Ji chang wook and oh eun dating

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ji chang wook and oh eun dating

First Episode Release Date: April 17, 2. Suspicious Partner. An amnesiac murderer targets Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook), a prosecutor-turned-private- attorney, and Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun), a prosecutor-in-training who is framed for murder. . Uh oh, we'll be binge-watching all weekend. May 3, Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun in the new trailer of 'Suspicious Partner.' The new Oh, it can't be," Eun Bong Hee exclaimed. "Suspicious. Ji Chang-wook (born July 5, ) is a South Korean actor. He rose to fame playing the leading role of Dong-hae in daily drama series Smile Again.

Convinced by that, Bong Hee decides to start dating him again. As for the DA, he pleaded that he only brought the knife as a defence, not to kill Hyun Soo.

ji chang wook and oh eun dating

If the attempted murder charge gets dropped, he will probably only get probation. But is that really enough?

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Of course, the crimes which the DA and Hyun Soo committed are vastly different, and in many cases, first-degree murder will always be considered the most culpable, hence heaviest sentence. Is it really fair that he only gets away with a pure resignation and maybe a fine?

How about some jail time? The duo smiles sweetly and promises to take good care of him hahaha. As for Hyun Soo, on the grounds of having committed several first-degree murders and that he did not show any remorse, he was sentenced to life-imprisonment.

Ji Chang Wook Reveals He Prefers Dating Someone Who Allows Him To Be Innocent

And that, is the last of Hyun Soo. Finally, her innocence has been proven.

Ji Chang Wook hold Nam Ji Hyun hand in public 💞 at The 63rd Korean Memorial Day Ceremony.

Somehow this 5 second scene warms my heart. However, Ji Wook suddenly finds himself burdened with additional cases and even hilariously gives the accused person only 30 seconds to confess since there is already sufficient evidence.

Yoo Jung smirks that Ji Wook can be such a workaholic, causing Bong Hee to laugh at the irony of advice being given by the ex-girlfriend. Who does Eun Hyuk like?

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In what was probably the cutest sequence of this finale, Ji Wook piggybacks Bong Hee who pretends to puke but bursts out laughing, then covers his eyes, then pretends to puke again.

It was honestly quite funny to watch Bong Hee beating Ji Wook at everything — claw machines, gun machines, basketball machines. Ji Wook is a little hurt that he lost every game but they soon patch up.

But when Bong Hee leaves to buy medicine, Ji Wook runs into his mother.

Suspicious Partner Episode 39 – 40 Recap

Bong Hee ends up running for her life hahahaha. Alas, Ji Wook brings his mother home too, who gets a heart attack realising who her son is dating. Bong Hee returns home unsuspectingly and Ji Wook decides to desperately declare that they are dating. Once again, we have a twist on a typical gift session. Although Ji Wook rehearses the whole day on the perfect way to gift the present, it is Bong Hee who straightforwardly asks for it.

Omg, is anyone else blushing around here? First they exchange a goodnight kiss. I find that for most of the dramas, I never truly liked the bed scenes anyway.

ji chang wook and oh eun dating

I liked how both of them turned at the same time, how they came together in the same beat, how Bong Hee threw her laundry basket on the floor, how they broke apart and stared at each other because boy, the desire was just as or even more palpable when they are not kissing. I get it if we are looking through.

ji chang wook and oh eun dating

Omg I want someone to kiss my hair like the way he does. The power of lip-tint — no mess, no stain, just beautiful lips after a night of kissing yeah right.

ji chang wook and oh eun dating

I would even honestly admit that I freaking love the scene where Ji Wook just hugs Bong Hee the next morning and kisses her gently OMG and I hope that for all of you reading this recap right now, you would find someone who looks the same way at you as how Ji Wook looks at Bong Hee.