Sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

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sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

Gabriel Macht, who plays Mike's mentor and Rachel's colleague Harvey Sarah Rafferty, who plays Rachel's close friend and colleague. We spoke with Sarah Rafferty, who plays former secretary and now COO of the firm on the show, to find out as she makes her way to Dubai for. Suits Season 8: Harvey and Donna are in love and secretly dating? Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht).

Adams was cast because of his eyes. Suits creator Aaron Korsh says he cast Adams as Mike because of his intelligent eyes. My career took a degree turn.

Now people recognize me more as Mike Ross than Patrick. Louis Litt may be a big fan of cats, but actor Rick Hoffman is actually allergic to them. I am deathly allergic. I am not a cat lover.

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You need proof of that? Well here it is. He visits her on the set of Pretty Little Liars, she makes him breakfast. And they write cheesy captions about their love on instagram. The two have gotten engaged in februari Gabriel Macht comes from a family full of lawyers, but his dad and his wife also appeared on Suits! He was never tempted to go into law himself though. Suits was first named A Legal Mind. Good thing they changed the title.

10 fun facts about Suits

Far less catchy, no? Sarah used to avoid wearing certain colors, such as pink, because she believed that they clashed with her bright locks.

sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

However, the woman who picks out her clothes for Suits loves putting "Donna" in pink and in other colors that are a little bit unconventional for redheads. Sarah has learned to wear more colors and now has lots of pink pieces in her wardrobe. This chemistry is one of many reasons why the show rocks. The truth is that Sarah was no stranger to Gabriel when they were both cast in key roles on Suits.

They'd actually known each other for twenty years before they started working on the show together. So, they have a long history and this is great.

Suits ... and their real life partners

It means that their important friendship on Suits feels completely real and believable. Sarah knew Gabriel well because they attended drama school together. Gabriel was the one who gave Sarah the script for Suits so she could audition. Today, they are close and their families are close. This is a friendship that will last forever. She loves to travel and she's very fond of outdoor adventures.

She loves to explore up in the mountains. She says that her mountain adventures put her in her "happy place". Sag ladies are almost always into seeing the world and they love outdoor exercise, too.

Sarah also fits the Sag profile thanks to her outgoing nature. She is very social and she's involved in groups and causes which allow her to get together with others and make a difference. Also, Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that is linked to higher education. If you keep reading this list, you'll soon find out that Sarah is quite an educated woman.

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A lot of actresses don't have her academic credentials. Her first child, Oona Gray, was born in October of Her second daughter is named Iris Friday and she was born in January of One of these girls is a redhead, just like her gorgeous mom.

The names that Sarah chose for her girls with her husband's help, of course are pretty, yet unusual enough to be interesting. The name, Oona, is a version of the Irish name, Una. Oona comes from a Gaelic word which means, "lamb". Iris isn't quite as rare of a name, but the addition of Friday as a middle name makes it a lot more creative. The name, Iris, means "rainbow" in Greek. So, a lamb and a rainbow. Sweet and happy imagery for Sarah Rafferty's beautiful baby girls. Online Sarah really knows how to work it as Donna Paulsen.

Of course, she gets tons of help from the costume department and from hair and makeup. She's said that it takes hours to get the Donna look. It is a process which includes a lot of hair styling, makeup, manicures and squeezing into designer dresses and separates. It probably takes more time for Sarah Rafferty to become Donna than it does for most women to get ready for their wedding days.

However, Sarah Rafferty doesn't really need all of these blowouts, lip gloss reapplications and designer clothes in order to look good. She has a more natural look when she's off-camera, running errands or parenting, and her stripped-down, off-camera look is actually very appealing.

It's slightly sporty, but also a little bit bohemian. Sarah Rafferty doesn't need a lot of adornment but definitely goes all out with fashion and styling at special events. TV is about fantasy and the cast of Suits, including Sarah, know how to take us out of real life, just by looking so fabulous.

She's also into charitable causes and the cause that is currently closest to her heart is The Brain Project. This project raises money for brain health and aging research. The project sells interesting artworks in order to fund work which may lead to a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. If you know someone who's afflicted with this devastating degenerative brain disease, you will understand how important The Brain Project is.

This disease may strike any of us when we're older. It wipes away memory and comprehension and it's just very sad. Sarah Rafferty is trying to make sure that no one has to live with this disease. Meghan Markle is also into causes.

sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

The ladies of Suits are definitely thinking about much more than their acting careers. For example, she's gushed about how amazing and pretty! Adams is and most people know that she's been close with Gabriel Macht for decades. Sarah seems to love Meghan Markle. I wonder if they'll be able to maintain their friendship now that Meghan is marrying into the royal family? That's a very big change for Meghan.

Markle will become a duchess and she'll be in England a lot in the future.

Suits Season 8: Harvey and Donna are in love and secretly dating?

She'll probably make it to the USA once in a while, though, because both of her parents live there. When she does visit America, she may make a beeline for her former castmates, who were such a big part of her life for so many years. However, most actresses still feel an enormous amount of pressure to stay thin. The old adage that the camera adds ten pounds is part of what drives actresses to watch their weight.

The other is the commentary that they receive when they gain a few pounds. It can be brutal. Also, there are contracts that stipulate that actresses need to keep their appearances the same as when they were hired. Ninety-nine percent of actresses put a high priority on exercise and diet.

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She's a bit of a health nut, although she indulges in sweets sometimes. Most of the food that Sarah Rafferty eats is very healthy and she relies on almonds in order to help her stay slim and camera-ready. Almonds are satisfying and they are loaded with nutrients. Sarah prefers organic food and she also takes a ton of supplements. She's definitely the type of person who would shop at Whole Foods, which is nicknamed, "Whole Paycheck".

Sarah wouldn't need to burn through her whole paycheck to shop there, so she's lucky. I'd rather have sushi, cocktails, salty chips, etc. Sarah is a sweet tooth person and she's posted shots of amazing cupcakes that she's made for her little girl's birthdays. Hopefully, she ate some in addition to baking them. Meghan Markle loves to bake, so Meghan and Sarah have this in common.

Both ladies work out enough to burn off the calories from occasional treats.