Kangta and park ji yoon dating scandal

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kangta and park ji yoon dating scandal

Aug 28, Kangta, the famous singer, was Jun Jin's sunbae (senior) when they were in high school. His father Jin's wife? Or, what about his dating scandal? In , Jun Jin was dating Park Joo-hyun, a member of girl group SPICA. In , there was a rumor about Jun Jin dating actress Yoon Jin-yi. Both of. KangTa and Park Ji Yoon reportedly dated: user posted image it is called scandals when celebrities date each other?:wacko: thanks for the. Sep 25, i wanna know if joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye are dating? can anyone Since , Kang Ta has continuously had a scandal with Park Ji Yoon. Pics of Kangta (he is the former member of H.O.T. and his real name is Ahn.

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kangta and park ji yoon dating scandal