So ji sub and han min dating

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so ji sub and han min dating

Representatives for actor So Ji-sub and actress Han Ji-min over the weekend Reports in August said So and Han were dating but both sides have also denied . Korean actor So Ji-sub has said that he "felt bad" for actress Han Last August, reports said the two stars were dating, but So and Han had. So Ji-sub (born November 4, ) is a South Korean actor. After making his entertainment . fans titled SONICe; inside were So's suggested dating ideas and locations, favorite food with songwriter Kim Kun-woo, vocal trainer Mellow, soprano Han Kyung-mi, and "Have You Ever Said 'I Love You'?", Kyung-min, MBC.

So I learned to drink during my senior year in High School. I really drank a lot back then. I think I drank almost every day. On my worst days, I drank more than 5 bottles of soju.

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Even when I drank, my facial color would not change, and since I always paid attention while drinking, I could remember everything. Besides, I grew a rare habit: However, there was one time I got into a big mess. As expected, during my Senior year in High School. Before then, I could never make friends outside my swimming circle. But somehow, we started arguing with another gang, comprised of around 30 members. Suddenly, we all started fighting. Since we were so disadvantaged in number, we were losing at first.

Around onlookers surrounded us. One or two of the other team ran away. Really, those were blooded rebel days!

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He said he really like her a lot. But at another article Jisub nim only mention KHY as his friend. They acted together at Glass Slipper. There are also articles mention that SJS brokeup with his girlfriend right after he joined the military duty.

Of course it's just based on what I've read. Should not be taken as truth. They can't do wrong.

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Maybe it is the culture there but sometimes I think it makes an intovert actor like Jisub nim more difficult to find the girl. My country may be more free. But it's okay, it's not too late to know him now. He's in mid 30s what!? Who is So Ji Sub? Most people may know him as an actor, but wait, he's also a rapper, photographer, cafe owner I'll talk about Actor So Ji Sub first.

So Ji-sub says felt bad for Han Ji-min over marriage rumor

Before becoming Joo-goon, So Ji Sub has acted in many dramas and films. In this post, I will only talk about the ones I've seen.

so ji sub and han min dating

I first saw him in Glass Slippers I did't actually watch the drama, I just sometimes took a glance while my parents were watching it every night in the living room. I was 14 and dolls seemed more interesting than hot ahjussis, but I somehow remember him and instantly recognized him when I saw I'm Sorry I Love You later.

That's all I can remember. Maybe I should find the drama and watch it later.

so ji sub and han min dating

And then the woman killed herself. I can hardly remember any happy scenes from the drama, I was crying inside all the time. Even the rare happy scenes made me cry too. The only happy thing is you can see a lot of half naked So Ji Sub here. Yes, it's definitely something to be happy about. I'm watching the drama again because it's been 9 years So Ji Sub, as a doctor.

I'll hang out at the hospital every day.