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Eve D'Souza Talks New Show 'Varshita', Dating, Kenya's TV and Film Industry, and More

eve d souza dating site

Sep 20, She is of Indian origins and girlfriend to Donavan. Varshita is extremely Hello Team Mafisi, check out Eve D'Souza's photos on next page. 1. sendangsono.info News ☛ Eve D Souza shows off her thunder thighs in skimpy beach wear READ ALSO: 4 photos of Phillip Moi's ravishing daughter who was dating . Mar 10, Eve D'Souza, one of the most creative Kenyan personalities, has candidly shared a carjacking and rape ordeal that she was subjected to by.

Any comparison with Varshita in your life? Why I love playing Varshita is because I am so the opposite of her. It is like therapy. I can finally tell people off and stand up for myself. I dislike confrontation, and arguments upset me.

When someone comes and tells a sob story, I feel pity for them, but playing Varshita I can tell them what is on my mind. I love that she is loud, dramatic, without any filter and does what she wants.

I never do that.

eve d souza dating site

In what ways can you say you have grown as an actor? I have such a respect for people in the film that I never had before. Radio was my first love and it will always be very, very close to my heart because it is so easy compared to doing TV. You could come in your pyjamas and nobody will know, or you could be upset and in a bad mood and no one sees you.

Even when I watch my shows I can tell when I was tired. I never knew anything about acting and production before. I have grown in terms of what I have learned and learned from the people that I work with.

I get the most lessons from them and it has been such a humbling experience. How do you unwind and is there a Mr Right? I love to cook. My favorite place is the kitchen. The only problem is I get to cook only on Sundays because we work from Monday to Saturday. My self-esteem has always been based on my career and not on relationships. What advice would you give a year-old Eve?

You have no idea what you are doing. I wanted to be either a teacher, a vet or a singer.

eve d souza dating site

I thought it would only be puppies. I was all over the place until the lectures sat me down and told me that I could be good for media, then something went off. It is very important to listen to the people around you.

eve d souza dating site

Sometimes you have a dream and you think you might be great at this. It is good to humble yourself at that age and listen to other people. What is your take on Kenyan TV and film industry? I wish there was more support to be quite honest. It is so difficult to get a show on TV. Broadcasters have such low budgets. You are given a very low budget and expected to do amazing things with it, which is very difficult. In terms of films, there is no opportunity to make money.

When you go to Nigeria or South Africa, corporates sponsor films and it is a big deal. Funding in Kenya is also a big issue. I co-produce the show as well as act in it.

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What is the concept behind the show? Someone says you are playing Kim Kardashian… Eve: Well, the show revolves around three households in a local estate focusing on the hilarious dynamics around house helps and their employers. You come out as quite a good actor, a talent people never imagined you had. Is this something you had been thinking about? However, back in campus I did try my hand in acting in a class play and participated in a lot of musicals in primary school.

Only those close to me know I can be goofy, so developing the role of Varshita on screen has been a lot of fun. Do you plan on taking up some more acting roles? What do you miss most about radio since you left? Definitely the interaction with the listeners. They were like a family.

Eve D Souza shows off her thunder thighs in skimpy beach wear (photos) ▷ sendangsono.info

I also miss the team at Capital FM. It was such a remarkable place to work and I truly made lifelong friends. Do you ever plan on a radio comeback? You are one of the brand ambassadors for Store How did that happen? They were looking for a celebrity who had a fairly decent reputation and with a great following on social media as well as one who would complement their brand.

I am humbled they thought that person was me.