Mirjana and denzel dating

Mirjana and denzel dating

mirjana and denzel dating

we see that Mirjana and Denzel cannot keep their hands off each other. I thought this was a modeling competition, not a dating show. (Left to right) Mirjana Puhar, Lisa D'Amato, and Renee Alway Getty Images Teenager Mirjana Puhar took part in Cycle 21 of “ANTM,” back in. We were saddened today (February 25) to learn that America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 contestant Mirjana Puhar was a victim of a triple.

Lenox was mad with Denjana for not taking the challenge seriously. At night, Denzel talked to everyone about Mirjana. She threw the chair, and they fought. And they broke up. The next day, Mirjana called her boyfriend back at home. She told him about Denzel and she felt really bad. They spitted in a cup before the makeover, and the results are here. Lenox, Mirjana and Raelia are Asian!!

ANTM’s Mirjana Puhar Murdered: Tyra Banks, Miss J, and More Stars React

Adam and Shei is Irish. Keith and Matthew is Spanish. And shockingly Will and Denzel had 3 things in common.

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Finnish, Scandanavian, and European Jewish. Yu Tsai will take their DNA results and mash it all together. The photographer is Erik Asla. Mirjana was good since she broke up with Denzel. Shei actually did very well. Lenox slayed the photoshoot again!! Panel, first is Mirjana Tyra: Your face is super beautiful, but your body still looks small. You looked so stiff. I love the face, but i do agree with Kelly, her body does look really small.

Next is Raelia Tyra: Last week was a hot mess. I love the booch of the knee and the tooch of the booty. This shot is stunning! I love the face, H2Tness. I even love the reflection. I was dissapointed with your performance, but this is the best. This shot is super stiff. I actually really like your shot. The face is nice, but her body looks so stiff. You neef to pay attention to everysingle part of your body.

Your face is nice, but you looked a bit too short. Next is Matthew Tyra: You have a beautiful face, but the positioning of your body is very dorky to me. I actually love this photo.

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Shei walks by Kelly, who tells her she is wearing her shoes. Shei says she loves them and then goes to find her team. Outside, Shei finds her team. Kelly tells them that fashion sells shirt and pants. Matthew tells Raelia to think tigress.

Truer words have never be spoken, Denzel. There is a shot they love. Raelia looks young and fresh, she says. Kelly tells them not to degrade men for women empowerment. But they love the shot where Shei is in the foreground and the boys are just standing there. Kelly loves it and is impressed by Shei. They do a dance of joy. Going back home, everyone goes to see their scores. Lenox gets a six with her team. She realizes she needs to focus on the competition.

She has a heart-to-heart with Mirjana. Mirjana thanks her and goes down to talk to Denzel about their relationship. She asks if he has said something that she should know. Denzel says he does like it and Mirjana ends the relationship.

Denzel climbs into bed, says good night to Mirjana and tells her to go to hell. Mirjana decides to call her boyfriend, Tevan.

She confesses to her relationship with Denzel. He tells her he loves her too. In the model mobile, everyone is happy they are over. And then Tyra meets them on set and Shei says this is exciting.

He has their results. Tyra talks about their unique look but that they have strong common bonds. Lenox, Mirjana and Raelia share a common bond which is Asian.

Adam and Shei are also Irish.

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Keith and Matthew are Spanish. Yu Tsai and Cory come out to talk about their photoshoot. They will take their DNA results and use them for a futuristic theme where they will fall in love with a robot named Cory.

Yu Tsai says they will be dressed according to their heritages.

mirjana and denzel dating

Mirjana is first to be shot by Erik Asla. Yu Tsai and Tyra direct the shoot. Mirjana thinks she was off because of Denzel. She seems to be rocking the shoot.

mirjana and denzel dating

Adam is told to interact with Cory. Yu Tsai just punches Adam instead. Tyra talks about showing off the emotions to the camera. He then goes to act in love with Cory. And Denzel now likes her more. And they are right. But he still needs to focus on his face.

He thinks the more he listens to Yu Tsai, the worse he gets. Keith is next, arguing with Cory. Tyra shows him how to control his face. Lenox gets to lounge in a bath tub. Tyra loves his work. Denzel flirts with Mirjana via their Line app. She tells Denzel about her conversation with Tevan. And she reveals they were intimate. Mirjana says the only thing she did wrong was have a boyfriend. Denzel asks about if he needs affection. She says she has a pillow. And they are back together as they take a nap.

I want a Will reaction shot. Oh, there it is. He thought she finally got and was going to change. Lenox, Raelia and Shei agree. Or someone to walk a plank. Matthew worries about being middle of the pack.