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the blade and petal online dating

P.E.T.A.L. We need to understand why people self harm to understand how online triggers can .. I do not feel that my current situation should stop me from dating. hooked, dangling off a knifes edge clinging desperately on to the blade. Photos. Ok-bin Kim in The Blade and Petal () Add Image · See all 6 photos» . Learn more . Release Date: 3 July (South Korea) See more». Blade (Sword) and Flower / 칼과 꽃 K-Drama Page. Best DramasDrama SeriesTv SeriesEnglishWatch Drama OnlineAll Korean DramaEpisode 5SwordsAction.

This is no different for someone who self harms. Accepting and understanding ourselves can be challenging in itself and it can be the loneliest of feelings not understanding why we choose to cope in such a self destructive way.

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Social media gives us a platform to connect and relate. If you type self harm into most social sites you will gain access to images and sour words related to the topic. I think that most people will agree that subject matter of self harm is very rarely spoken about, least of all in a non judgemental light. Because of this along with the stigma around mental health some people find it extremely difficult to speak out loud to someone who cares about them regarding the struggles and inner torment that they are witnessing alone.

Instead these online posts created by people who do not even know us let alone care for us carry a sense of understanding that is latched onto. This false security of understanding can be extremely triggering especially when these posts sometimes promote non suicidal self harm behaviour.

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The existence of damaging posts linking to self harm are relied upon to cover an inner darkness with a deceitful warmth of forgiveness to oneself. We feel less alone and this lessons the lonely guilt of not being able to protect our selves and our bodies from self inflicted damage. Quotes and written expressions are depended upon as a way to match our inner thoughts and we express ourselves through other peoples words instead of expressing our own.

Breaking free from social medias imprint on self harm becomes a challenge hard to conquer. Of course, there are positive recovery and mental health awareness platforms out there but they are overwritten by the tragedy of self harm and the medias negative portrayal of how we capture our illness.

the blade and petal online dating

I voice regularly that the topics I choose to write about and my relationship with self harm is a very personalised experience for me. You could talk to a thousand people who self harm and be given a thousand different opinions to how they link self harm to what social media portrays.

These are just two examples that I have faced and that I believe to be the most damaging. Social media can be accessed by everyone meaning the way that we communicate and view the world is changing.

The king unexpectedly declares So-hee as his successor to the throne, dashing Jang's hopes and causing him to finally shift his allegiance to Yeon Gaesomun. Yeongnyu asks the Geumhwadan, a secret group of warriors meant to protect the royal family and the citizens in times of uprising and war, to investigate. But they have difficulty finding unequivocal evidence linking Yeon Gaesomun to the failed rebellion.

the blade and petal online dating

Seeing no other solution to their ideological impasse which is causing political unrest, Yeongnyu decides to have the general and his fellow traitors assassinated. But Yeon Gaesomun has his own carefully laid plans in place, and he warns Choong to correctly choose a side, with his family. He tells Choong to cut off the princess's head to prove his loyalty, and orders a soldier to kill Choong if he acts against them.

Enormously conflicted yet unable to betray his father, Choong agrees to join the plot, but only because he's secretly planning to save So-hee from what's to come.

the blade and petal online dating

Thus, Yeon Gaesomun, his allies and their troops enter the palace, launching a bloody coup. The royal army stands down under Jang's orders, and the plotters massacre the ministers in the council and the remaining loyal soldiers.

The Blade and Petal

So-hee's brother the crown prince is murdered in front of her eyes. The Geumhwadan urge the king to escape, but he stands his ground in the throne room, facing his enemies with dignity. Truly believing that he is doing what's best for Goguryeo, Yeon Gaesomun commits regicide by stabbing Yeongnyu straight through the gut with his sword. Once she sees Choong there, the utterly devastated So-hee assumes the worst that he was part of the conspiracy, not realizing that Choong risked his life fighting his father's own soldiers to protect her.

Yeon Gaesomun installs Jang as the new king Bojang. Believing that So-hee had died in the coup, Choong reverses his earlier stance and joins Yeon Gaesomun's cause in order to gain power, castigating himself that if only he hadn't been powerless, he might've been able to save her.

the blade and petal online dating

But So-hee is alive, and being hidden by the Geumhwadan. She renames herself Moo-young meaning "shadowless" because she no longer exists in the worldand vows to avenge the death of her family. Title[ edit ] In one of the flashbacks, Yeongnyu asks his daughter which she thought was stronger — the sword or the flower.