Haviland stillwell and riese dating

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haviland stillwell and riese dating

Autostraddle is an independently owned online magazine and social network for lesbian, Autostraddle was founded by CEO, CFO and Editor-in-Chief Marie " Riese" Bernard and Design Director Nicole, Jenny Owen Youngs, Julia Nunes, Brittani Nichols, Mollie Thomas, Haviland Stillwell, Ashley Reed and Sarah Croce . BWW TV: 'FLIRT with Haviland Stillwell' Premieres with Tony Award-Winning Star of CURTAINS - David Hyde Pierce (Message Board) I mean hello love the v- logs of her and riese. . Future guests and air dates will be announced shortly. Were you aware that out actress/singer/mover/shaker/astronaut Haviland Stillwell has a "honey–dripping Southern accent"? Well, hold on tight.

Barbara Walters gets an hour. Speaking of days, what are you doing on April 23rd? Upright Cabaret is the name of the production company who is putting on the show and a cabaret is a a term for a concert of sorts.

How did you get involved with these characters and consequently decide to do a show?

haviland stillwell and riese dating

After that we decided that we should do more! I always wanted to keep it simple, because I tend to think a bit too much about everything and complicate it. Having said that, of course my musicians are killer, and obviously, there is a costume of the day.

Oh, like Desperately Seeking Susan? If I were coming, what do you think would be my favorite part? Tangent L to R: Riese, Haviland, A;ex Riese: Back on Track Riese: How is the show structured. You told me you were incorporating quotes? One of the best opera singers in the world.

Back on Track Part Two Riese: Are you going to sing any opera? Rumor has it you went to Opera School. I did go to opera school, and I am doing a couple of things that are more operatic, yes. The songs are seriously very versatile.

I am basically doing every genre except hip hop? I think visibility is important. If you could do a song with any hip-hop artist … who would it be?

haviland stillwell and riese dating

I think it would be fun to work with Lady Gaga, obvs. Is being on set just as fun? Was it different this season with Rocco there? Being on set is awesome and we love it. We show up with six different costumes because we are shooting six different episodes. Filming is really fun.

We built more improv into our script this season because we knew, for instance, Ashley is incredible at improv, as is Sherri, so we wanted to let them go with a lot of stuff. We had an entire scene that we let Sherri just improv. We were turning purple laughing at her during the filming.

Who is the funniest person on set? Who is the funniest person in the world? Is Brittani Nichols the funniest person in the world?

Yes, this is a real question.

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That is my final answer. Her hair is so funny, her hair is funnier than my dad — and my dad is pretty funny. It would be a toss up between Sherri and her. Deborah pulled some shit on me that was just unreal. As far as improv and delivery, I would say Ashley and Sherri are tied in funny.

Sherri is a comedian, so her improv is awesome. Delivery, Ashley owns it, she always nails it. Teach me how to do it. Julie Goldman, I would say.

UNICORN PLAN-IT’s Ashley Reed, Sarah Croce, and Haviland Stillwell: The Autostraddle Interview

Ashley is funniest, for sure. Although Sherri would be very close by her side. Wait, who is the funniest person on the planet? She did work on our set.

haviland stillwell and riese dating

We are really happy she came and helped out. I want one of the interns to Photoshop a picture of Brittani in a unicorn suit, on a unicorn, in a TV. We have three Really Important Questions. Sarah … what was it like to be on The Real L Word, even if just for a moment? To be on TRLW was awkward.

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This is so awkward. Since I know crew production, I just turned my mic off when I was peeing, or when I felt like it was a good idea.

Ashley, this is the golden question on all lesbian minds: What was it like to be sort of sexy with Sarah Croce? Cue the Michael Jackson song right now. That was one comment! I just wrote one comment, because I thought it was hilarious. Sarah Croce, ladies and gentlewomen. Okay, bringing it back to the serious stuff: What was your favorite episode or scene in Season 1?

I really liked the release episode. I believe that is the fourth one. I directed that one and it was me and Lauren in the back of the U-Haul watching them do that scene. I had to keep it.