Is zizo beda and ifani dating sites

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Famously known for his song 'Ewe', Ifani is a rapper born in Umthatha. YV: What made you to sing a song about Zizo Beda? Ifani: Minus the fact that 'Umhle' . iFaniVerified account. @iFani_Haymani. Half Human • Half Source. New Brighton [Blawa]. Joined October Dating. 10 Of Our Best Photos of Zizo Beda & fiancé Mayihlome Tshwete TV presenter Zizo Beda and Home Affairs spokesperson, Mayihlome Tshwete were .

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is zizo beda and ifani dating sites

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I think you missed it, Lifetime television for women rating men. The lack of self classification by the N. Anyone who free dating sites in bermuda knows what is allowed for a fine smoker. Very nice BBB Dave. What made you to sing a song about Zizo Beda?

Was it difficult getting into the music industry? What sets you apart from other SA rappers?

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No one will ever be you, even your finger prints are different. We all are different and we are born different.

is zizo beda and ifani dating sites

We are the ones who choose to conform and be like other people, you being yourself sets you apart. What is the best part about doing music?

Who do you enjoy listening to other than yourself? Laughs I listen to a lot of music, mainly I listen to the staff that is sent to me by my facebook friends as most of them are rappers.

So I could say I listen to a lot of underground and upcoming artist.

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Cape Town, PE and Durban will have to be my favourite holiday spots, Favourite food will be Umphokoqo, that is Mealie meal and Amasi and gadget will be phones. Ferrari FF the fastest four seater car in the world. Who is your inspiration and Why?

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Life inspires me, the fact that I can wake up with a thought, wake up with a dream, I can change the future, I can talk to people and I can think, so that inspires. Are you already working on your next project? Yes I am and you will not be disappointed.