Iris and barry dating games

iris and barry dating games

It's more like [an] awkward game night between friends” at the Jitters coffee “ Immediately, Iris can see that Barry and Felicity are both super. If you, like me, squeal every time Barry and Iris are on screen together, to put aside the past and move forward with a future where he is dating Iris. . Heck, some of The Flash viewers who need to step up their game in the. WestAllen shippers, your patience has finally paid off! After two full seasons of Barry navigating his unrequited love for Iris, he's finally get his.

The consequences are both wonderful and terrible.

iris and barry dating games

Does not follow canon after 1x WestAllen Flash - Rated: Originally written for WestAllen Week on Tumblr. T - English - Chapters: This is a collection of prompts based on AUs, key words, phrases, quotes, etc.

I absolutely take requests if you want me to write something for you! Barry into helping her find her Christmas presents.

iris and barry dating games

Based on a headcanon I have. Originally written for WestAllen Week on tumblr. K - English - Chapters: In an effort to get their friendship back on track, Iris relies on a yearly tradition between the two life-long friends.

However, after the turn of a new year, their relationship gets a lot more complicated. Rated T for now. T - English - Angst - Chapters: Basically Barry being in awe of Iris' beauty throughout the years. Disregards the BTS spoilers. Over the next few episodes it's going to be really delightful and awkward to see how they're going to keep it a secret and how Barry and Eddie interact. Poor Barry is so conflicted and Eddie has no idea. Our characters are so opposite. I'm so secure in myself and I know that I'm good at everything but Barry is so unsure and he's so much the underdog, which is why we all love him so much.

To see the two interact is just so amazing. The writers have been so great at throwing Barry and Eddie together and evolving their story in a clever way. Are Iris and Eddie serious or is their relationship just for fun right now? No, it's getting serious. They unexpectedly fell in love during Barry's coma.

15 Times Barry And Iris From 'The Flash' Were #RelationshipGoals

They have that wonderful, Much Ado About Nothing love-hate relationship and it makes it all the more real. It gives them this amazing sexual spark and wonderful tension. How is Eddie's relationship with Iris going to affect his working relationship with Joe, since they're police partners? There's going to be a lot of awkward hiding from Joe and trying to navigate through both work and personal relationships for Eddie.

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On one hand, he's really trying to establish himself as a great detective on the force since he was promoted very quickly during the pilot. He's still very much a rookie. He's trying to prove himself with Joe while also dating his daughter and lying to Joe but still being a good man [laughs]. He has a lot of inner conflict about that and we'll see how that pans out. How is Eddie going to handle that?

Is he going to get jealous at all? That's going to be really interesting to see.

Iris starts to become very intrigued and distracted from Eddie, so he reacts in a way you'll have to wait and see. I actually can't say anything about that because it might just give away too much! I wish I could, but there's been much speculation about who's bad and who's good, so you'll see.

I don't know if I'm biased after watching you play such a nasty villain on Vampire Diaries, but even though it's been kind of clear from the beginning that Eddie's a good guy, I'm still having a hard time fully trusting him.

What was it like switching from playing someone so truly evil to someone that is supposedly one of the good guys?