Places to visit in tokyo for anime fans dating

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places to visit in tokyo for anime fans dating

Tokyo, and in particular Akihabara, has a plethora of museums, shops, cafes, and other sites targeted towards anime and manga lovers. As su. Anime and Manga are big parts of modern Japanese culture today. From Pokemon to Studio Ghibli, here are best sightseeing spots in Tokyo. These are just a few of the geeky things to do in Tokyo. So an Otaku District is an area which caters to anything people obsess over Ikebukuro – Home of “ Otome Road” where many stores cater The best day to visit is a Sunday when Yoyogi park is full of 'Elvis' . Looking for date ideas in Atlanta?.

The cafe is adorned with intricate interiors, iconic characters, weapon and armour replicas and music that will transport you right into Carline Canopy in Eorzea. You will feel right at home with the nostalgic atmosphere. The cafe even has a row of computers and gaming consoles where you can enjoy the Final Fantasy video games.

for anime fans - not the best place in... - Akihabara

Patrons are highly recommended to either reserve tickets onlineor head to any Lawson Convenience Store to make purchases. Alternatively, head straight to the cafe and enter the ticket raffle.

places to visit in tokyo for anime fans dating

If chosen, choose a time slot to return and visit on the same day. Akihabara Station Image credit: J-World is also home to a mini games carnival where you can stand a chance to win limited edition prizes. If you get hungry while playing, the cafe offers themed food options that are inspired by the characters themselves.

Best Anime and Manga Places to Visit in Tokyo

Daily, 10am — 10pm Last entry at 9pm Nearest Station: Higashi-ikebukuro Station Image credit: Detailed journals, sketches, and drawings are on display for you to admire and appreciate his work more. The best part of the museum? And if you would like to visit them, some of ticket booking links are available, too!

Its one and only museum is located in Mitaka, Tokyo, which can be accessed within 30 mins from Shinjuku Station. Visitors must purchase tickets in advance which can be booked online. Fujiko F Fujio Museum a.

for anime fans - not the best place in tokyo - Review of Akihabara, Chiyoda, Japan - TripAdvisor

English guide is also available. The museum can be entered only with an advance reservation, so make sure to purchase tickets in beforehand. Pokemon Center is an official Pokemon store offering games and merchandise which every Pokemon fans would wish for, and currently located at 12 locations in Japan including three in Tokyo.

Akihabara One of most popular districts in Tokyo, Akihabara is known as the paradise for electronic products and geek culture.

7 Places in Tokyo to Check Out If You’re a Gamer

They say anything related to Otaku culture can be found in Akihabara such as Anime, Gaming, Manga, figures, underground idols,etc. Stores like Mandarake and Animate are hugely popular as a wide variety of product range and many rare items can be found. Explore the deep world of game and anime culture of Akihabara, and visit one of the famous Maid Cafes! Explore Tokyo's Electric Town, Akihabara with a local guide!

places to visit in tokyo for anime fans dating

Akihabara is home to many of Japan's finest Anime, Games…bit. Nakano Broadway is a main hub of the area, which is a large shopping complex which houses numbers of shops including the famous Manga store, Mandarake, offering manga and anime related items. If you have already been to Akihabara, and could not get enough, Nakano Broadway is definitely your next stop.

Get into the deep Otaku culture of Nakano by visiting manga, anime and gaming shops, and stop for local snacks and drinks at Izakaya pub!