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philippa northeast and jackson gallagher dating service

Evelyn "Evie" MacGuire is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Philippa Northeast. . To get back at Evie, who began dating Josh, Maddy had a one-night stand with Oscar. .. "'I request extra kissing scenes': Home And Away's Jackson Gallagher and Philippa Northeast reveal how. With Georgie Parker, Jackson Gallagher, Philippa Northeast, Jake Speer. Oscar tries subtly, as Evie begged, to offer Skye an alternative for dating Tank, but is. Josh Barrett is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Jackson Gallagher. . When Evelyn MacGuire (Phillipa Northeast) revealed that she had a crush on Josh, Maddy As Josh and Evie started openly dating, Maddy used Evie's brother Oscar (Jake Speer) to get back at them.

Josh later surprised Evie with a romantic gesture and they finally consummated their relationship. She continued to resist his attempts to get her to change her mind and made it clear that she only wanted to be friends with him.

The actress wanted the characters to get back together, as she enjoyed working with Gallagher. Northeast told an Inside Soap columnist that neither Josh or Evie see it coming, but Josh did not want to waste another minute and he used a champagne wire as a ring. She really wanted them to see the good side in him, the side that Evie sees. Milne commented that "Evie quite likes how mysterious he is". When he took her to Jump Rock, he convinced her to leap off the cliff into the water below.

As everyone was waiting outside, Evie received a text from Tank asking her to meet him or he would detonate the bomb. She now knows just how unpredictable and dangerous Tank really is.

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Tank then revealed that the bomb threat was a hoax. Northeast noted that Tank seemed unaware of the damage he had caused, particularly to Josh who was lying in a coma. She also learned Zac was helping Tank to get parole and saw it as a betrayal.

He caused so much tragedy for her and her loves ones, and it's still fresh in her mind. Northeast commented, "she immediately jumps to the conclusion it must be cancer.

The situation brought back "traumatic memories" for her. Evie was "overwhelmed with relief", but she later broke down as she was further reminded of her mother's death. However, Oscar initially refused to take the test, as he did not want to know his fate. Josh and Hannah eventually turned up at the house alive, but Josh was forced to tell Evie that Oscar had been killed. There, she collapsed and the doctors were unable to revive her. She's so angry — it seems like a cruel joke that another family member could die in such a short period of time.

Evie is a lost girl, clinging to anything that might bring Oscar back. In an interview with Kerry Harvey of Stuff. She also admitted that she cried when Speer told her that he was leaving the cast. He kept the truth from her while she was grieving. The actress added that Evie would go on "a massive journey" over the following months.

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She was also involved in a plane crash, where she became convinced that she survived because Oscar was protecting her. She was convinced that she would not crash, but Mason was shaken up by the stunt and "lets rip at her". She then decided to wade out into the sea, and Northeast commented "She has the idea that if she gets into the water, he'll come to her again. She's really hoping for the impossible.

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The characters had a ceremonial wedding before leaving the Bay for Vietnam. When Casey noticed Josh and Maddy together, he intervened as he was suspicious of Josh and dragged Maddy away. Casey and Maddy's car crashed, but Casey managed to get her out before it exploded. He then passed out due to his serious injuries.

When his older brother, Brax, learnt from Maddy that Josh and Andy were responsible, he attacked Josh. Gallagher said Josh did not trust Brax, but the offer was tempting as he did not want to stay on the beach anymore.

philippa northeast and jackson gallagher dating service

He added, "deep down, he doesn't hold the anger and resentment Andy does. His attitude towards them isn't necessarily changing, but he is seeing another side to them.

He told Josh that he had bought a gun, as he believed prison was too good for Brax. Josh had just found out his father was dead, he did not want to lose his brother too.

philippa northeast and jackson gallagher dating service

But when Andy went to get the gun from his car, he discovered it was missing. Josh went into a panic and Gallagher explained, "in an effort to stop his mum, he puts himself in the firing line.

So the bullet meant for Brax hits him in the chest. Ricky stayed by Josh's side, after telling him that Brax wanted her to watch over him. While they were going through Johnny's wallet they found a photo of a baby that neither of them recognised. After speaking to his mother, he learnt that Johnny was Casey's biological father, making him and Josh half-brothers.

When Evelyn MacGuire Phillipa Northeast revealed that she had a crush on Josh, Maddy exposed it to all their friends, leading to a confrontation between him and Evie.

His relationship with Maddy began to suffer when she pushed him away and turned to Spencer for support, as their foster mother was ill.

Josh confessed to Maddy that he had kissed Evie, leaving her heartbroken and humiliated. In the wake of Casey's death, Josh turned to Maddy for comfort and they had a one-night stand. She felt that Josh had sought Maddy out, as she had told him she was not ready to have sex yet. She met with Josh to tell him that she wanted to get back together and he agreed. Evie felt rejected, but Josh then surprised her with a romantic gesture and they had sex.

Josh asked Evie to have a coffee with him and look at some HSC brochures he had received.

Evelyn MacGuire - Wikipedia

Josh asked her out to dinner, but Evie told him she only came over as a friend. She wanted them to get back together, as she enjoyed working with Gallagher. Josh was set upon and physically assaulted by the drug dealers Andy was working for, after they mistook him for his brother. Andy insisted that he was trying to support Josh, but she threw him out.

Even after she found out he was attacked, she felt he should have turned to her. Gallagher told an Inside Soap reporter, "Josh is aware that these guys are serious. They've already bashed up him and Andy pretty bad, and Josh really doesn't want Evie to get hurt.

Andy gave Cody the money to pay off his debt, but when Cody tried to extort more money, Brax intimidated him and the other men into leaving. The actor also said Josh was furious with his brother for putting Evie in danger. When Brax invited Andy over to his house to help Josh get ready for his formal, Andy was surprised by the warm, family atmosphere and realised that they did not deserve what Jake was planning.

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When Brax arrived, Jake fired a gun through the window and the bullet hit Casey, killing him. Gallagher said that Josh was worried, as he knew what type of guy Tank was, as he had grown up with people just like him.