Godly dating and feelings song

Courtship Principles in the Song of Songs – "Solomons Song of Songs"

godly dating and feelings song

The first 3 chapters of Solomon's Song of Songs is courtship. When the time is right in dating the woman can ask the man to sharpen her as “iron sharpens iron“. .. Love with the heart is to love God with religious emotions. If you have thoughts of doubt in a relationship does that mean you should leave? Bible (Song of Songs) is almost entirely given to the feeling of being 'in love'. Many Christian artists sing about the love God has for us, but there are also some amazing Christian love songs Countless couples, whether dating or married, quickly determine their “song”. When you feel like being quiet.

In context they are only courting so the word love in the first 3 chapters is one of a brother, sister, friendship love with a desire for a closer love relationship, Lord willing. Do not stare at each others sins, past or present. If either one judges the whole person based on the some sins that are in the others persons life, then there will be no moving forward!! This is key because many people see a person on one date and come to a conclusion as to who the person is.

Well, if they have been around church for a while and others know them, use all the info to come to a better conclusion for the good or bad! Now if they are continuing in sin without godly sorrow, repentance and faith in Jesus Christ then pause, pray, get help. But do not move forward if either one is staring at the other judgmentally. Deeper intimacy in the courtship will not happen if there is not forgiveness in the hearts of both.

Song of Solomon 1: She asks where could she find him and how could she get closer to him in Song 1: He lets her know that he could be found in 1: Notice that Solomon does not push her away or stare at her sunburn which was a result of her sinful past. He overlooked her baggage and unredeemed flesh and tells her to follow the tracks of the sheep and rest under shepherd tents.

He told her how to get near him so she could be near to the one she loves.

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Where do you graze your flock and rest your sheep at mid day? King Solomon was also a shepherd of sheep also Ecclesiastes 2: But notice who he is shepherding?

It is the Shulamite, Solomon is giving her advice in Song 1: They have their roles down even in courtship. The husband shepherds the heart of his wife to be. How are you shepherding skills? She wants to be near him and find rest Song 1: He tells how to be near him 1: In verse 7 she cried out to her lover and wanted to be where he was.

He lets her know how to get close to him in verse 8. She is to 2 things and find rest thereby. She clearly wants to be near the one she has affections for. In the course of the courtship people will help out to get the two of you closer. Friends, family, parents, older brother, another brother or sister in the Lord, pastors etc. Here the woman asks her shepherd king lover how to get close to him in verse 7. He tells her how in verse 8, she speedily obeys, he compliments her noble character in verse 9, says she is beautiful in verse 10 and promises to make her more beautiful in verse Mutual meaning that in Song 1: She loves him, the one she asks the question to.

The one she loves answers back most delightfully and with compliments. Now I suppose there is a right time to compliment her beauty and a right manner. Not distant and insincere but as close and intimate as a brother and sister in Christ could get. Iron sharpening iron etc.

godly dating and feelings song

Spending more time together, near one another was a mutual delight in this blossoming relationship. Whatever is causing one of the two or both to not want to work together making it possible to be near one another then this evil fox must be caught.

Verses go together. It was noteworthy, praiseworthy and the most beautiful thing about her. And then everyone involved in adorning the bride with more beauty promises to make her more beautiful in Song 1: She is fearless and swift in her pursuit of a closer more intimate relationship with Solomon because his name was like perfume poured out and since he was the greatest type of Christ living the experiencing his love would be more delightful than wine. If you read them apart our out of the context of 1: Both the outer appearance and inner heart attitudes are being praised here, for what good is a timid horse in battle.

What good is a slow weak horse in battle? God would want her to listen to her shepherd. Even though she still had a sunburn which gave all who saw her the impression that she was an enemy of God. Solomon does not treat her like a prostitute continuing in sin and worthy of rejection Song 1: They meet and he compliments her character like a good husband praising his wife. If both parties have the Love of God in them then there should be no fear of being rejected because of current or past sins because anyone having the love of God in them will be forgiving and gracious.

Forgiveness is a big one in marriage, you will be sinning against one another time and time again yet less and less often as time goes on and you become more one with God and each other.

godly dating and feelings song

Do both of you have a forgiving character? Her cheeks are beautiful and so is her neck. Both are beautiful with their precious adornments. Her beauty and adornments captivate his eye. Is there an attraction? Her cheeks and neck are beautiful with earrings. This is like a statement at dinner when she got ready for the first date and she is beautiful and the suitor compliments her.

A nice gesture to let her know what he thinks of her. Not that her external beauty is the only thing a man looks at, for character is 1, which he compliment in the previous verse, but there has to be an attraction. She is altogether beautiful both inside and out. In a spiritual sense Explanation: Not only did she listen but lovingly obey. She asked a question in 1: This is what steals his heart away.

This one act of obedience is one of the many acts of obedience on her necklace. And it is what God wants her to do, God would want her to listen to her husband.

godly dating and feelings song

To the man, are you seeing and complimenting her use of the word of God in her life? To the woman, is he complimenting your Christian character? Some guys may be slow to this, but if they read the Song and know their role then they should start doing this. Maybe not as beautifully as Solomon did, remember he was the wisest man who ever lived, but he should be getting better at this.

This will encourage you to gather more jewels of virtue thus adorning your heart with a most excellent beauty! And here Solomon promises to make her more precious, valuable and beautiful to him by sanctifying her by the Word of God. One of the main roles of a husband in marriage is to sanctify his wife and present her blameless before Christ Eph. What confidence not arrogance. Not only should he have the skills but it should be his greatest delight to do this through his selfless sacrificial love and words that are sweeter than honey.

This iron sharpening iron should be somewhat happening in the courting phase. To the woman, if you are morally beautiful and he is helping you become more beautiful then he will be a good spiritual leader in the family. But if this is absent in courtship then it will surely be absent in marriage. Also, if your courting is limited due to your parents choosing then it is advised to see if there has been someone else he has been discipling.

If the one he has be discipling has benefited from his guidance then that is a good sign.

godly dating and feelings song

After getting a taste of who he is and what kind of person, do you see him as valuable, precious and close to your heart? His word of encouragement and promisee to make her more beautiful make her feel him to be most valuable and precious to her, because she wants to be holy. His words are beautiful and refreshing to her soul like seeing gorgeous flowers in the dessert. You have to remember she was an enemy in forced labor 1 Kings 9: She has doves eyes and so does he Song 5: They only look straight ahead.

They also are the symbol for love. In the opener, the bridge--"forgiveness is the chorus of a rebel song and we belong"--is the response to the pre-chorus, "I'm sorry, forgive me, just let me back inside your arms girl, forgive me, I'm sorry, this ain't the way our love should go. Lara Landon - "The River" "The River" from Overcome by Lara Landon completely captivates me and is a picture of a healing place for all relationships--from married couples to friends and family.

It's a great reminder that God is the great Restorer and Healer. I love singing along with Lara at the top of my lungs, "Take my hand, hold onto me, let's go now, down, down, down Chris August - "Restore" For me, the standout experience of this stellar sophomore album The Upside Of Down by Chris August is hanging on every note of the gorgeous and moving relationship song, "Restore.

God is a God Who knows how to heal, so just give it up to the Lord and He will restore. The song moves me to tears. Todd Agnew - "Loved" "Loved" by Todd Agnew is a wonderful profession of Todd's journey from singleness to married life, his spiritual growth and learning "How to be Loved. We aren't worthy and God still wants all of us and loves us deeply. This entire album is about giving and accepting love.

JJ Heller - "Boat Song" Everyone can really relate to the sincerity and sensitivity of JJ Heller 's emotional songs, especially women who struggle with finding their true identity in Christ. I can't get enough of the catchy and sincere "Boat Song" by JJ Heller, which includes the great chorus, "Do you know we belong together, do you know my heart is yours? In the song Bebo admits his weakness--"I don't know how to chase away the fear I have inside me"--before it catches a tidal wave of holy truth: The key to a biblical marriage is to keep Jesus at the center and know that He is the light of the world.

God is the only true source of hope, and rest and security. We can never completely be those things for our spouses. The Lord commands to us to have no other gods before Him.

It is my heart's desire to more selflessly show my wife love and devotion and serve her in a Christ-like manner.

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As this song says, "I have seen I was never meant to be the light of your world. Audrey Assad - "Blessed Are The Ones" I can't get enough of Audrey Assad 's singing voice and the incredible and introspective messages of her great songs.

The gorgeous bridge, "Love is all we need," leads to Audrey's sensational vocals literally rising to another level. I hang on every single note. Audrey's first year of marriage framed the entire writing process of this album as her husband learned he had treatable cancer and you can at times physically feel Audrey's soul-imploring emotions in these 12 flawless and compelling songs.

godly dating and feelings song