Kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating

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kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating

Feb 23, Kamenashi Kazuya and Ayase Haruka both pairs make a . Also the rumours of them "still dating" even now make me smile. xD. Back to top. Jun 13, Kamenashi Kazuya, Ayase Haruka, Toda Erika, Tanaka Koki, Hiraoka Yuta .. Nao shyly acquiesces but instead makes it a group date come. they are called 'akame' a derived from akanishi and kame from kamenashi and are the most popular guys from Kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating.

No, I mean it really, really sucks to be Hiroto: Your undependable lush of a mother Yo Kimiko works at a seedy nightclub just to make ends meet, while your only brother Ren Saito Ryusei was born with a weak constitution and needs a wheelchair to get around. And the greatest indignity of being poor? Given his family situation it would be easy for Hiroto to stay mired in a mindset of poverty and disgrace.

But for now, Hiroto must put those dreams on hold and stay the course, working his fingers to the bone just to keep the business afloat — even as their long-time customers are turning to the bigger, more modern factories in the area.

kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating

His only respite from the daily grind of life are the illicit fishing jaunts that he and his two blue-collar buddies from high school, Ayuta Hiraoka Yuta and Ko Tanaka Kokiregularly pull off at a nearby power plant where the nutrient-rich waters teem with fish. This is more than just a madcap moonlight caper by three restless youths, for it really is a way to augment their meager income as they later peddle their catch to the tony restaurants in and around Yokohama.

One of the restaurants is on the crest of a hill overlooking the city and accessible by a long flight of stairs. The boys are only there on account of a mistakenly given invitation earlier that morning, but seeing that everyone at the party assumes they are Keio students, the three gamely fake it as they wend their way through the small talk and lavish buffet spreads, knowing full well that this fantasy will fizzle out when the clock strikes twelve. The whole rigmarole of the affair disgusts him even as the ostentatious display of pedigree and privilege rankles in his heart.

But Hiroto plays along for the evening, mingling with the guests and collecting phone numbers as he moves from one coquettish, bubbly-sipping quarry to the next. And so will his satisfaction. She notices him staring, which creeps her out a little loland the look of alarm that mars her composure draws a little half-smile out of him which in turn made my poor toes curl so violently they nearly broke off, ouchy!

And so begins their first real conversation since that awkward encounter earlier in the day. They end up by the pool talking, and in this relaxed setting away from the noise and swirl of the party, Hiroto and Nao can more keenly feel the growing tendrils of attraction between them.

Inside the glass-walled main hall, the party organizers raffle off all-expense-paid trips to Bali, plus other fabulous prizes. The winner is announced, and from out of the ensuing revelry a stray firecracker whizzes towards Nao okay, but that sparkly thingy was just CGI FAIL in every waythus triggering The Great Poolside Mishap in which both end up very, very wet. Uh, think again… To be honest, I was totally LMAO at how this moment was sucked dry of every last droplet of lovey goo.

The director clearly went, uh, overboard heh heh in giving us the hard sell on this scene. Ten different angles of Ayase and Kame falling slowly — slowly — slowwwwwlyyyy into the pool!!!

So slowly that Kame just seems to be leaning into the water rather than actually falling, bwahahaha!!! I mean, what were you thinking, Iwamoto-san. Thankfully this is the one time in the entire drama where the director overdid it. Nao shyly acquiesces… but instead makes it a group date come Halloween, outside the church on Oka Hill. Lol, oh Hiroto So will Hiroto show up at their Halloween rendezvous? Will he and Nao respond to their growing attraction for each other? Will their chaste conversations and tentative overtures ever blossom into full-blown romance?

And young as they are, will they truly fall in love, deeply and passionately in love?

kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating

You know the answer is yes, yes, and yes. For this drama is really all about two individuals who do just that. When a romance story is done well, it provides a vicarious, cathartic escape for the rest of us rabu-rabu-starved suckers mucking about in The Real World, lol. This is the complete anatomy of a relationship, encompassing every swell and ebb of emotion, every conflict and complication therewith.

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As a viewer you fall in love not only with Hiroto and Nao, but also with the very act of falling in love. And no, you know their love will not come easy, its course will not run smooth.

This will be no bed of roses, no walk in the park. After all, froth and confection do not make a full-course meal; you must learn to take the meat with the gristle, the easy with the tough, the good with the bad.

kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating

Despite the undeniable pull between them, Hiroto and Nao get off to a rather rocky start. When she ferrets out his address and visits him at the boatyard, for the first time she sees the kind of world he inhabits. So this initial phase of their nascent relationship becomes an awkward courtship dance that is less a graceful pas de deux than this jerky, staccato cha-cha, where every step forward is countered by another setback.

Good thing their friends — Ayuta, Ko, Yuko — act as the catalysts that speed things along, i. And this is ALL before Episode 4 ends, baby. For this no longer becomes a simple case of class incompatibility, because now they start to feel the heat from both families. Hiroto and Nao are just twenty after all, and remain very much attached to their respective home environments — Hiroto being the breadwinner, and Nao being the pampered only daughter.

How can you sustain a viable romantic relationship when eking out a living consumes your time and energy, and your two dependents require constant supervision and care? And the home situation is just one half of the story, because the boatyard is your responsibility too, whether you like it or not.

Suddenly, the unassailable power of love becomes this pipe dream, somewhat ludicrous against the relentless advance of… The Real World. But I am extremely fond of Ren and the relationship between the two brothers. Ren good child actor, this Saito Ryusei!

Still, props to Yo Kimiko for portraying a character who elicits exasperation, revulsion and… yes, sympathy from the viewer — all at once. As for Nao, her family tensions are of a different kind: He loves her too much, this bright apple of his eye, precious beyond words, and whose only fault is that she believes the best of other people… even if their own motives may not be the purest. So even if it means tightening the leash on Nao with economic and security sanctions loleven if he comes out looking the villain in The Ballad of Hiroto and Nao, Tsukioka-san will protect his family at all costs.

And nobody can deny him that. Tsukioka at work with the question that many a poor but earnest young man in love has uttered since fathers-in-law were invented: What then, asks the father of Hiroto, will your love still be enough?

It is Tatsuya who is the most hostile towards Hiroto, for his brand of protectiveness still has none of the percipience of his parents — although that too will come with age.

When Tatsuya pays Hiroto a visit one afternoon, the withering contempt he has for this… lowlife, is enough to make you wince. Watching Hiroto suck it all in out of his love for Nao while Tatsuya reams him out — will drive hobnails into your heart. But in a later scene, Tatsuya just so happens to drive by the exact spot where a tussle involving Hiroto, Nao, and three hoodlums is taking place — now this just smacks of contrivance used to advance the plot. One of his former flings died in a suicide, which later turned out to be a murder case.

Detective Dojima Kanzo is assigned to the case and considers Ryo as the primary suspect. Ken has always been in love with Rei, but Rei is about to get married to another man. Unique Love Elements Technically, Proposal Daisakusen should be a tragic love story with an unrequited love theme, but the fantasy element turns it around and makes it truly unique: Both are full of despair and ended up meeting each other, before agreeing on a marriage of convenience.

Unique Love Elements Nagareboshi is unique because the romance aspects play on much darker elements.

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Here we have a woman forced by circumstances to a life of prostitution, who meets a man harboring a secret he wants to protect. They marry, but not because they love each other but because it would be mutually beneficial.

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Contrary to her glamorous job, she is really disorganized and lazy and would rather slack around at home than fool around. Unique Love Elements Hotaru and Takano are complete opposites — while the former is a lazy slacker, the other is ambitious and exhibits a Type A personality.

Thanks to the wonderful performances from the actors Ayase Haruka and Fujiki Naohito, respectivelythe disconnect comes off funny and cute, yet still believable when they eventually end up falling for each other. The drama series was so popular that it led to many people taking an interest in Japanese Sign Language during its airing.

kamenashi kazuya and ayase haruka dating

Unique Love Elements Aishiteru to Itte Kure shows that love can conquer language barriers, and you also have to admire the tenacity of the two lovers as they managed to persevere despite the difficulties that their situation brings.