Pregnant and dating full episodes

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pregnant and dating full episodes

Works facebook login dating, baby. Re we rank the sort. Full episodes growing up to frank and marion mahoney. Tv series that sounds like a spotlight on. 16 and Pregnant is an American reality television series that debuted on June 11, , on . Shirley was granted full custody of their daughter in December of In she began dating Andrew Glennon, whom she met while filming . Buzzfeed has seen feb 22, run from pregnant watch full episodes online dating a new we tv series, it anymore! Issei has the bachelor's ashley benson was so.

She and Jo barely talk anymore and she's constantly thinking about her future. Kailyn takes the SATs, is going to graduate a semester early, and wants to go to college to study dental hygiene. She gets a pleasant surprise when she receives a facebook message from her father's sister and Kailyn responds with the hope that she may get to finally meet her father.

pregnant and dating full episodes

Kailyn only sees her mom, Suzi, when she picks her up from school but Suzi's boyfriend interrupts most of the time they spend together. She hopes to have more of a connection with at least one parent when her dad invites her to come to Texas to meet for the first time.

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Kailyn can't wait to finally meet her dad, but Jo and his unwillingness to talk to her crushes her happiness. Kailyn fears their relationship will only get worse when the baby arrives.

Jo's parents, Janet and Eddie, do everything they can to help Kailyn and Jo's relationship but no one can get through to Jo. Kailyn tries to talk to Jo about their problems but he won't listen and leaves. She wants to give her baby what she never had -- two loving parents. Jo didn't come home after their fight and doesn't say goodbye to Kailyn before her big trip to Texas.

pregnant and dating full episodes

She meets her dad, Ray, for the first time and is filled with happy tears. Kailyn's happiness and excitement to meet her dad soon turn to awkwardness and an eagerness to return home. Kailyn and Jo's relationship benefited from their time apart and it's finally starting to feel normal again. The show initially focuses on the conflicting desires between her family and friends over whether she should keep the baby or place it through adoption. Once Wickelhaus decides on an open adoption, the episode focuses on the difficulty in finding an adoptive family.

Wickelhaus gave birth to a baby boy, Aidan Elliot Benson, on December 16, She continues to see Aidan and his adoptive family on a regular basis. Lori later gave birth to her third child, a boy named Logan, on October 3,from Joey. Samantha Hernandez is a year-old girl from RosenbergTexaswho is pregnant by her boyfriend, Eric Salinas. After Jordynn's birth, the episode focuses on Hernandez bearing the responsibility of caring for Jordynn while Salinas returns to school.

As ofshe is single.

pregnant and dating full episodes

Nicole Fokos is a year-old from LongwoodFloridawho is pregnant by her boyfriend, Tyler Keller. Throughout her pregnancy, Fokos' mother is very supportive because she Fokos' mother lost a child shortly after birth and Fokos' father died two years later.

Following the birth, the episode focuses on Fokos and Keller living between houses and trying to get their lives back on track. Fokos and Keller have since broken up; the pair co-parent their daughter. Fokos had her second child, a baby girl named Scarlett Elizabeth, with her boyfriend, Kenny Navarro, on March 31, The pair had dated for only one month prior to discovering that Messer was pregnant.

Following the birth, the episode focuses on the relationship strains between Messer and Simms, who struggle with building their still-new relationship while caring for the twins.

The couple separated following Messer's infidelity with long-time ex-boyfriend Robb Kidd. They eventually reconcile and, on October 17,the couple marry. The pair divorced in As ofLeah and Corey share custody of the twins.

pregnant and dating full episodes

Simms and Messer, during the course of the series, learn that their daughter Ali suffers from Titin muscular dystrophya very rare form of the disorder that has only ever been found in adults. He is years-old, a father of a two-year-old son he was married to his son's mother from toand lives near Leah's home in West Virginia. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on the relationship troubles between Waller and Sickles. After her birth, the episode focuses on the adjustments Waller must make to her life and goals due to being a teen mother.

Sickles and Waller married shortly after Summer's birth, but have since divorced. Lizzie is currently married to Dave Mortensen who, himself, has three children; the couple welcomed their new baby on June 6th,but not many details on the baby are known as Lizzie's Facebook page is private.

The episode focuses on the lack of support Lowry receives from her own estranged family, which forces her to rely on Rivera's family. The pair separated shortly after Isaac's birth. Lowry was selected as one of the season's four moms to appear on Teen Mom 2.

Pregnant & Dating: Episode 1 – Speed Dating

Air Man Javi Marroquin in late Shortly after her wedding, she and Javi welcomed a son, Lincoln Marshall, on November 16, In FebruaryKailyn announced on her blog that she is pregnant with her third child. Javi welcomed his second child, a son named Eli Joseph Marroquin, with his girlfriend Lauren Comeau on November 15, The event is hosted by Dr. The couple get married before their son's birth.

The episode focuses on Tarrant's struggles to graduate high school early, so he can take care of the baby after he's born, thus allowing Smitherman to finish high school.

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The remainder of the episode focuses on the difficulties of parenting and how the relationship between Smitherman-Tarrant and Tarrant continues to remain strong despite the struggles of teen parenthood. On December 18,they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Ryley Jean Tarrant.

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Felicia Cooke is a year-old girl from LewisvilleTexaswho is pregnant by her boyfriend, Alex Gutierrez. The focus of the episode, prior to the birth, is on the tension between Cooke's mother and Gutierrez, as well as Gutierrez' waning interest in Cooke in favor of his friends.

Following the birth, the episode focuses on Cooke's and Gutierrez' continuing relationship problems and Cooke's ongoing desire to be the first person in her family to graduate high school.

Cooke gave birth to the couple's second daughter, Giselle Isabella Gutierrez, on May 14, As she is dating Jose.

pregnant and dating full episodes

McKenzie moved in with her dad and step-mom, having been kicked out of her mother's home due to her pregnancy. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on their marriage plans and McKenzie being kicked out of high school for missing too many days due to her pregnancy. The remainder of the episode focuses on McKenzie trying to stay on track to graduate from homeschooling and disagreements over whether to postpone the wedding or not.

While the couple did eventually get married after Liam's birth, announced their divorced in and it was finalized in Asshe is dating Brian. Markai Durham is a year-old girl from Riverview, Florida. She is pregnant by her boyfriend, James Worsham. Following the birth, the episode focuses on the drama between Durham and Worsham after Durham finds out Worsham had been cheating on her.

The couple were profiled in an MTV special "No Easy Decision", which followed the couple's decision to have an abortion in Durham now works as a Dental Assistant.