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doc love dating tips for guys

Doc Love has interviewed over women and has advice on dating and relationships for This guy used THE SYSTEM to get 3 Women Interested in Him. His straightforward advice can help guys turn their love lives around and Doc Love's dating advice is based on decades of research and over. DocLove will answer all of your romantic love questions from a man's perspective . . Another question that guys will often ask a girl on a first date is: “So what type of guy do So, do you have any tips on the proper execution of the first kiss?.

TIP 1 - Be Selective It's an overlooked thing that most guys miss when they're just "winging it" with women - but you have to start with a lady that is really interested.

Hey, I'm all about trying my luck and going out on dates to practice but if you really want to ensure that your dates are relaxing and fun then don't ask women out that aren't all about going out with you. You've had those types of women before - the ones where you can literally "feel the heat" of her interest as she made it SO EASY to get her and get a date with her as opposed to the girl that seemed to be half-enthused when you asked and ultimately called for a date.

Isn't it more fun when she starts out way into you? I know you like her but if she feels that you're pressuring her in any fashion then you will be OUT. I get that you want her to be your girlfriend at some point but you can't rush anything so you might as well just chill and laugh as much as you can because ultimately she will either like you or she won't - but you can certainly move towards the "won't" category by being uptight about whether or not things are progressing in your favor with her.

His straightforward advice can help guys turn their love lives around and keep their Ms. His goal as a relationship coach is to facilitate long-term relationship success and decrease the divorce rate in the US and around the world.

He invites daters to call in with questions, which he answers live. This unique and engaging format has attracted listeners from all over the world, including the US, Australia, India, and Sudan. The purpose of the Dating Women Podcast is to teach men the right way to build relationships. Doc Love has over hours of episodes currently available online, so anyone can seek out free dating advice from Doc Love.

He discusses everything from how much to spend on a date to how to show affection to a loved one.

Dating Tips For Guys: 10 Tips For A Great First Date (Outlaw Dave Show)

He claims that his advice works for men of all backgrounds and all ages. He established the Doc Love Club to provide men with peer-to-peer support as they put his dating strategies into action.

How to Keep Love Alive: Doc Love Has 50+ Years of Experience Giving Relationship Advice to Men

The club receives access to members-only content, including advice articles and podcast episodes dating back to In recent months, Doc Love has come up with yet another way to empower men to gain confidence, meet new people, and carry his positive message to others at the same time. You need to read and study ALL of the materials. Now, Carlos, ask yourself, would a guy who is a Challenge be calling a girl every few days to chat with her like one of her girlfriends?

Would a guy who is an unpredictable wildman be dutifully dialing up the woman he is wooing according to the schedule she has dictated to him?

If Alexander Graham Bell knew what blunders men would make with his invention, he would have scrapped the whole idea. The telephone should be used only for making dates. The best thing to do now, Carlos, is wait a full two weeks to call her.

When you do, commit to keeping the conversation down to less than five minutes.

3 Tips You MUST HAVE To Have Fun Dating Women

Hi Doc, I have a two-part question for you: She genuinely seemed to appreciate the gesture, but she told me she had "just started" seeing someone else -- though she said she'd be willing to go out for coffee with me.

Is she just being nice, or could she be leaving a door open? Might she even be lying about "seeing someone else" to distance herself a little while she decides whether she's interested in me or not? On the one hand I'd like to share it with her, in the hopes it may melt her heart it's that good ; on the other hand I'm afraid it may creep her out by making her think I'm desperate and obsessed.

Why waste time, Max, everyone knows that women hate Challenge. I look at Elle Magazine, and I have crushes on all of the models with blonde hair and bee stung lips.

Women do the choosing. Yes, of course, she appreciated your floral gesture, Max. All women, even Feministas like flowers. But the question of life is: If flowers created true Interest Level, guys would be handing out bunches of them in front of modeling agencies all day long. A stronger approach would have been to just ask this gal for her home number rather than sending her roses. When you ask a woman for her home phone number you reveal that you have interest in her.

But by only asking for her phone number without coming on heavy with compliments or gifts, you maintain a sense of Challenge and mystery. You have to come on first. Might she even be lying about "seeing someone else" to distance herself a little while she decides whether she's interested in you?

So here are some cool moves you can make. Ask her out for coffee, but wait 2 weeks before you do, because by this time, odds are, the other guy will be lowering her Interest Level.

This move will also throw her off because she will have been expecting you to jump on her offer like an eager beaver. We have to be unpredictable and gain some ground because of the flowers fiasco.

When she asks you about your love life, tell her that women stalk you after a few dates. When she asks you why, say: But just for fun I decided that I would be adventurous and see what type of guy I might meet if I tried Internet dating. Let me tell you about my experience on matchmaker. It would be just about impossible to respond to all of them, even if I wanted to. I am trying hard to be honest with those guys that I do not have a high Interest Level in, but they do not always make it easy!

Some guys get really upset when I don't respond. One guy wouldn't stop sending letters to me, so I blocked his mail and he opened a new account to bypass it! Out of all the guys who have sent me mail I have gone on about four dates, and out of those, one seems promising.

I only respond to profiles that include a photo. They also demonstrate qualities of class and confidence in what they write about themselves. But the things that a lot of these guys do are unbelievable.

doc love dating tips for guys

I got an interesting reply today, a small novel that was way too intimate. I just can't fathom how these guys think they will succeed when their methods are so wacko! Maybe you can give men some guidance specifically on Internet dating and help them to stop doing things that turn women off. A woman who looks like you could walk into a Muslim mosque and get more propositions in ten minutes than the average guy gets in his entire lifetime.

But thank you for sharing your story with us. First of all, guys, realize that any beautiful woman who has posted a picture on an Internet dating site is indeed going to be deluged with responses. She screens by checking the photos.

She goes by physical appearance. This is one way in which guys and gals are alike. Knowing that she first screens by appearance highlights the necessity for having a photo that shows you at your best.

So, I highly recommend that you spend the time and money on a professional photo session. When you embark on the Internet dating adventure, guys, you need to have a realistic awareness of the odds that you face.

And any woman who is reasonably attractive will receive hundreds of responses. Whereas, the average guy will receive about one or two unsolicited responses from women every so often, unless, of course, he looks like George Clooney.

Now let me emphasize that when you initiate contact with a female member of an Internet dating service, you cannot be emotionally attached to whether or not you hear back from her. You politely inform this gal that, amazingly, you fit her criteria perfectly. But, to your astonishment you never hear back from her. In such a case, do not send more e-mail saying: Women will tell you what they want, but And besides, begging never raises Interest Level.

Instead, just pop off a quick note that says something like: Keep it short and sweet.

doc love dating tips for guys

Remember, guys, dating on the Net is a numbers game. It has also taught me a great deal about where I've gone wrong in the past. I think I understand how to apply Challenge in the first sixty days and beyond that into the first four or five months of a relationship. For the first sixty days, keep 'em guessing if you like them, then, keep them guessing about how much you like them.

What happens after the "I love you's" have been said? What happens after you get married or just move in together? When I look back at failed relationships, using the principles of The System as my guide, I am amazed at how accurate The System is in explaining my initial successes and my subsequent failures.

Time and again -- without even realizing it -- I've presented a "Challenge" to the woman for the first sixty days -- and sometimes for several months after that. But there always comes a point, after we've moved in together, where I've lost all concept of Challenge and where things have become predictable and stale, or where I've lost whatever sense of mystery I might have had.

That's when her Interest Level has started to sink. My question to you, Doc, is: Once she knows you have high Interest Level, and that you're going to be around indefinitely, how do you apply Challenge? How do you remain mysterious or aloof when you're living under the same roof? How do you get her to continue chasing you, if you're waking up in the same bed together month after month?

So how do you remain a Challenge? Willis - who realizes the importance of Challenge and wants to keep it going over the long haul Hi Willis, Let me help you out here.

Would Clint Eastwood be caught dead saying something so syrupy? Would rapper Ice-T ever speak in such a sissified manner? Would the Terminator even talk at all except to strike terror into the hearts of his adversaries? Otherwise, the best way to let a woman know that you love her is through your actions, not your words.

Your physical presence tells her that you are committed while your silence keeps up the Challenge factor. If you have a good woman who truly loves you, she will tell you that she loves you often. Let her do it. How could you respect me if I did? You can do it! Remember, guys, in a long-term relationship, keep your heart open and your mouth shut. Should You Marry an Overeight Woman? I encourage you to check out the following facts and figures: There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only a handful who do.

Marilyn Monroe wore a size If Barbie were a real woman, she'd have to walk on all fours due to her exaggerated proportions. The average woman weighs lb. The models in the magazines are airbrushed - not perfect!

doc love dating tips for guys

But when I watch overweight preachers on TV Sunday morning they speak only of the other six deadly sins. Because in America, fat is sacred. With her tree trunk calves and her tiny feet in her tiny shoes, she looked like a sporting Volkswagen tires. Now, Lucinda, I know what you would say about her. She should be able to look however she wants and not be judged on her appearance.

Overweight people are at risk for diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and wearing out the living room carpet before its time. When a man picks a potential long-term partner, he must first look at her Interest Level. Then through the process of dating, he should evaluate her habits and attitudes. Does she have integrity? Is she a giver or a taker? Is she structured or flexible?

Is she a functioning adult? Does she practice self-control or is she run by her emotions? And does she have any unhealthy habits or addictions like, drugs, tobacco or FOOD! Most importantly, I want men to pick women who are not overweight for partners so they will raise the kids to be healthy and not have eating disorders. Lucinda, please allow me to clear up something. Nature has made both ectomorphs and endomorphs of both genders. And each body type has its corresponding healthy weight range and unhealthy weight range.

Additionally, different men have different tastes in women. Some men prefer medium sized gals and some get excited about gals who are on the hefty side. America is a free country and to each his own.

But the Reality Factor says that the majority of men prefer women who are not overweight. Imagine that you had a friend who was trying to set you up with a handsome, charming fellow who weighed pounds and would crush a camel if he tried to ride one. People are getting fatter! Seven out of ten women get bummed out when they look at fashion magazines.

Now here is a poem for you, Lucinda: Roses are red, violets are blue. If you want your girlfriend to look like Oprah, just have her eat like her too. I had to comment on the advice you gave to your guys about the woman who refuses to give out her phone number which, you say, shows her low Interest Level. I don't agree that that means she must have a low level of interest.