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The last time Kisame had to deal with a pissy person who thought they were his boss for an extended period of time, it was Fuguki, and Kisame killed him and took his sword.

reverse - Chapter 10 - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]

Chuckling softly and a little wryly at his own foolishness, Kisame checks their prisoners again, testing the ninja wire their hands are tied with and making sure they're actually unconscious and not just faking it. He knows desperation when he sees it, and these two were verging on it. Loyalty, Kisame thinks, is a nice thing to find even in his enemies.

And he proposed a date. Even if it was a distraction, or mostly a distraction, Kisame is still flattered. Beyond that, Orochimaru has escaped from his cell and Sakumo appears to have gone after him. I do not like this. Orochimaru won't be a problem, since Kisame almost managed to beat him once, and Orochimaru with his ninjutsu is badly matched against Kisame's abilities, but Jiraiya and Tsunade might be a headache if they get involved.

Especially Tsunade; with her strength and perfect chakra control, Kisame would likely be in trouble if he pitted himself against her. Kisame is more than ready for a bit of action. Maybe it won't be a fair fight—Nagato is an Uzumaki too, and even his chakra reserves were pitiful compared to what Kisame can muster—but Kurama is supposedly a jinchuuriki.

He curls his hands around his cane and nods once. Even if he is alone, more bait to draw Kurama here won't be a bad thing. The shinobi snaps to attention, then flashes a hand seal and shifts into a perfect copy of the second tokujo, right down to the bound hands. But it also raises the question of just when a Kage becomes a traitor to the rest of their village, and Kisame's never really considered that before.

Something to ponder at another time, though. Kakashi has something of a bad feeling about this. This is a two-pronged attack, more or less, and while Kakashi does wish they had more backup, he also understands why the Clan Heads as a group need to bring this to the Hokage. Of course, it leave him and his partner in crime with the brunt of the work, but that was probably to be expected. There's no one in the corridors, and the majority of the rooms they pass are dark and still. Inoichi slows, then comes to a halt beside a sharp corner.

There's no sound from beyond it, so Kakashi slips forward to crouch beside him, breathing carefully to filter out the scents. Inoichi shoots him a narrow look, but turns back to face the empty hall ahead of them, assessing it. Kakashi jerks back, sliding as much out of sight as he can in the shadows, but the runner never makes it to them. There's a cry as he goes down, two bodies following, and then a short scuffle followed by a yelp and then silence. Two people murmur to each other, and then one of them grunts in effort before the footsteps recede.

Inoichi narrows his eyes, but risks a glance around the corner. Kakashi does the same, and feels his breath catch at the sight of Aoba, limp over the shoulder of a Root member, with blood on the side of his face and his sunglasses cracked. No, he thinks, an instinctive and entirely emotional response.

He lifts his head and takes a breath, cataloguing the scents in the corridor, and pulling up a memory of the last time he and Aoba had a mission together. Aoba always smells faintly of dry blood, buried under feathers and ink and very faded herbs from the poisons he sometimes uses. There's no trace of it from any of those three shinobi. No need for the Sharingan, not for this; he has no doubt the one with Aoba's face is simply wearing a henge.

Which means that this is absolutely a trap. Inoichi pauses, and Kakashi can see him weighing their options. He never could have known that mission would change his life quite so drastically. But, standing here, he can't truly bring himself to mind.

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I follow, he signs back, haphazard ANBU gestures meant for speed more than easy recognition, but blue eyes catch them without trouble. Inoichi smirks at him, then slips around the corner with soundless steps and hurries after the retreating Root shinobi.

Kakashi keeps to the shadows, keeps in step, and guards his back as they move. The room is tall and wide, with a small skylight high above and water pooled on the floor. One step in, braced for anything, and Inoichi turns sharply, hands coming up like claws. He breathes deep, smells salt and metal and the familiar flower-herbal scent of one of Genma's nastier poisons spread liberally through the air. A pause, and then another chuckle, even more amused than before. Might as well drop it.

There's that advantage gone. He slips around the edge of the door just as Inoichi tips his head up. His form wavers like a heat mirage, then fades away, and Kurama glares Kisame venomously. With a wide, eager grin, Kisame meets him, and the whirl of chakra exploding from the pair of them is almost enough to make Kakashi stagger where he stands.

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Kisame might be more opposition than they were expecting, but they were expecting it. While Kurama and Kisame distract each other, he darts forward, giving them a wide berth as Kurama flips over Kisame's head and Samehada just skims his arm as he comes down.

Two bound forms are neatly laid out on the other side of the cavern, scents reassuringly familiar, and— A flicker of movement sends Kakashi diving out of the way, rolling and coming back to his feet with a kunai in one hand.

He reaches for his hitai-ate, pushing it up, and lets the Sharingan bring everything into painful focus. Water slams into him from behind, knee-deep and as icy as the ocean in the dead of winter, and Kakashi staggers one step and then leaps, landing on the surface of it and using the momentum to throw himself forward. There's no time to see the result. He twists back to his feet just in time for a kick to knock his legs out from under him again, and he snarls. As Itachi strikes out at him, Sharingan bright with power, Kurama summons fire in a wave, and forces the boy to dodge it.

He bares his teeth, brings his claws up, and ignores the red fox when it claws its way back up to his shoulders and curls defensively around his neck. You have no right to take him away. He grabs for them now, for power, for balance.

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Positive and negative chakra spin at his fingertips, condensing down into five marble-sized balls of purple-black light, and Kurama lets them go. They whirl out, and Kakashi's eyes widen. He shouts a warning, throwing himself back towards the river, but Kurama can't see if he makes it. A moment later the smoke parts and a shining white shape slips through.

The vixen bounds over to them, then drops into a crouch. Kurama glances around and is startled to recognize it as the same spot where he helped the fox earlier.

Kurama lets out a breath of pure relief and wraps his arms around the boy, clutching him close. His eyes catch on the white vixen and go wide with wonder. Kurama laughs as well, too shaky and glad to do much else.

That was very, very clever and tricky of you. Those four won't be distracted for long. With Konoha's best tracker on his tail, his options are shrinking by the second. Glad to have your approval, kit. And I was headed for Suna.

Can we stop for oden on the way? For all their sakes, Kakashi sweeps his feet out from under him and dumps the elder Uchiha on his ass. Turning his attention away, Kakashi looks over his dirty, slightly battered team and resists the urge to sigh. The riverbank around them is a complete disaster, more a collection of craters than anything, and the dust and smoke in the air is only just now clearing.

Thank you for asking, senpai. Kakashi is surrounded by comedians. It is maybe just slightly possible that Kurama's words affected him rather more than he would care to admit.

The problem, Kakashi thinks, is Kurama's certainty. There's always the possibility that, if Kurama really is telling the truth about who he is, Naruto really is better off elsewhere.

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This is a mission from the Sandaime Hokage. This is his duty. Naruto belongs in Konoha, in Minato's village, and not in the clutches of a completely unknown man who clearly knows far too much about jinchuuriki. When he glances over, the boy offers a small shrug.

I thought it was interesting. There's a brief pause as they all consider this, and then Shisui hums thoughtfully, stretching his legs out in front of him and wrapping an arm around his knees. They're really, really not. The eleven-year-old meets his stare evenly, tipping one shoulder in a faint shrug, but says nothing else.

As far as Kurama believed, he was telling the truth. Naruto really is his family. An Uzumaki man, the father of Konoha's second jinchuuriki but with no real ties to either Konoha or Uzushio, would be a valuable commodity in Kumo. If Kurama had escaped, made his way back to Uzushio before it fell, it would also make sense for him not to have told anyone what he was.

Kakashi puts his head in his hands and regrets every single one of his life choices with even more fervor than normal. You can sleep outside when we stop for the night. Uzumaki can't be too far ahead, and I want him caught as soon as possible. Surprisingly, Itachi falls into step with him as he scouts the edges of the trees. Kakashi has had all these thoughts already, and they twist themselves up in knots in his brain every time he tries to push them away.

But the Hokage's orders are clear.