Rucha hasabnis and vishal singh dating

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rucha hasabnis and vishal singh dating

Vishal Singh, aka Jigar from Saathiya, tells us why he misses former co-star Rucha Hasabnis and more. Rucha Hasabnis & Vishal Singh. K likes. This is the most updated page with latest Pics,Videos,News of Rucha-Vishal(Rashi-Jigar). Mohammad Nazim, Vishal Singh and Rucha Hasabnis | Saath and vishal singh dating, rucha hasabnis and vishal singh engaged.

Meanwhile Umang, Kinjal's ex and Tripti, the former's wife disguised as Umang's sister in law try to steal the Modi property. Radha falls in love with Umang and they eventually marry. However Tripti, Radha's new role model fortuitously kills Umang and is jailed. She succeeds in provoking Radha against Gopi.

rucha hasabnis and vishal singh dating

The season ends with Radha Bhavini Purohitkilling Meera, while Gopi gets the blame, and is thrown out of Modi mansion. Eventually, Gopi reunites with her family, and the family finds out Meera never died, but grew up as an orphan. Kokila overhears Radha and Tripti's ill motive who is now rehabilitated from jail and the duo now plan to kill Kokila as Radha's true colors are revealed to her.

Kokila loses her memory in the process, recovers shortly and discloses Radha's true intentions to her family. Consequently, Radha and Tripti are jailed. Then, Rashi sacrifies her life to save Gopi from an obsessed man, Anurag who was in love with the latter.

Radha returns, tricks Jigar into sleeping with her and gets pregnant. She gives birth to a girl, who is also named Rashi. Radha threatens to kill baby Rashi and tries to destroy the Modi Family, leaving Gopi no other option but to kill her own sister.

Gopi is sentenced to 14 years in jail. Gopi comes back to find that Ahem has disowned his family and has moved to Mumbai with their two daughters, and is in a live-in relationship with another woman, Mansi. Meera Tanya Sharma has grown up to be independent, cunning and short-tempered, while Vidya Sonam Lamba is totally Gopi's replica.

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Ahem and the daughters both blame Gopi of prioritizing others before family. Kokila is living separately, looking after Urmila who is now mentally disabledand Junior Rashi whom Paridhi refuses to accept. Kinjal, Kokila's daughter, has left her husband and son, and is living in her parental home.

Eventually, after a lot of twists and turns, Ahem returns home with Meera and Vidya, and the whole family gets reunited. However, Meera refuses to accept Gopi, and blames the Modi Family of always creating problems for her.

Kokila's childhood friend Gaura Suryavanshi Vandana Pathak enters the show, to avenge the death of her brother who had died due to Kokila's mistake. The Modi Family — unaware of Gaura's true intentions, get Vidya married to her grandson, Shravan Kunal Singh ; while Gaura manipulates Meera and gets her married — without anyone's knowledge — to Dharam Amar Upadhyayher son; therefore, Meera becomes Vidya's mother-in-law.

No one can take Rucha’s place in my life: Vishal Singh

Gaura tries to use Meera against her own family to ruin it, and in some occasions tries to kill Kokila and Ahem — but is unsuccessful, and after a lot of twists and turns one of which leads to the death of Dharam's first wife, Durgais arrested and disowned by her own family. Both Meera and Vidya fall in love with their respective spouses and decide to settle down.

  • Rucha Hasabnis aka Rashi is engaged

Gopi's mother also comes back to take revenge on Kokila for the death of Radha, but is killed in the process. The season ends with Ahem passing away in a car accident. Kokila decides to accept Dr. Rucha Hasabnis Debut Serial: The 25 year old girl stepped into the television industry with the Marathi daily soap Chaar Chaughi, aired on the channel Star Pravah.

Here, she played the role of Devika. Rucha Hasabnis Current Show: Rucha portrays the role of Rashi Jigar Modi and her character in the daily soap is negative. Rashi is a very self centered girl and she believes in living life king size.

rucha hasabnis and vishal singh dating

She wants to enjoy all the luxuries of life without harming anybody. The story revolves around two cousins Gopi and Rashi who are completely opposite to each other.

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Rashi is jealous of Gopi since she proves to be the perfect bride for Ahem who belongs to Modi Parivaar, one of the most well renowned and rich family in the city. Therefore, Rashi along with her mother plans to pretend of having an affair with Jigar so that she can marry him.

Ultimately, she succeeds and gets married to Jigar. Rashi envies Gopi and thereby tries to create misunderstandings between Gopi and Ahem.

rucha hasabnis and vishal singh dating