Best khali dosa in bangalore dating

Tasty Khali Dosa - Review of Hotel Mangala, Bengaluru, India - TripAdvisor

best khali dosa in bangalore dating

10 Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors and Foodies - Evoma - 4-star Business There are many side dishes that go well with Idli, but it is best served with sambar This Karnataka specialty is a smaller (you get Khali dosas to a set), thicker, like badam, kova, dal, and dates add different flavours to your experience. MadhuraU. Bangalore, India. Reviewed March 11, Excellent place for Khali Dosa. One of the best place to have Khali Dosa in Gandhi Bazar area. Khali dosa along with butter is "the dish" you need to have at this hotel. Nothing can beat it. If you are in Bangalore never miss this place for tastiest Khali dosa in .

best khali dosa in bangalore dating

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