Jigyasa and manish dating services

All is not well between 'Thapki Pyar Ki' actors Jigyasa Singh and Manish Goplani? - IBTimes India

jigyasa and manish dating services

The actress refutes reports of her link-ups with her co-actors Ankit Bathla and Manish Goplani. All is not well between 'Thapki Pyar Ki' actors Jigyasa Singh and Meanwhile, it is also being said that Jigyasa is dating Ankit Bathla, who. Jigyasa Singh Online Marketing Tools, Content Marketing, Tv Actors, Celebs, Celebrities, Jigyasa Singh Baju India, Photoshoot Ideas, Dairy, Bollywood, Beautiful Women, Beautiful .. Top rated business service . Jigyasa Singh and Manish Goplani from Thapki Pyaar Ki fame at Golden Petal Awards red carpet.

The two, instead of dealing with the relationship allegation head-on, stayed quite about their alleged affair. But in spite of the announcement, rumors regarding their relationship have hardly abated or stopped circulating.

jigyasa and manish dating services

Not long ago, after Jigyasa was rumored to be in a relationship with another co-star, she said: I don't understand why I am linked with every actor who enters the show. I am not in a relationship with Manish, nor am I growing close to Sehban. I rehearse with Sehban as we have scenes together. He is an experienced actor and is like a brother. Manish is not jealous of our equation.

He and I share a great bond and are good friends even now. It is clear now that Jigyasa and Manish are not in a relationship and all the rumors circulating about the two were false. Manish, as he has already said, is far more focused on making his mark in the industry right now, rather than falling in love or getting married.

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Jigyasa Singh aka Thapki clarifies that she's not in love with Ankit Bathla or Manish Goplani

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Who is Manish Goplani's Wife? Know about his Relationship Status

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Manish Goplani & Jigyasa Singh

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jigyasa and manish dating services

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jigyasa and manish dating services

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jigyasa and manish dating services

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