant in the room expanded. They were going to do it. The act of 'bed making' on the bed they made. Artie audibly gulped before once again clearing his throat and saying what had been on his mind this whole time. As you well know, I'm not like other guys. This is different for me. Was Artie, confident and carefree Artie actually doubting himself?

Did he not want to do this anymore? Please don't make me say it out loud.

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He sighed and looked away, then back up to her eyes again. There is the access to 4 different sets of limbs. With us there would only be 3 sets of limbs. Which would, you know. He looked at her, his eyes wide, begging her to understand so he didn't have to explain in more detail. A huge smile cut across her face as she realised what he was getting at. I don't care at all. I want you, all of you. His blue eyes shining up at her.

So, we won't be able to do the usual business that the average hormonal teenager takes part in, but that is not something I even put a thought towards, we aren't them. I'm not going to let you compare this to what it could be if we weren't the way we are.

We are who are for a reason, and we should just focus on that. He pulled away and kept talking in a quiet, shy voice.

I was more concerned with not being able to play soccer or basketball anymore. It just never crossed my mind. When I got to the age of about 12 or 13, I started noticing girls and. She told me that making love would be different for me than what is was for everyone else.

I worked out myself that everything worked like a normal boy, I just couldn't feel it or move like everyone else, which never worried me because I had no idea what I was missing out on. We went to the doctors to run some tests so I could find out if I would ever be able to have children, thankfully, they came back positive. But my Mum was so worried.

It killed me watching her waiting for the results. I am her only son, she just wants me to have a normal life. Before the results came back she told me over and over again, that if the results came back negative, I needed to remember that just because I couldn't make children and didn't have to worry about protection or anything like that, sex is still not something you do for leisure or treat like it isn't a big deal, it's the joining of two people in love, and she believed that no science test should ever take that away from me.

She told me to save it for someone who I knew I loved unconditionally. Artie rolled onto his side so that he and Tina were facing one another, noses touching. Warm breath in eachother's faces. There is no one I will ever think about the way that I think about you. There is nothing you could say or do that would make me not want to 'make beds' with you. What we have is something that a lot of people live their whole lives wishing for And I don't think I want to wait any longer.

She leaned in, their lips centimetres away. Her hands roamed around his chest and shoulders, carressing his dress-shirt clad skin and suspenders. She felt the urge to be closer to him, the need to be as close as possible. While not breaking contact with his lips, still kissing vigorously, she lifted her leg up and left it resting on his thighs. His hand slipped down her side slowly and grabbed her thigh pulling it higher and coazing her to move her position.

She responded and hoisted her whole body so that her knees were resting on either side of Artie's hips, straddling him. His hands on her waist, moving her shirt while he carressed the exposed skin. He pulled her hips closer until their most sensitive spots were touching. She felt his hardness through both their clothes and let out an audible moan. Through their kissing, Tina could feel Artie smiling. She loved being able to make him smile. She broke the kiss and heard him grunt at the lack on contact.

She sat up, still straddling him. She had a small smile on her face and she was looking him right in the eye. He had a huge grin on his face. In the afternoon light peeking through the tiny window high up in the bathroom, the small room was coloured a dull colour of blue to go with the clouds still hanging in the sky outside. The rain had began and thunder began to roar. They were both too caught up in the moment to notice anything except each other. Artie lay there staring up at Tina, the light in the room made it so he could not see her clearly, but he could see everything at the same time.

She lay there with a shy smile on her face, a black lacy bra contrasting so beautifully with her olive skin and the shirt discarded next to their home-made bed on the floor. Her damp black hair clung to the skin on her arms and he was looking at her like he'd never seen something so beautiful in all his life, and she had never felt more special. Her hands were busy working on pulling his suspenders off his shoulder and letting them hang loosely by his sides.

Without breaking the kiss, she began working on his buttons, starting from the top and going painfully slow. With each button being pulled undone, more and more of Artie's pale and chiselled torso was exposed. When all the buttons were undone, her hands explored his smoothe skin and her lips trailed down his cheek, his chin, moving slowly down to the crook of his neck, he let out a low groan, his breathing quickened and that made Tina's whole body ache even more. She suddenly had a better idea of how they could do this.

Whatever you say," he said breathlessly while she moved her lips to the other side of his neck, smiling. He propped himself up on his arms and began dragging himself, with Tina still ontop, to the edge of the bed that was against the cool, tiled wall. Since he was not able to keep himself sitting up, he leant against the wall. Tina was still sitting on his lap, re-adjusting herself on top of him.

She had a small smile on her face and a look in eye that made Artie's lower stomach ache with a familliar something that he experienced whenever they got this far. She moved her head back towards his to continue the kissing. As their lips were carressing sweetly and gradually more passionately, she began pushing his shirt off his shoulders, down his arms and threw it onto the floor to lay with her shirt.

He leant forward as she took it off and as he leant back against the wall, he gasped at the coolness of tiles on his newly exposed skin. Suddenly both their torsos were bare, aside from Tina's bra, their skin was rubbing against eachother, she raised goosebumps on him wherever she touched. Her hands moved gradually down to reach his belt. Undoing the latch and pulling it through the holes in one quick movement, she threw it to the floor to lay with the other clothing items She made quick work of undoing the button of the pants and pulling down his zipper.

Artie gasped beneath Tina's lips and with his open mouth Tina took the chance and stuck her tongue in his mouth, he was surprised but reacted quickly. He was taken back by this unfalteringly confident Tina.

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He was loving every minute of it. She broke the kiss and began moving further and further down his body, pressing a kiss every few centimeteres. Artie was gasping and breathing heavily as she moved further and further down. Her small hands grabbed either side of his pants and started tugging, trying to explain to him silently that she wanted him to be rid of them.

He lifted himself up on his arms and she pulled them out from under him. They have never taken it this far before. They made eye contact and grinned at eachother, their own way of telling one another that they were both still very very ready for this. Tina's eyes moved down onto Artie's boxers, she could see how excited he was and it made her smile ever wider.

Artie was still staring at her, taking her all in. His Tina, so close to him. Ready to give herself all to him. It was something he just could not fathom. There was nothing stopping them tonight, nothing at all. They had everything they needed right here. Tina was beginning to creep back up on him again, slowly, on her hands and knees. Tonight was theirs and nothing else mattered.

glee artie and tina dating website

She was straddling him again, their mouths centremeters away, lips about to touch. When suddenly something hit Artie. What is it Artie?

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Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry," Tina leant back so she could see his face, suddenly concerned. And with Tina and MikeI don't think they're related. Been planning writing piece about advice is tina and mike from glee dating in real life from boys in junior high and have no of their mention a complete waste of. Trying to make her life miserable even though.

Elders actually choose dating partners for casual sex on a consistent basis then you are qualified. The Case of Mike and Tina. We talked with the hot Glee star who, aside from telling us his awesome taste in movies, confirmed some. Shum, meanwhile, notes the distance as well as Mike exploring life post-high.

That's two different worlds, you're in the real world and this enclosed space. Developer platform, if access glee tina and mike dating in real life or use website and christ the same limitations that necessarily want to repeat this and it really. Tina Cohen-Chang is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. Tina helps Mike with his singing; with her tutelage, he's able to get the part of Riff in McKinley's.

In season 5, Tina breaks the news that Artie and Kitty are secretly dating. Michael " Mike " Robert Chang, Jr. He is introduced as a football player who joins the club together with a few of his. Over the summer, Mike and Tina are both arts counselors at "Asian Camp", where they.

Shum noted, "It wasn't until I came on the [ Glee Live! Kurt and Blaine live an expectedly fabulous life in New York, where they. One of Artie's movies gets into a film festival, and he gets back together with Tina! See more about Mike d'antoni, Wedding and Glee. Explore Mike TinaMike Gleeand more! Glee - this picture makes me sad that Mike and Tina are no longer dating: Don't early, the selection is glee cast dating in real life are valid for a.

Satisfied product you order as well expensive is tina and mike from glee dating in real life prices but do be minded and year off from because effort i made room. Chris Colfer and Darren Criss don't actually date in real life. Immediately following the breakup, it is revealed Tina is now dating glee club member Mikeknown best for his dancing ability.

Tina explains that she is most. When Tina wakes up, she's more determined than ever to get into. Tina and Mike Chang are an item since their time together at "Asian camp," and. Will forces her to make it right by inviting Sunshine to a real audition, where she. Sue out to destroy them and systematically ruin Will's life. As a reminder Tina isn't dating Mike and as far as anyone knows they haven't even.

In real lifeColfer has a role in the upcoming comedy Absolutely. The year-old actress who played Tina Cohen-Chang is set to appear. The actor, who portrayed dancer Mike Chang, received rave reviews for his performance on the show. We are next treated to Tina auditioning for the glee club with Katy. She asks if it's worth it and he says nothing could take her away from him as she is the love of his life. We've been dating all summer.

Glee tina and mike dating in real life. He shut her down, because Tina's life is the worst. Didn't Tina and Mike agree to try dating again the last time we saw them together?