Liv and maddie diggy dating

Liv and Maddie's Dove Cameron is engaged to boyfriend Ryan McCartan | Daily Mail Online

liv and maddie diggy dating

Liv and Maddie star Dove Cameron is engaged to costar Ryan where they played couple Diggie Smalls and Maddie Rooney. . Flashback: Ryan and Dove met on the set of their Disney sitcom and began dating in The two met as co-stars on the hit sitcom Liv and Maddie and took their romance Last spring, McCartan talked to J about their first date. They were originally the main romantic couple of the show, alongside Liv and Holden, before Josh and Maddie started dating. They are portrayed by Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, who were engaged in real life (see: Dove and Ryan (relationship)). Maddie and Diggie's relationship.

After almost breaking up because of a misunderstanding, they shared their first kiss at midnight in New Year's Eve-A-Rooneyduring a web cam chat. Gift-A-Rooney marks their "meet-a-versary". Both originally wanted to gift each other with the same thing sweat bands. Due to Liv's actions, Maddie sends Diggie a sweat band while Liv hides his present and instead gives her a porcupine.

To make it up to her sister, she has Diggie fly in.

liv and maddie diggy dating

This marks their first face-to-face reunion after a couple of months. After 8 months, Diggie returns in the episode Flugelball-A-Rooney. They had trouble setting things like they used to be. After Diggie reveals that he wants to see more of the world than Steven's point, Maddie tells him how she feels about him being gone so far away.

This leads to Diggie breaking up with Maddie. Diggie shows that he still as feelings for her in Video-A-Rooneyso he signed up to help film The Dream 's music video in the hope of getting to spend time with Maddie.

In Frame-A-Rooneyit is revealed that Maddie also still has feelings for Diggie, as she, while she was jogging, was watching Diggie play basketball by himself from behind a tree.

In the end though, their dates end up together while the two of them are "competing" against each other, both stating that "they won". Diggie again states that he still likes Maddie in Champ-A-Rooneyand wanted to get back together with her and stay in Steven's Point if they would get back together. Due to some unlucky happenings, Maddie doesn't catch him in time at the school. Then in Continued-A-Rooneyshe catches him at the airport.

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They decide it is time to move on, but still stay good friends and possibly get back together when he is back and the time is right. In Co-Star-A-RooneyKaren helps Maddie to overcome her feelings for Diggie with a "cleansing ceremony" by sending away all the stuff Diggie ever gave to her among her feelings. She reveals in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney that she is not willing or ready to start dating again because of what happend between her and Diggie.

Maddie smiles when Diggie shows Liv his sports analogy. Diggie asks Maddie what she's doing later. Diggie goes to Maddie's house to talk about the dance.

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan Break Up Less Than Six Months After Getting Engaged

Diggie said that Maddie was 'en fuego' on fire. Diggie knew that Liv was pretending to be Maddie which is why he said no to her asking him to the dance. Diggie thinks that it's cute when Maddie plays with her charm bracelet. Diggie says that he knows Maddie.

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan Break Up Less Than Six Months After Getting Engaged | E! News

Diggie asks Maddie to the dance. Maddie accepts Diggie's proposal to the dance.

liv and maddie diggy dating

Diggie says that he won because he gets to take Maddie to the dance. Diggie smiles at Maddie when she looks for Liv. When Maddie told him she wasn't wearing a dress to the dance, he smile, not bothered by that. Diggie was shocked when he saw Maddie and swallowed his gum.

Maddie and Diggie's Love Story

Diggie's face dropped when Maddie said that she couldn't do it. Diggie smiles when Maddie comes back.

liv and maddie diggy dating

Kang-A-Rooney Diggie and Maddie say 'sup' to each other. Diggie wants them to enter the couples' costume contest. Maddie freaks out when Diggie said couple. Diggie said couple as in the contest category because he knew Maddie was confused. Diggie smiles awkwardly at Maddie. Maddie wants Diggie to help Joey talk to girls. At Screamfest they both say 'couple' and then stutter. Maddie was upset that Diggie wasn't dressed as she hoped and that they couldn't enter the couples' contest.

Maddie jokes around and says that Diggie gets confused with knight and night, Diggie nods in agreement. Diggie and Maddie play bowling together. Maddie and Diggie high five each other. Diggie says that the only reason he lost was because he had 'stars in his eyes'.

liv and maddie diggy dating

Maddie tells Diggie that she is having fun. Diggie says that they may have lost the couples' contest but they still make a great couple. Maddie likes that Diggie keeps saying couple. Diggie doesn't know whether they are a couple or not.

liv and maddie diggy dating

They both smile at each other. In a confessional, Diggie was nervous if he and Maddie were a couple or not. He asked her to give him a sign. Diggie tells Pete that he wants the party to be as amazing as it can be. Diggie struggles to lie to Maddie about the book club. Diggie wants Maddie to make a wish. Diggie tries to save Maddie from the windmill. Switch-A-Rooney Diggie says that Maddie doesn't fail anything. Maddie notices Diggie's new hair. Diggie gets a haircut because Pete told him to.

Diggie wants Maddie's dad to like him. Maddie suggests Diggie and Pete bonding. Diggie offers to help prep for Maddie's driving test. Its possible that Diggie wanted Pete to like him so that him and Maddie can date. Move-A-Rooney Maddie wants to tell Diggie how she feels about him.