Love and marriage china plays the dating game

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love and marriage china plays the dating game

Chinese dating shows which feature groups of men or women competing, via marriages in China is long gone, Chinese parents still play an. It's called "Shanghai's 3rd Annual Love and Marriage Expo." Love and marriage: China plays the dating game. By Ivan Watson and Connie. Love and marriage in today's China are increasingly being seekers showed their talents by interacting in groups and playing games.

Playing by the rules in the game of love

And for the government, they are a target for surveillance. Studying the development of television dating shows helps to understand how the concept of love and marriage in China has changed, and how the shows are helping bring about that change.

Dating shows began emerging as a new form of marriage matchmaking in China in the late s.

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  • Love and marriage: China plays the dating game

Basic formula Television Red Bride followed a basic format: The subtitle suggests the difficulty young men in China have in finding a suitable partner.

This is Beijing With the acceleration of marketisation and globalisation in the s, the situation began to change. Facing strong competition, media outlets were under pressure to produce programs that not only had commercial value but were also entertaining. The success, say analysts, was mainly due to a combination of highly attractive female contestants and the blunt, sometimes offensive comments they make. Qian Wei, 26, who works in the media, said she is an avid viewer of dating shows but used to prefer If You Are the One for its flashpoints.

The format is simple.

love and marriage china plays the dating game

In every episode of If You Are the One, a panel of 24 women "looking for love" grills a man on his life and aspirations. If a woman likes him, they get to go on a date.

Although slightly different, each matchmaking show follows the same theme. However, as many questions before the SARFT ban were about a man's wealth and family background, contestants have been regularly dubbed "materialist gold diggers" by Chinese media commentators and netizens. Ma Nuo, a year-old Beijing model, was accused in the press of being "vicious" and "money-driven" after she said during one episode that she "would rather weep in a BMW" than take a romantic spin on the back of one contestant's bicycle.

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Striking a balance Of course, the controversy attracted only more viewers, leading to some raising concerns that television producers encourage, or even manufacture, such outlandish comments. However, year-old bachelor Wang Wenqing, who appeared on If You Are the One in June, rubbished the claims and insisted his experience was "very real".

love and marriage china plays the dating game

However, when parents stop listening to their kids and start making decisions on their own, this can lead to some embarrassing moments. In the show's first episode, a father chose a year-old man for his year-old daughter even though she kept telling her parents that she felt the candidate was too old for her.

Although she finally agreed to a date with the older gentleman, she wore a smile of embarrassment throughout the entire segment.

Anxious Chinese parents Vowing to showcase "the reality of the marriage market in Chinese society today," the weekly show is hosted by Meng Fei, the host of the 8-year-old dating show If You Are the One. Similar dating shows that get parents involved that debuted in December have also captured the public's attention.

How Dating is Done in China

Different from If You Are the One, which aims to give contestants a chance to start a new romance, New Chinese Dating Time is specifically targeting those who are looking to get married, Meng explained during the show's first episode. With China currently home to more than million singles of marriageable age men over 22 and women over 20xiangqin, or blind dating, still remains one of the most popular ways for Chinese singles to meet potential mates.

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According to a China Youth Daily survey fromaround 82 percent of single men and women living in first-tier cities in China have been on a blind date. Blind dating in China isn't just limited to singles; many worried parents are also getting involved.