Karen and nick zinner dating

Look, no strings! Why the Yeah Yeah Yeahs changed their tune | Daily Mail Online

karen and nick zinner dating

She and the band's pixie-like guitarist, Nick Zinner, have just come from a Zinner and Karen O agree that focusing on the music helped the band We've actually collaborated together on a couple of other things as well, but. Guitarist Nick Zinner was hailed for his musical brilliance as the Karen now lives in Los Angeles, and is dating video director Barnaby Clay. Fever to Tell tracks like “Rich,” “Black Tongue,” “Date With the Night” and “Y Sitek had previously worked with Karen O and Nick Zinner at a.

Karen O announces pregnancy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland | Daily Mail Online

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karen and nick zinner dating

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karen and nick zinner dating

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Look, no strings! Why the Yeah Yeah Yeahs changed their tune

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With Lady GaGa leading the charge on the charts, Eighties synth heroes Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys making impressive comebacks and talented British newcomers like Little Boots waiting in the wings, much of 's most talked about music is being created electronically.

Once we started writing, it was obvious we had to change. Their album Show Your Bones had been difficult to make. Zinner and jazz-trained drummer Brian Chase, 30, were said to be unhappy with Karen's decision to bring in producer Sam Spiegel the brother of her former boyfriend, film-maker Spike Jonze.

They say they are 'much happier' as a band now. She met drummer Brian when she was a student at Oberlin College, a posh private university in Ohio, and the pair kept in touch after they both moved to Brooklyn.

karen and nick zinner dating

Deciding against recruiting a bass guitarist, they opted to stay a trio and played their first gig, supporting the similarly bass-less White Stripes, in a downtown club. I was hell-bent on getting a reaction from the crowd. I used to get panic attacks when I was in my early 20s, around the time we started the band, but this was a different thing.

Zinner and Karen O agree that focusing on the music helped the band overcome their lows. InKaren married video director Barnaby Clay she's still newlywed enough to refer to him coyly as "Barney, my… you know, husband or whatever".

karen and nick zinner dating

It might seem weird that the nuptials came so close to the band's darkest period, but Karen and Nick both seem to thrive on a life of highs and lows. Or are other people's lives fucking rollercoasters, too?

Because, for us, life is hard, then it's good, you know? Good and hard — just how I like my life!

"Heads Will Roll" feat. Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Dave Grohl - The Last Weekend

Back inKaren O's relationship with Zinner deteriorated to the extent that she nearly quit the band. Today she says there can still be moments of "badness" she mimes punching her fists togetherbut any serious problems seem to be a thing of the past. Zinner thinks the key to the group's longevity is the members' freedom to indulge in side projects. Drummer Brian Chasea jazz and classical buff, has immersed himself in the experimental Brooklyn music scene and has just completed a solo album, Drums And Drones.

Zinner has, among other things, composed and performed an orchestral piece, 41 Strings. As for Karen O, she has performed her own "psycho opera", Stop The Virgensand writen and performed the soundtrack to Spike Jonze's film Where The Wild Things Area remarkable feat not just because it ended up being nominated for a Grammy award, but also because it meant collaborating with the man she broke up with in It helped bridge that awkward time in between splitting up and relating to each other on a different level.

We've actually collaborated together on a couple of other things as well, but this was really helpful to make that a smooth transition. Provocative, maybe, but sexy? Reed Young She wasn't entirely heartbroken that her soundtrack didn't win a Grammy. I'm sure it's not as bad as all that, but in my head public speaking just gives me the heebie-jeebies. Along with other New York bands such as the Strokes, they were part of a scene that helped put some of the sex and snarl back into a landscape dominated by the likes of Travis and Starsailor.