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Mikado manages the online dating site that Tom Tanaka and Shizuo work for Anri is Freyja - one of her roles was leading the Valkeries, hence the sword she. This page is for the relationship between Anri Sonohara and Mikado Ryuugamine. SH, it is revealed that Mikado and Anri have officially begun dating. Naturally, some of these games go just a little too far. Chloe Sims confirms she. Sims dating death play online now for free. The blonde TV personality is a mum.

Anri meets with Mikado and Aoba the next day, where Aoba makes her uncomfortable by hitting on her, and Mikado is immediately accosted by a few ex-members of the Yellow Scarves looking for revenge. They are saved by Walker and Erika, who quickly pull them into their van. They notice that Mairu and Kururi are also in the van with them, and Mikado asks what is happening.

Kyouhei apologizes to them about dragging everyone into their mess. Anri and the others are confused until they see several members of a biker gang called Toramaru after them. After several hours, they are joined by Celty, who is being chased by more members of the biker gang, and she relays her plan to Kyouhei.

They eventually come across an overpass, where Celty holds the Toramaru members off as Kyouhei and Saburo drive the high schoolers away from the fight, dropping them off near a police station. Kyouhei's gang drives back to assist Celty, and Anri and Mikado also run back to try and help, with Anri calling out to any of Saika's children in the area. She senses Egor in the bag Celty is transporting and orders him to assist her.

When the two of them arrive, Ruri Hijiribedisguised as a headless knight, has also joined in the fight, and she and Egor successfully defeat the Toramaru members caught in Celty's net. After the incident blows over, Anri attends the hotpot party held at Celty and Shinra's and even helps with the cooking.

Akane Arc Edit Anri and Mikado are once again approached by Aoba about touring Ikebukuro since their last outing was interrupted by Toramaru.

Mikado initially turns him down so Aoba begins to subtly flirt with Anri. Anri doesn't really pick up on it but Mikado panics and states that what he had planned that day could wait. The three of them set a date to meet up the next day. Later that night, Anri answers a knock at the door only to find Vorona coming at her with a pair of garden scissors.

Anri draws Saika and manages to gain the upper hand and with some help from Celty manages to chase Vorona and Slon away. After chasing the two Russians across the highway, for a bit, Celty returns and asks if Anri is okay. Anri is unharmed but Celty insists that She stay at her place for the night since Vorona would most likely return for a rematch. Celty drops off Anri at the apartment and introduces her to Akane and she spends the night there.

Once Anri wakes up, she gets ready to meet Mikado and Aoba. Shinra suggests that she take Akane with her since there wasn't much to do at home. Anri agrees and the two of them head off. While they are waiting, Rio Kamichika recognizes Anri and asks her if she wanted to hang out with her and her friends for today. Anri declines and watches as Rio and several of her friends head towards a near by cafe. Not long after, Anri gets a message from Aoba stating that Mikado couldn't make it after all and telling her to wait for him.

On top of that, several members of the Awakusu surround her and begin talking to Akane. Anri is cautious but doesn't try anything since Akane actually appeared to know them. Mikado is unable to fully explain but he tells Anri not to trust Aoba. After the arrival to Toramaruthe Awakusu members tell Celty to keep Akane safe while they hold them off.

Celty transforms her motorbike into a chariot and Anri, Akane, and Mikado get on and ride thorough the city. The four of them eventually come to an underground parking lot to regroup. Mikado gets a message from the dollars message board and runs off in a hurry. Celty shows Anri the message about the kidnapping and sees Rio and her friends in the picture.

She rushes after Mikado and finds him about to get beaten to death by several rogue dollars members. Anri easily incapacitates them with Saika and tends to an injured Mikado. Although bruised, Mikado has no broken bones and the duo proceed to Raira which is where the kidnappers said they were going. Vorona follows them discreetly. When they arrive, they see the rogue dollars confronting Chikage and Kyouhei. As Mikado watches, Vorona launches another attack on Anri and throws a flash bang which blinds the two of them.

Although she loses her eyesight, Anri allows Saika to take control and allows it to fight for her while her eyesight recovers.

She tells mikado to run as Vorona leads Anri into the large battle surrounding the Dollars and Toramaru against kidnappers. As they continue to fight, Vorona manages to knock Anri off balance and is about to make the killing blow. Chikage Rokujou blocks both of their attacks, reprimanding them for trying to kill each other. The entire battle is interrupted by the arrival of Shizuo who incapacitates all of the kidnappers.

Anri is reluctant to tell them the full details, but the others understand and accept her for who she is which touches Anri. Anri looks around for Mikado but can't seem to find him anywhere.

She returns home, exhausted, and logs on to the chatroom. She makes a comment on how empty the forum has been recently and logs off, unaware of the change that has occurred in Mikado's heart. Daily Life Arc Anri plays a minor role in this part of the story, only appearing when Seiji asks her about Mika's location and later when she goes to visit her mother's grave she converses with Akabayashi.

Adabashi Arc Edit Anri is worried over the recent change in Mikado's personality as he begins to grow increasingly distant from her. When she confronts him about his recent change, Mikado asks her about Saika upfront which shocks Anri since they promised not to discuss their secrets until Masaomi had returned.

When Anri refuses to give a straight answer, Mikado simply replies that if Anri stayed out of his business, he would stay out of hers. Things are further complicated as Anri begins to notice that it is getting harder and harder for her to keep Saika in check. Anri talks to Celty about her predicament and Anri realizes that Saika only appears to get worse whenever Mikado is around or if she is thinking about him.

Mikado and Anri

Since Anri has only been able to keep Saika under control due to an apparent lack of love, the fact that Saika acts up whenever Mikado is around implies that Anri may be developing feelings for him.

She is attacked by Adabashibut he chases after Yuigadokusonmaro. Anri eventually meets Masaomi who, by this time, has reassembled the yellow scarves. Although Anri is worried, he reassures her and tells her that he'll set Mikado straight. Anri is relieved that Masaomi has returned but is still deeply concerned about Mikado and Saika. Anri doesn't appear until near the very end of the novel where she runs into Erika while out shopping. Erika suggests that Anri take up cosplay however Anri is less than enthusiastic about the idea.

Erika and Anri started to talk about Anri's relationship with Mikado. All the while, Erika and her friends are forcing Anri to try on various outfits, much to her dismay.

Anri then starts to ask a lot of questions about Masaomi's return when Erika brings it up. After hearing that Kyouhei's surgery went well, she leaves the hospital and tries to call Mika but Mika doesn't answer the call. Erika asks Anri to get cat ears at a cosplay shop so that Kyouhei will wake up surrounded by girls wearing cat ears when they visit him. Izaya tells her what he is going to do with Masaomi and Mikado which causes Anri severe emotional stress. Erika angrily defends Anri from Izaya's taunts, saying she will support Anri as a friend.

Later Anri bumps into Haruna who asks her to follow her to a park. Haruna tells that she would if she were younger but would forgive her now and asks to collaborate. Anri rejects her offer. Haruna thanks her for rejecting her because now she has a reason to fight her.

Anri lets Haruna slash her but Kasane stop the event. Kasane then explains that the Saika she owns is only half of the original and that she owns the the other half of Saika. She attempts to buy Saika from Anri, but Anri refuses. After meeting with Haruna and Kasane, she bumps into Saki. Saki asks her about her relationship with Masaomi and she tells her that they are just friends.

Edit She arrives late to Masaomi and Mikado's showdown, with Saki. As Saki hangs back, the three friends reveal their secrets to each other, while laughing and smiling. While it may initially seem like Mikado has split personalities, it is theorized by Aoba and Izaya that the colder version of Mikado is his real personality while his timid side is the fake one.

Background Mikado grew up in the small town of Saitama and led a very uneventful life. Most of Mikado's time was spent online chatting with others and listening to exciting stories from the big city that he would hear from his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida.

At some point during this time, Mikado and a few online friends decided to create a fake online group called the Dollars as an elaborate prank to play on others. They passed out passwords to the site and made all kinds of outrageous claims about the gang's activities. Initially, the joke went as planned and people started joining the group despite it being a little more than a forum.

However, the group continued to grow exponentially, even after they stopped giving the password. Furthermore, many people were using the Dollars as a scapegoat to commit crimes.

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Almost all the founders left the group as they feared it could be traced back to them while Mikado stayed to see what the outcome would be. Mikado initially tried to convince others on the forums to put a stop to the criminal activities but was mocked as a result. However, his ideas resonated with others and soon, many Dollars members were actively correcting the mistakes made by other members and even participated in community service activities.

Because of this, Mikado continued to act as an admin of sorts for the site, occasionally making announcement but rarely giving orders as he believed the Dollars to be a group without restrictions as the original proposal said. At the behest of Masaomi, Mikado eventually decided to move to Ikebukuro and attend Raira Academy as a way to break the monotony of his life in the country. He also wished to see what the Dollars behaved like in the city as most of it's members were in Ikebukuro.

Masaomi briefly introduces Mikado to several of the more interesting locals in Ikebukuro including Kadota's Gang and Simon from Russia Sushi. Mikado is also warned to stay away from Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima. Toward the end of the night, the two of them catch a glimpse of the Black Rider as she rides by.

Mikado watches the Black Rider pass Mikado is a member of a chatroom under the handle "TarouTanaka" and often chats with two other users, "Setton" and "Kanra. Mikado's introduction to his class The next day, Mikado attends Raira Academy and introduces himself in class, briefly meeting Seiji Yagiriwho leaves just as quickly as he arrives.

He soon develops an interest in Anri Sonohara, who he notices is staring at him, and even volunteers to be a class representative alongside her. He attempts to speak with her but Anri remains distant. After school he walks with Masaomi around town, continuing to ask him about various topics around Ikebukuro. Most of his questions seem to focus on the Dollars but before they can continue, they discover Anri being bullied.

As Mikado tries to think of a way to help her, Izaya Orihara suddenly appears and pushes Mikado in between Anri and the bullies. Izaya soon chases the bullies off by crushing one of their phones and properly introduces himself to the three students. Mikado notices that Masaomi is visibly uncomfortable with Izaya around but before he can inquire, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Shizuo Heiwajima.

Mikado running with Anri Shizuo attacks Izaya relentlessly, almost getting Mikado caught in the crossfire if not for the timely intervention of Simon. As the situation gets more chaotic, Mikado suddenly grabs Anri's arm and makes a break for it, leaving Masaomi behind.

Eventually, he lets go of Anri and the two awkwardly part ways. Mikado, Anri, and Masaomi soon start regularly hanging out with each other and attempt to get to know each other better. Anri begins talking about Mika Harima, her friend who went missing just before school started. She also shows him a photo of when they were in middle school.

As the trio parts ways, Mikado hears the black rider and attempts to get another glimpse of it. However, he immediately runs into a girl with a scar around her neck, pleading for help.

As the Black Rider rounds the corner, he realizes she's being chased by it and immediately takes her with him, losing the Black Rider in the subway. Mikado tells the girl to stay in his apartment while he tries to figure out what to do.

Mikado also notes how the scar looks as though someone had sewn the girl's head onto her body somehow. He tells Masaomi about the incident the next day, but Masaomi is more than a little skeptical. Ryo confirms his membership without hesitation and gives a bit of insight into the group as a whole, describing it as a colorless gang. Later in the day, as Mikado and Anri are about to leave, they are stopped by one of Anri's bullies with her boyfriend.

They try to pick a fight with Mikado and Anri but are stopped by the intervention of Izaya and the Black Rider. Mikado senses danger and parts ways with Anri, leading Izaya and the Black Rider towards a more secluded area. Mikado soon confronts them over why they are following him and about the Rider's connection to the girl with the scar. The Black Rider properly introduces herself as Celty Sturluson and, after some light prodding, tells Mikado the truth about her nature as a Dullahan, her search for her missing head, and the possibility that the girl might have it.

Mikado agrees to let Celty meet the girl but goes inside first to explain the situation so she doesn't panic. Mikado quickly notices the empty apartment and realizes the girl has left. As this fact dawns on him he gets pinned down by several thugs from Yagiri Pharmaceuticals who interrogate him about the girl's location. The thugs are soon chased out by Celty and Izaya who proceed to help Mikado recover from the attack.

As Izaya explains who the thugs were employed to, Mikado's demeanor changes as he realizes that Yagiri Pharmaceuticals has been behind the recent kidnappings as well as the disappearance of Mika Harima. He also realizes that, based on the thugs reaction to Celty, that they may have something to do with Celty's missing head and that it was most likely sewn to Mika's body.

Mikado reveals his status as the Dollars founder to Izaya and Celty and asks them for his help. He learns from the Dollars message board that Kyouhei has found the girl with the scar and is taking care of her. Mikado has Kyouhei meet with Celty while he deals with Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. He sends a message directly to Namie Yagiri, asking to meet her in person. At the same time, he sends out a notice for the first Dollars meeting to be held in the exact same location.

Mikado confronts Namie about her actions up to this point and demands that she turn herself in. When Namie refuses to listen to reason and is about to summon her goons, Mikado suddenly sends out an alert to all Dollars members in the vicinity. As the cell phones around the city ring in unison, Mikado uses the confusion to slip into the crowd and escape.

As Mikado leaves, Celty suddenly rides down from the roof of a nearby building in a fit of rage. As she takes out Namie's thugs, Seiji also appears in the confusion, demanding that Mikado reveal the location of the girl with the scar. As Seiji prepares to attack Mikado, Celty moves to protect him. Before another fight erupts, the girl with the scar suddenly runs out to protect Seiji.

She reveals that she was Mika Hariima all along and that she only had plastic surgery to look like Celty's head. As the situation calms down and the crowd disperses, Mikado notes how he had been mistaken about Mika being dead and remarks that she and Seiji might be meant for each other.

The arc closes on Mikado going to have lunch with Anri and Masaomi. Saika Arc Mikado plays a minor role during this arc, expressing concerns over the recent slasher attacks as well as confusion regarding a mysterious user named "Saika" who keeps trolling the chat room.

After Anri puts a stop to the slasher attacks and ends up in the hospital, Mikado and Masaomi quickly go to visit her and are relieved at finding her safe. As Mikado makes another attempt at flirting, he is caught off guard when Anri expresses a slight attraction towards Celty, but refrains from mentioning it for fear of drawing Anri into more danger.

Yellow Scarves Arc After Anri is released from the hospital, Mikado begins to notice that Masaomi has been acting strangely since the Saika incident, as though he was preoccupied with something. Additionally, Mikado also starts seeing more people wearing yellow around the city. He eventually learns that these people are most likely members of the Yellow Scarvesan old color gang that went into hiding a few months before the Dollars gained prominence.

The Yellow Scarves begin attacking Dollars members in an attempt to reestablish dominance in Ikebukuro, causing many to fear for their safety. Because of this, Mikado and Masaomi warn Ryo Takiguchi to lay low regarding his status as a Dollars member. Unfortunately, their warning comes too late, as Mikado soon finds out that Ryo was attacked a few days later and goes to visit him in the hospital. Feeling somewhat responsible, Mikado apologizes to Ryo who questions why he feels the need to do so.

Ryo eventually asks if Mikado was in the Dollars which Mikado frantically denies. After leaving the hospital, Mikado runs into Kyouhei and talks about recent events. Kyouhei mentions how frustrated some of the Dollars members are at the leader's absence during this incident which adds further fuel to Mikado's stress regarding the issue. Mikado in bed in a depressed state The next day he runs into Seiji and Mika.

Mika asks him about how's Anri was doing, saying she seemed distressed about something. Mikado states that he never noticed anything strange which seems to satisfy Mika's curiosity. As they are leaving, Seiji turns to Mikado and gives him some advice regarding Anri.

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He states that, if he truly loved Anri, then he should accept her for all that she was, regardless of her past. When he goes home, he reads the Dollars log and finds out that Anri is being chased by the Yellow Scarves. Mikado asks everyone to help her through the message board which prompts many Dollars members to collaborate to help Anri escape. While the rescue was successful, Mikado decides that in order to end the Yellow Scarves attacks, he must take the Dollars out of the equation completely and disbands the Dollars, shutting down BBS.

As Mikado ponders his decision, Celty suddenly pays him a visit. At first Mikado believes it's about his decision to disband the Dollars but Celty tells him she's there to tell the truth about his friends. She tells him about Anri being the wielder of Saika, and that Masaomi is the leader of the Yellow Scarves. Mikado, in shock, asks Celty to take him to see his friends. Celty agrees to take him to see Anri first since she was staying at her house for the night, but learned that she had run away after learning that Masaomi had apparently ordered Shizuo to be shot.

Mikado holding an injured Masaomi Celty and Mikado head to the Yellow Scarve's hideout but are stopped briefly by Simon who urges Celty to save Masaomi. Celty asks Mikado if he was truly ready to face the truth and Mikado accepts. Mikado and Anri rush to Masaomi's side and the three start to reconcile. When Horada orders his men to finish off Mikado and the others, surprisingly, the Yellow Scarves battle each other.

Kyouhei reveals that he got a bunch of Dollars members together to put an end to Horada's schemes and infiltrated the meeting. As the battle rages around them, Masaomi punches Horada one last time before falling unconscious. Kyouhei assists Mikado and Anri with taking Masaomi to the hospital.

Mikado meets with Anri the next day and finds out that Masaomi had left Ikebukuro after the Yellow Scarves incident. While Mikado is sad that he left, he and Anri resolve to give Masaomi a proper welcome when he decides to come home. As things quiet down, a new user, Bacura, joins the chatroom, with Mikado quickly realizing he is Masaomi.

As the arc closes, Mikado decides to restore the Dollars and reopens the website. Hollywood Arc Mikado is watching the news just in time to see Celty being chased by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara on screen. He is slightly worried but knows that Celty should be able to handle it. He logs on to the chatroom and Kanra posts a link to a website. When Mikado clicks on it, he sees a wanted poster for Celty with a 10 million yen reward for her capture, the ones who put up the reward being Yodogiri Shining Corporation, a talent agency.

Mikado briefly wonders if he should mobilize the Dollars to help, but decides that they probably wouldn't be able to do much in this situation and may actually even draw more attention to Celty than the wanted poster already has. The next day, after the opening ceremony for the new year, Mikado and Anri are approached by a first year student named Aoba Kuronuma.

The two of them are quickly overwhelmed by Aoba's hyperactive personality and they are persuaded pressured into giving Aoba a tour of Ikebukuro since he is new to the area. Mikado and Anri meet up with Erika Karisawa and Walker Yumasaki later that day for advice on showing someone around, since neither Mikado or Anri are very talkative and want to know the best places to show Aoba. Erika and Walker agree and even offer to accompany them while they show Aoba around. The next day, shortly after Mikado meets with Anri and Aoba, Mikado is suddenly threatened by a small group of former Yellow Scarves members out for revenge.

Before things get too serious, however, Kyouhei and the gang rides in and pulls Mikado, Anri, and Aoba into the van. Mikado notices Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara also in the van but does not have time to question it as Saburo Togusa begins speeding away on the road.

Mikado looks out the window and sees several members of a biker gang called Toramaru riding after them.

Mikado Ryuugamine

Kyouhei apologizes for dragging them into the chaotic situation. Several hours into the chase, Celty pulls along side the van along with even more Toramaru members chasing her, explaining that they are after the 10 million yen reward.

After receiving some unexpected assistance from Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, the group continue to get chased by Toramaru until they come to an overpass. Celty tells the others to run away while she holds the gang at bay.

Kyouhei's gang drops the high schoolers off several blocks away before the four drive back to help Celty. Mikado and the others run back despite being told to go to the police, as Mikado feels it is his duty to stay with members of the Dollars when they are in trouble, but under the overpass they find Egor and Ruri Hijiribe beating up the Toramaru members while Celty and Kyouhei's gang watch in awe.