Dating for pregnant women

Profile Pics Of Pregnant Women On Tinder You Gotta See

dating for pregnant women

While it used to be a taboo, going on Tinder and dating while pregnant was just the confidence boost one writer needed. Becky McKeown shares her experience with dating while she was pregnant with her second child. Dating While Pregnant: What It's Like to Bumble With a Bump in Palm Springs at a mid-century dream home with a group of kickass women.

One evening, the pack of us ended up splitting pitchers of margaritas and plates of nachos at a local Mexican spot, and on our way out I overheard a heated conversation among a group of women at the table next to us. Though their conversation was anything but personal, I felt attacked.

This sentiment seems to be echoed almost everywhere I turned. I still find the same sort of fuckboi types attractive, of course—you know the ones: That type of guy is no longer into pursuing me. Thanks to my ever-expanding bump, I can completely avoid the type of partnership that would most likely have ended in a lot of wasted time—and wasted tears.

By making the choice to power ahead with what I know is right for me, I have created an accidental filter that blocks the non-serious and non-committal.

Yes, being pregnant on my own cuts down the population of people interested in dating me, but is that such a bad thing? Once I noticed the shift I wanted to test this whole theory out on a more measurable scale, so I settled upon a research strategy. I made three online dating accounts on three platforms—Bumble, Tinder and Hinge—because, science. For a hot minute I thought about swiping right on everyone I came across to gather data on a wide sample of the population, but in the end I decided it would be more effective to follow my usual swiping tendencies and study how different the experience actually was while pregnant.

I had tons of matches on all three platforms and, just like always, some were terrible at conversation, ghosted for no reason or seemed great but avoided plans to actually meet. Plus I already had a couple safe, respectful, trustworthy hookup guys in my back pocket for those particularly horny pregnant woman moments.

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It was more than my delicate pregnant ego could take. I ended up meeting a guy I liked a lot—our first date was at a cool craft brewery at the very start of summer: A couple months later at my ultrasound, I realized that I had unknowingly conceived the day before our first date. Then he went to travel around Greece for a month, and shortly after I got a positive pregnancy test. I can't stand materialistic people. And she's 18, so you know she didn't pay for it herself.

Dating While Pregnant: Alyssa Garrison Tests Three Dating Apps - FLARE

To top it all off, she's in her third trimester? Oh no no no. This girl needs a serious reality check, and I'm sure she got it by putting herself out there online. She knows what she wants and you can tell she's been around the block a few times by the way she demands things. She's willing to hook up, but only if you can make her laugh.

You're not allowed to ask her about her baby, even though that's a huge part of her life.

Pregnant and Dating!

Her baby literally is a part of her right now. Unless she's open to hooking up with men who have strict requirements too, she doesn't have the right to be so demanding. I wonder how she'd react if she came across a profile that said "Not looking for hookups with girls who are over lbs" or "Don't ask me what I do for a living, it's not your business. If she thinks she's her bluntness is sexy, she has another thing coming.

It comes across as rude, and I'm sure she only received messages from guys who think way too highly of themselves. You know, other than being pregnant and really into herself. I wonder what she does for a living.

It's pretty rare to be a single, year-old self-employed pregnant girl. I'd probably at least try to get to know her, just out of curiosity. At least she's not demanding and obnoxious. I wonder how well her confidence will fare in once she's further along because she looks like she's still in the second trimester.

By then she might not only lose her confidence in her physical appearance, but she might even lose her sense of humor as well.

dating for pregnant women

Hopefully, she made it through without going too crazy, and maybe she even found someone who wants a pregnant-but-still-hot comedian. I like how she dropped the pregnancy bomb at the end, almost as if it was simply an afterthought. I mean, being a mom-to-be doesn't completely define who you are as a person, but it's a pretty big deal!

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It's not just some little tidbit of information about her, it's a big part of her life. The way she mentions it at the end is pretty funny, and it really downplays her situation. Saying she's a nice person until you get on her bad side is another one of those overused statements that irritate me.

Everybody is like that, that's not a trait that's exclusive to her. Her family is everything to her and she would do anything for them? What a unique woman. I don't know anyone else who feels that way! Sarcasm is hard to convey through writing, but I assume you can hear my tone. I hope this young, fun, outgoing girl found love, but with such a lame description of herself, I'm sure the men she attracts are pretty dull.

I have so much respect for single moms. I know single moms don't have the luxury of asking someone else to watch their child for a few minutes at any given time. I'm sure she's heard just how difficult it can be to take care of a baby, but she can't truly wrap her head around it until it's happening.

I hope she's as independent and confident in a few months when she's running on zero sleep and has a screaming infant attached to her constantly. She definitely won't have time to update her Tinder profile with pics that show how independent and strong she is.

Featured Today 6 18 And Pregnant And On Tinder That's all she has to say about herself?? How is anyone supposed to know if it's something they feel like pursuing if the only information they have to go off of is her name, age, and the fact that she's pregnant? Oh and her looks I supposed, which are on point. Maybe that's why she didn't add more to her bio. She's probably used to showing a picture of herself and that's enough.

I don't think this pretty, young girl had any trouble finding someone before she got knocked up, but things might be a little different for her now. Not everyone is up for dating a young single mom. Maybe she'll fill in her bio a bit more when she figures out who she is after her baby's born.

Tinder is not a place to meet friends. It's a place to meet other lonely people who want something more than just hanging out and eating hot wings if you know what I mean.

It seems she's not only new to DC, she's new to the internet. I'm sure she learned pretty quickly what type of people are on Tinder. They should make an app for pregnant ladies to meet, because I remember being in her shoes.

New city, pregnant, looking to connect with other moms-to-be and make some friends while I still had a little free time. It never even crossed my mind to try Tinder though. I shudder to think of the messages she received.

dating for pregnant women

I wonder if she ever met her hot wing eating buddy. I would be worried about her water breaking all over the restaurant floor while we're on a date. Then I'd be stuck in a really weird position where I need to take her to the hospital and I can't leave her because she's all alone, because that would be totally rude, right? But if I stay, that makes me super involved in the whole situation and then I'm practically a dad after one date, without any hanky-panky!

Am I overthinking it? But surely others were overthinking it just the same. She is pretty dang pregnant.

dating for pregnant women

She's absolutely gorgeous though, and I'm sure if she didn't find Mister Right while she was expecting, she probably did soon after. Unless someone was using Tinder as a way to find a quick family to bring home to Mom and Dad, she probably didn't go on many dates at this time. No one's making it weird, it kind of just is weird. I mean, if someone wants to date a single, pregnant woman, that's awesome! More power to them. But when people are put off by it, or you perceive it as them "making it weird", it's not their fault.

dating for pregnant women

It's a really strange situation that many people don't have any experience with. You know what I really like about her bio though? As a hike-hater myself, I totally get it. Why is it so trendy to enjoy walking around outside with a little backpack?