Are you dating an alpha female

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are you dating an alpha female

But that woman is certainly not an Alpha Female. Now, for my Alpha Females out there, you badass bitches know who you are, it takes a very particular man to. Not so with alpha females. They are too careful to put a foot wrong in their dating. Since they mostly want a man they can control, it takes them longer to find such. The dictionary of Psychology defines alpha female as the dominant female in a group. They are women who stand out in a crowd. You can.

are you dating an alpha female

The alpha female is the leader of the pack. It does, however, become extremely annoying and hard to deal with when your girlfriend wants to be in charge all of the time. Again, it goes back to the whole human nature thing. Most human beings do need care and nurturing, and someone to tend to their needs.

When your girlfriend is an alpha female, she still needs someone who can take care of her, but in a different way. It is true that confidence is key, regardless if you are in a business meeting, meeting someone new, or simply being your best self every single day. Unfortunately, just like in the case of being too bold, having a woman by your side whose confidence is so out of this world is often too much to handle in a relationship.

Confidence is key, and definitely something that everyone should have, but juggling a person who has an overabundance of confidence should be one of the top reasons to turn around and run away. Maybe not every word is dripping with disdain, but certain parts of the conversation have more attitude than others. It will be difficult to handle being talked down to but what you really need to keep an eye out for is when she starts talking to your friends and family in that same condescending tone.

are you dating an alpha female

To her, what she says goes, period. If you say anything else, you might just receive a quick kick in the rear. If you do get into a situation where she is willing to compromise, watch out! Like before, she could be storing this up to use against you later or she could be just trying to catch you in a trap.

17 Reasons To Date An Alpha Female

Well, this is when she is going to bring it out to use it: Of course, getting into a fight with an alpha is nothing like getting into a fight with a regular woman. It is so much worse. The trick with this part of the game is that you have to simultaneously take care of your own needs and desires while at the same time going above and beyond to make an effort to contribute to her life as well.

You have to secretly work on your own goals and life aspirations all the while catering to Her Highness.

Or you could skip the whole idea and find a normal, non-alpha female to be in a relationship with. Just look at the wild animal kingdom, for example.

You may think they are different, but things are pretty much the same when it comes to our hierarchy. As you might suspect, this comes with a whole plethora of problems. Your girlfriend, being the woman that she is, lives her life in the fast lane.

15 Signs He's Dating An Alpha Female

Life is intense, but even more so when you actually matter, or when you believe you do at least. When conflicts and issues arise, she will tackle them head on and without pretension, because she believes that you cannot properly deal with a problem if you are not honest enough to admit what it is really about.

are you dating an alpha female

She has genius-level EQ. An alpha female has no such issue considering that she has high emotional intelligence. This means she has the ability to control her emotions, to see through the actions of others, and to rationally weigh the pros and cons of any situation. As a person with superior EQ, she has great control and discernment of proper and most rational behavior.

This strength of hers enables an alpha female to clearly see if a relationship worth saving or if her boyfriend is worth dumping.

How to be 'The Man' with an Alpha female

She is filled with boundless energy and positive vibes. Unlike some women who are prone to whining and complaining about their day, the moment they meet their partners an alpha girlfriend always sees the bright side of things, and hardly ever spends her time sulking in front of her boyfriend. They are constantly on their mobile phones waiting for a call or a text message; and when they receive none, they are instantly on edge and ready to bite anybody who comes near them.

An alpha female, on the other hand, lives independently even if she is in a relationship. Her life does not revolve around her boyfriend. She does not feel insecure or jealous even if her partner is having fun without her. In fact, she enjoys time alone with herself every once in a while.

It does not apply to the alpha girlfriend.

Signs You're Dating An Alpha Female (And Why You Should Run)

She has no qualms admitting her mistakes. Alpha-wannabees believe that to be strong and fierce means being perfect, and not being caught committing a mistake. Which is why they have the tendency to be defensive, and be in denial when they eventually make one.

A true-blue alpha woman has no problem admitting her mistakes, and apologizing to her boyfriend immediately. She believes in herself and she knows she is worth desiring so any action that resembles begging for love and affection is a total no-no.

are you dating an alpha female

When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows. She is not interested in a catfight. Some women even enjoy this because they see it as a chance to show their superiority. They will put down the other girl in front of their boyfriends, they will show how they are prettier, sexier, and more desirable. An alpha female would have none of this drama.

She knows who she is, and she respects other girls. She does not have the need to bring down others just so she can feel good about herself.

She is intrinsically confident and would rather empower other women than compete with them. She is a gifted decision maker. She has an innate ability to view things in various perspective, to weigh the pros and cons, and come up with the best solution that will bring the most benefit to everyone involved. This is the reason that alpha girlfriends tend to be the primary decision maker in their romantic relationship. An alpha female would never involve herself in such petty contests.