Dark heresy space marine rules for dating

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dark heresy space marine rules for dating

Apr 16, I haven't had the time to read all my DH books but judging from some of the artwork it looks as though the answer is yes. That or power armor is. Times and dates in your local timezone. So it's up to us to come up with our own homegrown rules. You're going to need Space Marine stats eventually. . Really I'm looking forward to just focusing on the scope of Dark Heresy as it is currently(in terms of PC races) and adding in all the gear, vehicles. Since DH is the only officially 40k rpg to date, it has become the default . where the Dark Eldar have not seen a new codex (or models) since.

Adept - A career path devoted to knowledge, logic, and analysis within the Imperial bureaucracy of the Adeptus Terrathough they are not very effective in combat and not always good in social interaction. Arbitrator - Members of the Adeptus Arbitesthe elite Imperial law enforcement organisation, are effective both at investigative skills and combat.

Assassin - These skilled killers excel in both combat and stealth skills. Cleric - A Priest of the Ecclesiarchy trained in a wide range of abilities, but who excel at motivation and leadership.

Dark Heresy

Guardsman - Although the name of this career usually brings to mind members of the Imperial Guard, it also applies to human mercenaries and other soldiers such as members of a Planetary Defence Force ; they are skilled warriors who can also operate vehicles. Imperial Psyker - This career represents an individual with psychic powers, able to channel the power of the Warp to accomplish a wide variety of things.

Scum - Criminals, outcasts, thieves, and other miscreants, this class of rogues has a variety of useful skills involving stealth, infiltration and social interaction with less-honest members of Imperial society.

Tech-priest - Skilled with machines and technology, they are members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Adepta Sororitas - Commonly known as the Sisters of Battlethis career path was introduced in the Inquisitor's Handbook and is recommended for veteran players due to the role-playing challenges involved.

While superficially similar to clerics, they are even more rigid in their mindset and can perform faith talents. Battle Sisters - This career was added to the roster in Blood of Martyrs, it differs from the Adepta Sororitas as income has been modified and it allows characters to start with the common Sister of Battle weapons and armour. Grey Knight - This career was added in Daemon Hunter, and is recommended for veteran players.

To advance in their career path, a player earns experience points XP and spends it to gain skills and talents or improve their characteristics. The skills and talents available depend on the Career and the level - or rank - within that path. Once a character has spent the requisite amount of XPthey advance to the next rank of the career, which unlocks new skills and talents for purchase.

Each career path also several option for certain ranks, each path specializing in a different branch of the career. The core rulebook recommends players receive XP for every four hours of play, so players can usually purchase a new skill or two after each session. The Game Master's Kit - A game master's screen for Dark Heresy and a page booklet that includes a pre-written adventure, xenos generator, and new rules for poisons and toxins. Character Folio - A notebook designed to be a combined character sheet and journal.

Well first off I'm not getting where the 1D thing comes from. Space Marines have been shown on many occasions to have quite a bit of depth to them. Yes, they have a role they are intended for but they have some depth to them. Now, if it was all the same chapter on some normal mission yeah it could maybe get stale.

That's why it's a DW kill team. How well do you think our Codex quoting Ultramarine is getting along with our Space Wolves? I disagree about character depth in a space marine game, particularly a xenos kill team.

The marines come from different chapters and have slightly different outlooks on imperial creed etc. Not to mention they are still somewhat human just highly disciplined.

There could be rivalry amongst the team but once it's go time they put it aside for the sake of the mission. I imagine the Blood Angel and Space wolf guys are gonna give the ol' rainbow warrior a bit of a ribbing when time permits. On the field they're killing machines but when they aren't shooting people they're still characters.

There will be conflict within the party. Being on a DW team also gives plenty of chances for a GM to put them into situations where killing might not be the answer, or even the wrong answer entirely.

My goal in all this is to balance the weapons to what is seen in the fiction for SM weapons. So first off our test subjects. Joe the standard human, 10 wounds, 2 toughness, 0 armor. Bob the standard space marine, 18 wounds, 10 toughness, 12 armor chest. Death is considered to be -8 wounds. There is sort of a gray area where some of the -7 and -8 wounds damage with a chance to kill, some kill outright, etc. In general if they aren't killed outright at -8 wounds they at least are damaged enough that unless they get medical treatment they'll die.

Now first off we need to talk about weapon damage. The DH boltgun averages damage It has 4 penetration. With average damage 11 a normal unarmored human will still have 1 wound left. Mind you he just took this round full in the chest with no armor and he survives. With max damage the target is reduced to -3 wounds. Max damage from a bolter on an unarmored human will usually only leave them stunned and fatigued. Guess what, it wouldn't even phase a space marine.

There's literally no point in even bothering to find out what happens when someone fires a DH boltgun at a space marine. It's not going to hurt him, even a head shot. Now we go to the rules set we're using mostly. Their SM boltgun is 2d10X with 4 Pen. The average damage is 11, minimum 2 wtf? Penetration is still 4. Well amazingly enough on an average shot exactly the same thing.

Joe the human is at 1 wound and general unaffected. The two would eventually make up after the Horus Heresy, and both the Raven Guard and White Scars would be forced to ally on several occasions - most notably during the infamous Hunt for Voldorius - but an intense rivalry over whose fast-attack doctrine is better persists to this day, and the two factions are still kind of assholes to one another as a result.

Blood Angels and the Black Legion - Considering that Horus killed their Primarch who, before the Heresy, were closer than any other Primarchs which resulted in them suffering from the Black Rage which eventually causes every descendant of Sanguinius to have visions of being killed by Horus, the Blood Angels probably despise the Black Legion to the point of pure obsession.

Also as a rule, the Blood Angels have a special hatred for the owner of the Talon of Horus, since it killed their father. Angron has since been resurfacing, and has sworn revenge. Though all of the traitor legions except the Thousand Sons were involved, the Raven Guard holds a special hatred for the former Luna Wolves and Horus, a hatred which has transferred over to Abaddon and the Black Legion.

That said, the Raven Guard go absolutely murderous on any of the Legions who turned on them at Istvaan V. Grey Knights and the Space Wolves - Officially, there really isn't a rivalry at all. Because officially the Grey Knights don't exist.

Unofficially, during the First War for Armageddon, Grey Knights were ordered to fire on dozens of civilian ships because there was a fraction of a shadow of smidgen of a chance that they were tainted by Chaos. The Space Wolves decided this was pretty dickish, and protected the civilians.

dark heresy space marine rules for dating

Naturally, the Inquisition made it worse. Eventually, an understanding was reached where the remaining civvies weren't murdered but just mindwiped a bit and Inquisitorial ships would never again come to Fenris or the wolves would tear them a new asshole.

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The Imperial Fists are the Brits who love making defenses, while the Iron Warriors are the Germans who also love making defenses but also love destroying stuff. Also, Perturabo hated Rogal Dorn for being Daddy's golden boy and his constant boasting of the fortifications of the Imperial Palace. Perturabo eventually bested Dorn and the Imperial Fists by making a huge space fortress that Dorn then tried to attack in an effort to bring Perturabo to justice.

Inside the fortress was nothing but inwardly-faced gunlines, meaning the entire thing was a trap and wound up cutting down enormous numbers of the Imperial Fists before they could retreat. The Imperial Fists were too fierce for the Iron Warriors to destroy without making the ultimate sacrifice however, proving that they get shit done. Perturabo, naturally, found his plan fucking hilarious. Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves - The Space Wolves despised the Red Sorcerers for their practice of magic, and didn't question a goddamned thing after Horus had intentionally given the Wolves incorrect orders to destroy the Thousand Sons, as opposed to talking Magnus down.

Suffice to say, the Space Wolves caused colossal damage to the Thousand Sons, and in the process, destroyed one of the largest repositories of knowledge in the entire fucking Imperium, including a huge amount of information that would have helped the Imperium better fight off its enemies. Horus' dick move forced the Thousand Sons to eventually turn to Tzeentch just to survive. Though the Wolves' offense devastated the Sons, the Legion would nonetheless resurface to attack the Space Wolves: During this offensive, they managed to destroy a series of laboratories, including one that held an entire generation worth of the Space Wolves' Gene-Seed as well as the cure for the Wulfen curseand Magnus himself was responsible for killing the Space Wolves' chapter-master.

White Scars and the Space Wolves - Thousand Sons were the biggest bros of the Scars during the Great Crusade, their primarchs were total bros too, so when they figured out that Wolves destroyed Prospero, killed most of the still totally loyal Thousand Sons, forced surviving ones into going heretic, and don't even feel any guilt or remorse about it, none were surprised Scars kept a huge grudge against the Space Yiffs.

Also during the crusade, the Scars hated being compared to the Wolves because of the apparent link to barbarism. The Wolves themselves also have a thing or two to say about the multiple times Scars hadn't come to help when they could, starting from when they left Wolves alone against entire Alpha Legion fleet.

Their bond ran so deep that even as Fulgrim declared his intentions of joining the forces of Chaos to Ferrus, asking him to join him in overthrowing the Emperor, Ferrus couldn't open fire on his brother's ship.

Naturally, this had some rather nasty effects in the long term, not least of which was Fulgrim decapitating the Gorgon with his own sword. The Iron Hands did not take kindly to this. Also, getting all repressed and logical over the next 10, years caused Slaanesh to take breaking them as a challenge.

dark heresy space marine rules for dating

Really, all you need to know is that Kharn and a Flamer were involved, and that before this incident, the World Eaters were a much more coordinated force.

It can only end in tears. Thousand Sons and World Eaters: Khorne hates sorcery, and so the World Eaters hate the Sons.

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Sadly for the World Eaters, they're usually well out of the Sons' league; the Thousand Sons tend to pick conflicts selectively, which means the followers of Khorne have rarely even had the chance to fight them. Also, it doesn't do much to appease Khorne's bloodlust, since there is no blood or skulls to offer, just dust.

Then again, There is some exceptions, namely Iskandar Khayon and Lheorvine Ukriswho were total bros, and they were the guys that founded the Black Legion along with Abaddon. Apart from Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, almost every Marine Chapter mentioned in having contact with the Blood Ravens have not been on good terms. Most likely due to their rampant kleptomania.

This animosity extends beyond the Space Marines, and into the rest of the Imperium as well; Imperial Guard forces hate them for exterminating the Kronus Liberators, the mechanicus hates them stealing archeotech, the ecclisiarchy hates them for their psykers, and the Inquisition doesn't like them for their secrecy.

As the neophyte initiation process for the Blood Angels requires the consumption of some of the aforementioned blood, the Blood Angels and all their Successor Chapters have sworn to find and kill Bile at all costs. For a while, it looked like they succeeded- that is, until they found out that Bile had begun cloning himself.

They believe that had the Salamanders and Raven Guard followed their Primarch Ferrus Manus they would have won at the dropsite massacre.

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Completely overlooking the fact that they were surprised, surrounded, outgunned and outnumbered nearly 3 to 1. They don't like the Raven Guard in particular for their use of stealth and subterfuge, and also for having a pretty much identical color scheme.

The Salamanders aren't too keen about the Iron Hands belief of "purging the weak" and usual disregard for civilian casualties and sometimes their own Marines. The Raven Guard and Salamanders never pulled any of this bullshit with each other, though, and remain close allies, if for nothing other than the Hands constantly being dicks to both of them.

Marines Malevolent and Salamanders - What happens when the galaxy's greatest assholes meet the galaxy's greatest humanitarian marines? The hate fueled rivalry that was first widely known came during the Third War for Armageddon where a squad of Marines Malevolent used their Whirlwinds to fire upon an Ork-occupied camp, when they knew that the camp contained hundreds of Imperial civilian hostages, mostly women and children.

Oh and guess what their response was, something to do with "Meh, we only serve the Emprah only" and "We didn't know there were "that" many civilians". As you can imagine, this both horrified and royally pissed off the Salamanders, and when these two Chapters met again after the war, Chapter Master Tu'Shan, to put it simply, bitch-slapped the Captain of the Marines Malevolent in front of everybody in the city, prompting much sniggering and cheering among both Guardsmen and civilians alike.

Because of such reaction to complete dickwards, the Salamanders were considered as the Heroes of Armageddon by popular vote. Bros To the End[ edit ] As there are several chapters and legions who despise one another, there's a few that get along damned well.

Raven Guard, Salamanders, and Iron Hands - True since the great crusade, where these three found they worked extremely well in-concert - The Raven Guard acting as the advance and cutting off critical locations and eliminating command units, the Salamanders in providing the heavy punch to follow this up, and the Iron Hands providing the tide of firepower to support both.

That being said, the Iron Hands' relationship with the Raven Guard and the Salamanders has deteriorated since the Horus Heresy; they believe that had their allies not retreated from the Drop Site Massacre, Ferrus Manus would not have been killed and Horus would have been defeated before he could pose a threat to the Imperium.