Who are dylan and cole sprouse dating 2013

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who are dylan and cole sprouse dating 2013

Who Is Bree Morgan – Cole Sprouse Ex-Girlfriend And What Is She Up To Now Opening a Tumblr account in was a remarkable step to popularity as she. Including Cole Sprouse's current girlfriend, past relationships, and dating Life of Zack & Cody alongside twin Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse is currently While both students at NYU, Cole Sprouse and Bree Morgan dated from to It's confirmed: Ashley Tisdale still thinks of Cole Sprouse as her little and don't worry, Dylan and Cole, we wouldn't make you guys watch it.

I'll sweep up the ashes" - though popular opinion maintains he left her. Eventually he becomes self aware, and tries to break free of the manipulated environment. Cole Sprouse claims to feel some kinship with Truman's struggle in the film. It seems like a lot of child stars have a rough time dealing with growing up in Hollywood, and he is no exception.

In fact, he has stated that he does not want him too, and Dylan wouldn't want it either. Sprouse spoke out about the pictures almost immediately, owning responsibility for the turn of events, saying: Got to move past it I suppose. Cole barbed Dylan about the room conditions, saying: Unfortunately for them, Cole Sprouse is having none of it.

The account has 3. He even captioned the photo "My African Queen. Presumably, he thought it was funny, but it's obvious that the joke was in bad taste.

who are dylan and cole sprouse dating 2013

He even went on to try and make light of it in the comments, saying "My insert politically correct statement Queen" - needless to say, it didn't smooth over the matter. Sprouse marketed the blog vigorously on his own Twitter, and though it started as a platform to showcase his photography, it quickly transformed into its true purpose of answering fan questions. At first, it was an early installment of the classic Sprouse social media wit, and fans reacted mostly positively to the banter that Cole threw at them.

However, Sprouse quickly revealed the whole thing had been a social experiment to see how fans would respond to being observed - and then promptly deleted the blog. Fans were quick to screen-cap and memorize the posts - one even going so far as to continue the spirit of the blog and answer questions in Cole's stead.


The compromise, of sorts, is that the character would not be romantic. Cole Sprouse still hopes that asexual representation will find a place in later seasons, so here's hoping his creative input is taken into account as things develop. The street performer - called Babe Coal - refused to stop busking despite the fact that the production had a permit to film there.

Cole Sprouse tried to explain the situation, but things quickly got out of hand. Sprouse lost his cool, and accused the performer of being a "scam artist", getting incensed when she demanded compensation for being forced to move. Not only did Babe Coal speak out against the handling of the situation by both Vancouver police and the Riverdale cast and crew, but she spoke out against Cole Sprouse personally, saying, "Cole Sprouse acted like a spoiled brat and tried to bully me with his popularity.

He has no idea that his actions make him look bad not me.

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Not a great way to make your point. Luckily, their break from the spotlight wasn't permanent.


The brothers were born in Italy and spent the first few months of their lives there - but when it was time to return to the U. Cole actually did continue working in this field after he graduated. He chose to stay in New York, and he was working at an archaeology lab in Brooklyn up until he began filming for Riverdale. Cole says that this was a deliberate choice. He did not feel he could go much further acting in shows that were similar to The Suite Life, and he wanted to break out of the Disney channel mold.

For example, in recent years he has gotten super into photography. You can see lots of examples of his work on his Instagram account! You might think that this was just another hobby for him, but when you start digging into his work, you can see that he is definitely talented.

Who is Bree Morgan - Cole Sprouse Ex Girlfriend and What is She Up To Now

Maybe all those years of being in front of the camera prepared him to get behind it one day! This is one of his few childhood roles that he did not share with Dylan.

who are dylan and cole sprouse dating 2013

In fact, Cole has admitted that sometimes he struggled a little to keep his cool on the set of Friends. Well, he had a little crush on Jennifer Aniston!

Since he has a pretty big platform, he wants to use it to speak out about important issues in our society today. And one of those issues is the current state of the American political system. In fact, Cole believes that more celebrities should be speaking out against the current administration.

Your nation is in jeopardy without it. In real life, Cole is actually younger than Dylan! Dylan is actually fifteen minutes older, and just like in the show, Dylan loved to give Cole a hard time about it.

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Cole has said that growing up, Dylan would often joke about the fact that he was fifteen minutes older than Cole. In some ways, the twins are very different from their characters on screen, but in some ways, they are actually pretty similar! Yes, it sounds like the kind of prank they would pull off on an imaginary episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: And they pulled it off in real life!

Since the twins both attended the same college, they graduated on the same day. While many large universities such as NYU have separate graduation ceremonies depending on the program, Cole and Dylan were participating in the same ceremony.

Definitely a Zack and Cody move. Besides acting and photography, he also likes to write, but only for his personal benefit. Cole said that when he was younger, he began keeping a journal and wrote in it every day. He said that at one point, he even got Dylan to begin keeping a journal. Perhaps writing is another passion that Cole will pursue more seriously one day on a professional level, and if he ever did choose to go down that route, we would be totally ready.

who are dylan and cole sprouse dating 2013

Perhaps screenwriting is in his future? Nope, the boys were actually born in Italy and as we learned earlier, Dylan was born exactly fifteen minutes earlier. Why were there parents living in Italy?