Adventure time dating steps to marriage

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adventure time dating steps to marriage

"Love Games" is the thirty-fifth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. Finn steps in to save the day, but first they will need to win a series of Love ( with Finn claiming that he no longer wants to date anymore) when Slime Princess arrives Slime Princess explains that her sister Blargetha recently married a slime. Tier 15 is an extended reference from "Adventure Time" where it refers to love. For example, tier 1 Tier 15unknown. The highest point in a couples relationship . But like any couple married for a long time, we were in a routine: Go out . our new dating plan, people loved hearing about our adventures.

Finn replies, "No, I can take it. She hugs him, and although he smiles for the first few seconds, Finn begins to burn up and pushes her away. Flame Princess then bids him goodbye. In " Burning Low ," she and Finn are dating. She even thanks him for building her house and they hug each other.

He decides to go to "tier two smooching " after another date, but only receives five hugs, which according to Jake, does not count as "tier two. Then, when Jake is convinced what would happen if Finn kisses Flame Princess, he and Princess Bubblegum try to stop it, but arrive to see them already kissing. When Flame Princess falls into the earth's crust due to her instability, Finn goes in to save her, with Jake cutting off her oxygen supply. After using artificial respiration to revive her, they continue to date.

He referred Flame Princess as his lady. After hearing Flame King 's words that she might be evil, Finn want to change her to good. In " Reign of Gunters ," Finn takes the advice of a dating book called Mind Games and tries to act more mysterious, claiming he needs to keep all the ladies in a state of confusion; that way, he has "options in case Flame Princess doesn't work out.

They divided a cookie and began eating it together. Finn and Flame Princess' first kiss In " Jake Suit ," she is seen calmer and able to control her anger well, even though Jake, who is controlling Finn, embarrassed him in front of her less evil family by making him dance his Baby Finn song.

When she figured out the bet, she should have shouted at him, instead she thinks it is pretty hardcore of Jake to do that, then she wishes Finn good luck.

It is proved in this episode that she can lower her anger levels even more, which is seen when she did not rage at Finn for hurting her feelings when he admitted he wrote the forged letter.

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However, she was heartbroken at this fact. Oppose — Episode synopsis in this section are redundant. A sentence or two for each "interaction" and a link to the relevant episode is sufficient. Finn meets Flame Princess in "Incendium. In " Hot to the Touch ," Finn tries to convince Flame Princess that he really loves her, but she doesn't trust him because he hurt her a few times put out her flames.

At first, Flame Princess believes they shouldn't be together, because they will hurt each other, but Finn convinces her he can take it and they hug. Some time between "Hot to the Touch" and " Burning Low ," the two started dating.

This was first illustrated in "Burning Low. He succeds, but this ends in a disaster due to Flame Princess' unstable elemental matrix. This upsets Finn, but he's relieved to know she can change her allingment if she hangs out with people like Finn. In " Reign of Gunters ," Finn takes advice from a dating book called Mind Games to act mysterious so that he could have a "spare" just in case his relationship with Flame Princess doesn't work out.

In " Vault of Bones ," Flame Princess says she would never hurt her boyfriend. Neutral — This version is better, but it needs to be rewritten to emphasize why each point is relevant to their relationship.

adventure time dating steps to marriage

Every relationship needs to have some developments here, you know be more specific about Finn and Flame Princess. If the relationship status is short like that, than some fans won't know what's really up between those two.

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It wouldn't be fair if Finn's relationship with other characters and Flame Princess's relationship with other character are being more specific and development while their relationship together are just being in simple details. Every relationship has to be more specific and development even it's long.

So just keep it like that. The sections are written in a different style than the other relationships sections for other characters on FP's page and other character's pages.

They only have simple facts. The entire wiki should be written in just one and only style. Let's say we accept the style sections on Finn and FP's page. Who would like to rewrite all the other relationship sections on other pages?

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The sections itself contradicts itself. There's no need to write the entire plot of the episodes. There is a separate page for each episode and a trnscript. The concept of a relationship section isn't present in the shown sections. A relationship section is for a reltionship, and not the plot of an episode. I hope this will get some votes and end this feud.

However the current state of the section is 'overly detailed' as in narrating the actions of an episode. It is not summing up the relationship between the two characters and is instead telling a story with no structure besides continuously adding onto it.

And while it does need to be condense, it should be 'fleshed out'.

adventure time dating steps to marriage

Flame Princess is becoming a supporting character, she is was not established to be a background or cameo character, she is now interacting with the leads. So treating the section as if it were a background "Candy Person" is not the best way to go because it reduces the impact of the relationship. The long versions seems like someone basically copied and pasted part of episode articles onto the page.

It is far too long and contains unnecessary details. The short version, on the other hand, it bare bones. While it does contain probably all the necessary information, it doesn't really that much to accurately describe their relationship.

adventure time dating steps to marriage

I believe a third option needs to be made that is shorter than the long version, but contains more details than the short version. So here it is: The page cannot be edited since it has been locked. I wish that these ideas would be added to that section in a neutral tone to present these ideas. Bolded words represent links. Flame Princess is Finn's current girfriend and love interest.

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At first, Flame Princess was very angry at Finn due to the fact that she believed Finn was the one who came to the Fire Kingdom and asked for her hand, even though it was actually Jake disguised as Finn. However, Flame Princess doesn't trust Finn due to the fact he put out her flames during their incounter by a pond of water.

During a furious confrotation at the Goblin Kingdom, Finn starts crying, sad that he can't really have a serious relationship with a girl. Flame Princess witnesses this, "realizing" that the reason Finn harmed her was because he was a Water Elemental, not that he wanted to harm her. She says to Finn they can't be together because they're opposite elements, but Finn convinces her he can take it and they hug.

Sometime between "Hot to the Touch" and "Burning Low", the two started dating. Slime Princess explains that her sister Blargetha recently married a slime rogue named Guillermoleading the elder of the Slime Kingdom, Elder Plops, to decree that rule over the Slime Kingdom will be passed to Blargetha unless Slime Princess marries the next day. Slime Princess says that this would not normally be a problem, but she discovered that Blargetha and Guillermo are evil and plan to conquer the Ooo.

Finn refuses anyway and only hesitantly accepts when Slime Princess says that the marriage would be in name only.

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Arriving at the Slime Kingdom, a wasteland "oasis" of slime, Slime Princess leads Finn and Jake to the "most important place" in the Kingdom, a discotheque where Slime Princess and all her "main splurts" hang out. While introducing Finn as her new husband to the Slime Kingdom's citizens, Slime Princess's sister Blargetha arrives with her husband Guillermo.

Claiming that Guillermo is unable to do so himself due to a severely sore throat, Blargetha challenges Finn and Slime Princess to the Trials of Glarb, a series of love games. Slime Princess objects to this; however, Elder Plops agrees, saying that whichever couple he deems to be "the most truly in love" will rule the Slime Kingdom. The first trial is crooning, in which the contestants sing a song, and Elder Plops judges the winner. Finn is still troubled by his relationship issues, but Slime Princess encourages him to simply let his emotions out.

They win the first challenge with Finn's song about his inability to get over Flame Princess. They lose the second challenge, however, when Finn refuses to spoon with Slime Princess, and Blargetha ties the scores.