Son ye jin and lee min ho dating ku

Son Ye Jin Talks About Marriage And Her Ideal Man : KMovie : KDramaStars

son ye jin and lee min ho dating ku

Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin – Personal Taste Interview I perceived Gae-in as someone who is a complete fool when it comes to dating, is very dirty . Lee:I had been worried because the image of my character Gu Joon-pyo. Lee Min Ho Brings Personal Taste Feels Sending Coffee Truck to Son Ye Jin for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. Posted on May 4, by ockoala. The Legend of the Blue Sea,” starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, is possibly one of the most anticipated dramas of the year, being Jun Ji Hyun's return to.

Below are excerpts from the event attended by Lee and Son. Is there anything you prepared in particular for it or expect of?

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I prepared mint candy for the scene. A slightly drunk Jin-ho kisses Gae-in who is consoling him. There must have been a lot of interesting occurences because there are a lot of comical scenes in the show.

There are a lot of comic-like elements and the drama itself is funny. Gae-in is a character who uses large movements and expressions, just like someone from a comic book, but Jin-ho is the typical silent and dry guy. So I crack myself up, at my own acting by making bloopers, and the acting by the supporting actors is so great that I never stop laughing.

We all have great chemistry. Jin-ho is someone who shows different sides to him depending on who he is with. When is it most difficult to play his role? Son, you have to ruin your image a lot to play the role of Gae-in.

How have people around you responded to this? I thought of her as an outsider and egoist, unlike the large house she lives in, and with many otaku-like qualities so I came up with the exaggerated set-ups such as her wearing horn-rimmed glasses and pinning her hoodie behind her ears. Some fans are worried that you are ruining your innocent image. Lee, you too gained a lot of attention by ruining your image in the diarrhea scene. I think this drama will be a show where I can show my potential to grow while also serving as the basis to me playing new roles in the future.

My current character Jun Jin-ho is unkind. But he is upright at heart and has good manners so he has an unkind politeness. Have you been watching the show on television? What do you think?

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I think the main point as issue will be in figuring out how to unravel the original novel which is refreshing and fun into a part series. I think this week and next week will be crucial.

son ye jin and lee min ho dating ku

I try to improve but I think pronunciation is the biggest issue for me. Do you act as his acting teacher too?

Lee Min Ho also would like to remind his fans that he's not perfect at all, and lacking in many aspects, and perfect man can only be found in movies or novels For all of his fans who loves him, Lee Min Ho said that he want his fans to cherish themselves. If Lee Min Ho already find his true love and his parents, even all of people around him didn't allow him to be with his girlfriend, Lee Min Ho said that he would surely run away with his girlfriend because he know that he would love his girlfriend so much, so he have to run away Lee Min Ho said that he need a neat girlfriend since he's not neat Lee Min Ho also said that he needs a girl who respects elderly.

If Lee Min Ho walks in a beach with his girlfriend, he'll definitely hold her hands while walking, and ask her to roll her pants, if she wear pants, LOL The reason Lee Min Ho imagine his girlfriend wearing pants it's probably because he doesn't want people who's close to him to wear short skirts or pants. If Lee Min Ho has a girlfriend, he said that we would prefer to hide the relationship from everyone keep it a secret.

He admit that Minomi was his figurine character Without hestitate, on his brithday party event, he said that he didn't wear any shirt when he's on home, and sometimes just wear an underwear Lee Min Ho said that Choco is close to his sister because when he adopt Choco, Choco still very small and she can't open her eyes Choco sleep and eat on his older sister's room and she's being treated by her older sister, so Choco consider Jun Kyung as her mother But Lee Min Ho said that Choco always consider his room as a restroom Min Ho know this and he's laughing when he was interviewed, he said that Shin Dong shouldn't apologize because it's fun Because you're handsome, tall and fit their clothes perfectly Lee Min Ho is Lee Min Ho desu MJ friends, good night, i'm Lee Min Ho But once, when his fans ask him how his Chinese is progressing, without doubt Lee Min Ho said that his Chinese was nothing better than a 3-month-old-baby Maybe he's tired of that question, he said "No, i'm Lee Yoon Seong.

Lee Min Ho look at the camera for a few minute Once he came to the Philippines to meet his fans there and become the new brand ambassador for "Bench". During the fan event, he held a "Staring Contest" with one of the fan there. Both of them should continually stare at each other and the one who first looked away lose and guess what?? Lee Min Ho ssi won and he looks so happy. Staring Contest with him?? He often said that they are his favorite places because he's convenient with London and United States's food and weather.

Food and Weather seems to be his concern, whenever he go, apart form his family. I personally believe that he prefers place where he can get some private space, even though he loves his fans. Lee Min Ho loves to travel, but he choose wisely. There is one time he want to go to Las Vegas because he heard that it is amazing, but when he went there in person, he didn't like it too much.

Lately, he prefers places that can bring him closer to nature and he mention South Africa, and perhaps countries near the equator for vacation.

Furthermore, the most important thing for him is spending time with his family.

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Lee Min Ho is careful about his image in front of his fans. Sometimes he will search his name to look what fans thought about him, even look at the photos to see his published photos.

Lee Min Ho said that it's correct. Many people misunderstood him as a drinker, loves to have fun, and a womanizer or playboy at first. He correct them all by saying that he's not a drinker, and he prefers to stay at home with his family, rather than going with people he didn't feel close enough to go with.

One of his fans ask him "Are you really Lee Min Ho??

Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin – Personal Taste Interview

After doing the scene, Lee Min Ho suddenly lie on the ground. All of City Hunter's staff was shocked and worried if he passed out because he's too tired, or even sick, or worse, dying. He was seen with Min Young at a cafe and bowling place. They even have fans called MinMin, but the truth is Lee Min Ho was only friend with Park Min Young and they meet for a casual drink, and the paparazzi is making the rumor by themselves.

son ye jin and lee min ho dating ku