Taylor and selena dating

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taylor and selena dating

Selena Gomez dated Taylor Lautner - - Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner got pretty cozy for awhile, with Gomez spotted shopping with Lautner's. Did you know Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez became friends 12 years ago because they both dated Jonas brothers? Selena was dating Nick and Taylor was. Taylor swift selena gomez double sendangsono.info Edit Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, ) is an American singer and actress. Selena Gomez/Gallery.

How Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez’s Friendship Turned Into Sisterhood - MTV

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez go way, way back. As in, for most of their lives. But their enduring friendship is more than just a legacy connection, intact thanks primarily to nostalgia and the occasional red carpet reunion.

taylor and selena dating

Both Gomez and Lovato have risen to great heights and stumbled along the way. Both have sought treatment when their respective issues were in danger of winning.

taylor and selena dating

They haven't always been there for each other, no more than any two non-celebrity friends whose paths have diverged don't always know what's going on behind the other's scenes. Recalling all the time the girls spent together as children, including many hours at auditions, she added, "They started out together!

We had some great times together.

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They will always will love each other. There's nothing that will ever come between them. Like on Halloween we watched so many scary movies together.

It's like, this is what we normally do.

taylor and selena dating

I think she was just focusing more on the character—and it was so funny because she would always sit up proper," she straightened her back, "and I was like, 'oh, I don't know about this Where's the one that slouches? So Team Demi wasn't quite ready to let her grow all the way up in Byhowever, it's as if everyone from the Disney Channel family came of age with a vengeance.

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And that's what she loves. She's a very strong person, so that's what she's honoring and that's what I'm proud of her for.

Taylor Swift SQUASHES Selena Gomez Feud Rumors in Instagram Video

And, we just clicked. Inboth girls wore their best "surprise I won faces" at the American Music Awards. Taylor gets a Selena temporary tattoo. During rehearsal for her Speak Now Tour, Taylor wrote the lyrics, "you've got every right to a beautiful life" on her arm, which just so happens to be from Selena's single, "Who Says.

Selena Gomez Says She Tells Taylor Swift 'Everything' After Stepping Out With Mystery Man

Not sure what was going on here at the American Music Awards, but it looks like they were having a great time. Selena's like a sister. Getty Images InTaylor did an interview where she described Selena as a "sister" and as someone who can "predict my thoughts.

In April ofSelena gathered all her friends together for music, gossiping and cupcakes InTaylor had a pretty hilarious moment when she made it quite obvious that she wasn't the biggest fan of Jelena as she was caught backstage sticking out her tongue when they showed a little PDA.

Hey, if you're best friend can't be honest about how they feel about your BF, who can? Taylor shouts out her "sister" on her 21st birthday back in At the Video Music Awards, the two were spotted in their seats swapping some serious gossip Cutest couple at the MET Gala.