Warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

Especially after the last pic was so sad :Warrior Cats (c) by Erin Hunter Illustration (c) by me DON'T STEAL .. Bluestar and Oakheart with kits Mistyfoot and Stonefur and mosskit. Discover ideas about Warrior Cats Fan Art .. Bluefur and Oakheart and how it all starts See guys this is what happens when you break up with your girlfriend Warrior . Read The Kits from the story ❤ Bluefur and Oakheart ❤ by Ravenfur with reads. cats, warrior, couples. "How much longer?" Bluefur growled through closed.

warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

Snowfur is later killed when she is hit by a speeding car, leaving a heartbroken Bluefur to care for her son, Whitekit. As a warrior, Bluefur meets a famous RiverClan warrior named Oakheart; although their first interaction is prickly, they eventually fall in love.

They decide to spend one night together at Fourtrees, the regular Clan Gathering plan, but agree that for the good of their Clans, they will never meet again.

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One moon later, Bluefur is horrified to find out that she is expecting kits. Thrushpelt, a ThunderClan warrior with feelings for Bluefur, offers to help her take care of her kits. Bluefur accepts his offer, allowing the rest of ThunderClan to believe that Thrushpelt is the father of her kits.

After having a vision of Thistleclaw drenched in blood, Bluefur realizes that allowing him to become deputy and then leader would be deadly to the Clan.

She decides to take her three kits to Oakheart and let them be raised in RiverClan. During this, one of her kits, Mosskit, freezes to death white her other kits, Mistykit and Stonekit, make it to Riverclan. She explains the disappearance of her kits by pretending they have been taken by a starving predator.

warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

Without her kits, Bluefur is made deputy. By the time the sun rose they were lying together in a nest of leaves.

warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

Then the two went off to their Clans. The next night they met once again.

warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

They were having a wonderful time. They stargazed, play fought, and chatted. Bluefur heard a rustle in the nearby bush. Bluefur was worried and Oakheart sensed it. Bluefur and Oakheart were stunned;they were exposed. Oakheart was the first speak,"Crookedstar, I can.

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I have seen you sneaking out every night so, I decided to investigate. Crookedstar let out a serious gaze thinking what should he do. Finally Crookedstar finally spoked, "well then, I have no choice but to do this. You two will no longer see each other again" Bluefur and Oakheart was shocked that they no longer see each other again.

warrior cats was oakheart and bluestar dating

The two lovers left with their hearts broken in two.