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jacky ido dating site

The latest Tweets from Jacky iDO (@JackyIdoOff). sendangsono.info Hollywood, Los Angeles. Jacky Ido (born 14 May ) is a Burkinabe-born French actor. His first role was as Lemalian . This page was last edited on 6 December , at (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License;. Jacky ido dating Casual Dating With Horny Individuals. Jacky ido movies buy however, when the allied secret service begin an investigation of wassilij's.

And that inspired you to carry on? We started going every week and then we created our own slam poetry night in Saint-Denis that ran for seven or eight years.

Was that your silly nickname? Is it because you eat a log of chocolate? We had gone to a disco and were on the guest list, but it was taking the bouncer forever to sort it out and so we started giving fake names to everyone he let into the club.

Then my friend was rolling around on the ground laughing and he told everyone and the name stuck. But the success of the album and touring seemed to lead to you becoming an actor?

jacky ido dating site

I never had it in my mind to be an actor. In fact, I think I tried my best to fail at it. I just thought it would pay the bills between the films that I wanted to direct. What do you mean you tried to fail? They sent me the script and after reading seven pages, I thought this is good, I should at least try, not thinking I would get the part. I had to audition in Germany. I live 15 minutes away from the airport in Paris by train, and on the day of the flight there was a strike.

That day it took over an hour to get to the airport. And you still landed the part? On the weekend I had a basketball tournament and we won, but I broke my finger.


Finally on the Tuesday, I made it to Berlin. I took flowers for the actress Nina Hoss and the director Hermine Huntgeburth. It was getting this role despite everything that made me realize that acting was my real calling. I fought against it so hard, but no matter what I did and the more I messed up, the more I was rescued. And how did you come to work with Quentin Tarantino?

There was a casting audition in France and he had a shortlist of people he wanted to see and he organized a sit down for half an hour. We start talking about his acting experience, the fact that he wanted to be an actor and he became a director, and he told me that at some point he realized he would never act for the directors he idolized because they were mostly dead.

Then I talked about my story, wanting to be a director and ending up acting. Inglourious Basterds was also shot in Germany, what is it about you and that place?

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There is something with Germany and me that is a love story. Every time I mess up, Germany pulls me back in.

jacky ido dating site

For one month Melanie Laurent and I, we were training to be projectionists and after that we were filming for four months. When we were not shooting, they still wanted us to be on standby, which was hard because I just had my first son [Ido now has two boys] and it was hard not to be with my family back then. Yet at the same time, I was living the most wonderful film experience of my life, it was a celebration.

What do you remember most?

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We had screenings on Thursday nights. Tarantino would bring a film print from his own collection. We would drink beer; there would be Michael Fassbender [and] Brad Pitt and his kids watching a film.

Taxi Brooklyn is unusual in that it actually filmed in New York. What were your favorite things to do in the city? I love good food and natural wine. I am so French in that sense. My friends who own restaurants and are natural wine producers, they sent me to some wild addresses in New York.

Can you drive around Brooklyn with your eyes closed now?

Jacky ido dating site

I know New York. I lived there for a little bit. Finding time You're an expat here but you're certainly not alone.

jacky ido dating site

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