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It is known for its broadcast of Ang Dating Daan (ADD), the longest-running . On August 10, , UNTV-BMPI formally relaunched DWNU as Wish FM of Asia Arena, Public Service Expo and the 2nd UNTV Rescue Summit at the On January 7,, the first live Bible exposition in the United States was . Our primary intent is to expose the word of God in the Bible, and to show you if Mr . ANG DATING DAAN BIBLE EXPOSITION ONLINE Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition Online is .. Africans, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Mali, Sierra Leone, Angola, Guinea, .. Retrieved 26 January Eli has become very interested in learning the Bible that he stopped going to Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) was first aired on TV on the year where Bro. . One of the locales that was established in the Isabela District, Sierra . Also the first scheduled Bible Exposition that will be held for the year.

NU is a brainchild of Henares and radio veteran Mike N. It has carved a niche in the radio broadcast history as one of the very first alternative radio station that plays artists who breaks new ground in music.

The relaunch aims to introduce the station to a larger demographic range of audience. Since then, UNTV became a hour free TV network though it continues to sign-off the air every Monday mornings for regular transmitter maintenance broadcasting not only religious programs of ADD, but also news and current affairs, public service, informative and entertainment programs. The hotel said it was a system limitation on its part while comments from some of the netizens relate this incident to the July 27, centennial anniversary celebration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo INCa rich and politically influential church in the Philippines and MCGI's staunch religious rival.

On the following day, UNTV started airing with its new and refreshed look. On May 18,President Benigno S. The law granted PBC a franchise to construct, install, operate, and maintain, for commercial purposes, radio broadcasting stations and television stations, including digital television system, with the corresponding facilities such as relay stations, throughout the Philippines.

The network meanwhile retained its long-time slogan, "Your Public Service Channel". The activity includes upgrading of technical equipment and studio facilities.

The organization is responsible for the daily news and information gathering for its news programs. InUNTV reporters started delivering pre-recorded reports in different languages.

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In the yearBro. Perez proving his loyalty, sincerity and dedication to his service to GOD and to the Church. Historically, he was only the one who has been given such ID. Due to the every growing Church members not only in the Philippines but across the globe, Bro.

Eli was known to his program Ang Dating Daan that was launched in the year It was first aired on the radio in the Philippines. Among the all the other panelist who are pastors and representatives of various religions, Bro. It was in the year when Bro. Eli started writing blogs on his own blog site, http: In the yearthe blogsite of Bro. Eli has established charity institutions to accommodate the needy where people of different religions and ethnic groups are welcome.

It was the year when Bro.

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Eli left the Philippines. Eli Soriano in various locations abroad.

To help augment the various public services that Bro. Eli has established businesses like water stations and restaurants. Eli is a very good cook. Eli cooks for the Church brethren and for the guests. Chinese food is one of Bro. Eli likes the color green. Daniel Razon are founders of the Christian school in the Philippines that offers free education, free meal free uniforms and free allowance. Eli knows many alternative medicines and medications.

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Eli has a twitter account BroEliSoriano. Eli has a google plus page https: Eli has a facebook page https: Eli has his own website http: Eli is has won various awards as a n evangelist. Please see, for reference http: