He jiong and zhao li ying dating

Hu Ge and Zhao Li Ying are rumored to star in a historical drama together - DramaPanda

he jiong and zhao li ying dating

Zanilia Zhao Liying hot kisses fatherly friend boy in Public. On 18 Sep, netizens shared photos of actress Zanilia Zhao Liying hot kissing friend boy He Jiong in public they were supposed to. zanilia zhao hot kisses boyfriend on reality tv 3. ps; It is interesting how all of Zhao Liying's onscreen partners are finding love this year (Chen Xiao, Zhang Han, Zheng Kai and now He Jiong). The latest in the rumor mill pairs together Hu Ge and Zhao Li Ying as the Even during the 11th Golden Eagle Awards, He Jiong was already.

He still has the heart of a child though! He is playing the dad of Zhao Liying in Legend of Zu.

Happy Camp 10/03/2015 Recap: Zhao Liying, William Chen, Nicky Wu, Gao Yuanyuan, Jimmy Lin and JJLin

He is 44 years old. Can you believe there is only 4 years of difference between him and Jimmy? Ohhh, my Idol Up feels! To the fun part. The MC introduces the guests and the team are made.

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Yuanyuan is a newbie at it so far. During the introduction, it was so obvious the MC were shipping Liying and William together. She and him danced together to that song. Afterward, the guests and MC are divided in four teams.

I feel bad for JJ for being team mated with the weakest teammate. The mission is to win all the game and be able to collect as many golden coins as possible.

he jiong and zhao li ying dating

There are four treasure boxes presented to the teams and only one contains gold. The first game is a throwing one. The girl has to throw circular rings and the guys must catch the say ring using their neck. Because of this, the white team starts.

Their performance was really good, but I guess passing first is not a good idea.

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Yellow and White team each scored 8 rings, Orange team scored 10 and blue team Blue team wins and gains a new member, Weijia, as well as the knowledge as IN which treasure box is the gold. The next game is a speed game. Always in team, the contestants must arrive at the other side the fastest by first passing the girl above an obstacle, then wear a hat, and finally jumping to leave the hat on top.

It is hard to explain so look at the pictures. Orange team win with a score of 15 seconds while others are all in the thirties. Unsatisfied, everyone decide to challenge the high score. Zhao Liying and William Chan succeed with a speedy 8 seconds! Anyway, the game consists a music playing and everyone dancing until the music stops. When it stops, they will yell a random letter from A to C and it is the responsibility of the contestants to go through the hole with the letter yelled marked on it.

This turns out to be really funny to watch. There was one moment when William was SO close to get out, but then got stopped.

he jiong and zhao li ying dating

And then… Wuxin comes and get stuck right on top of him. The bad news is that only four of the five beautiful ladies can be saved He Jiong will not chose. This means, it is singing competition time! When asking William Chan who he would rather chose, he choses number 2.

Finally, it is time to make a choice. Then Ren Zhong choses… Zhao Liying. Next, William Chan choses Jessica Jung and.

he jiong and zhao li ying dating

Xie Na, after much pleading, is left alone. But it is all good because she has a strong-will and made her legs appear herself. Now, the team are separated as follow. The first games are survival games. One goal was to bandage a hurt person.

Team one did very well with Wang Ziwen, but team two was a mess with William Chan. Cute, but a mess. ZLY and Jessica had fun banding his whole face instead of only where it hurted and the whole team had difficulties to pull William up. Du Haitao had the most difficulties, while as William Chan looked like he was flying! You go girl, promote our drama like your life depends on it! In both cases, two art pieces are shown with one from a famous artist and the other being fake.

Next, we are moving to the pool!!

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Yeah, very fit considering the theme is mermaids. The game is to run across the dangerous path prepared for them in the water and go through many obstacles as a team. They are doing as well as they can, but they have Ren Zhong, who has a higher mass density… When this team was done, it was too late for Zhao Liying to play as she had to catch a flight.

Hence, He Jiong took her place and played with the yellow team.

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The yellow team did a lot better than the blue team, even if they had Du Haitao. All I can say is that William Chan looked good and athletic throughout, as he fell with great balance on the platform on his first try. ZLY pushing WC in the water here A bit later, Jessica did a similar thing with Haitao, which made the later really happy xD Finally, the game ended with everyone trying to fit on the same platform and see if they can survive. This was fun and there were two highlights to it.

he jiong and zhao li ying dating

The first is when Jessica was really scared to jump.