Chris rock stand up relationships dating

chris rock stand up relationships dating

Like any other kind of artists, stand-up comics turn to relationships as a You know the male-female dating relationship so many comedians riff on? Chris Rock is arguably the best-known comedian of the past two decades. In his first stand-up special in a decade, the usually detached comedian talks about Chris Rock and his fans have a lot to catch up on. A year to the date after the start of the Total Blackout tour, Netflix has premiered Most of them are framed as generic relationship advice, offered without detailing said. It seems rather apropos that Chris Rock's first standup special in ten years, Tambourine, opens with a refrain from Thundercat's song, “Them.

chris rock stand up relationships dating

You'll note this list is all men; it's not that there aren't great female stand-ups, it's just that we're taking a look at the male psyche here. The list below isn't in any particular order. Louis CK Louis CK 's trademark brutally honest style comes to the fore again in his comments on dating.

You know the male-female dating relationship so many comedians riff on? Louis starts off by pointing out for a select group of ugly, undesirable people, it just doesn't exist. Men are "the worst thing that's ever happened to women," even comparing us to heart disease. Neither men, nor women, or humanity in general particularly come out looking good in this clip, but it's classic all the same.

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They just 'em and then they die. And if you're feeling bad about it? Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle's classic Killing Them Softly set in was more about telling goofy stories than observational humour, until he segued into perceptions of female beauty, materialism and relationships towards the end of the set.

Lampooning magazines like Cosmo and others promoting a skewed image of both men and women, the bit comes alive once he starts breaking down why men buy nice things.

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In his eyes, they're just means to an end: Eddie Murphy Nowadays known more for a series of uninspiring Hollywood comedies, it's easy to forget how good a comedian Murphy was in the 80s, as seen in his two classic full length sets Delirious and Raw. His humor was always provocative and often crossed the lines of good taste. Here he starts deliberately making couples in the audience uncomfortable about the amount of fidelity women can expect from a man.

In his eyes, all men are chronic cheaters, and he's not shy about hammering on that fact. We are low by nature and have to do it.

All men do it. It is a man thing.

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Man must find and conquer as much pussy as they can get. Dane Cook Dane Cook leads his audience on for several minutes, all for a single-punchline setup leading to a discussion of lengthy discussion of cheating.

Cook doesn't take as bleak of view of supposed fidelity as does Eddie Murphy, but he's more than willing to burst a few idealistic bubbles along the way.

Following the release of his first documentary, 's Good HairRock is working on a documentary about debt called Credit Is the Devil.

The show has garnered both critical and ratings success. Kamau Bellwhich premiered in August The decision to have Rock host the awards was seen by some as a chance to bring an "edge" to the ceremony, and to make it more relevant or appealing to younger audiences.

chris rock stand up relationships dating

Subsequently, a defensive Sean Penn took the stage to present and said, "In answer to our host's question, Jude Law is one of our finest young actors. Law was not the only actor that Rock poked fun at that evening, however—he turned the joke on himself at one point, saying, "If you want Denzel [Washington] and all you can get is me, wait!

Rock declined however, stating at the ceremony that it would have accomplished little since the show would have proceeded anyway, with him simply replaced. In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Rock stated that he chose to do Broadway because he wanted more people to see him "really act. Sometimes when you do comedy, that can be a little formulaic, and it's hard for really good directors to see that you can act.

chris rock stand up relationships dating

Though not strictly autobiographical, much of his comic standpoint seems rooted in his teenage experience; his strict parents, concerned about the inadequacies of the local school system, arranged to have the adolescent Rock bused to a nearly all-white high school in Bensonhurst an Italian-ethnic neighborhood of Brooklyn known at the time for poor race relations.

In his memoir Rock This, the comedian recalls, "My parents assumed I'd get a better education in a better neighborhood. What I actually got was a worse education in a worse neighborhood.

And a whole bunch of ass-whippings.

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In this position, he finds himself directly at odds with one of his comic idols, Bill Cosby. Cosby has reprimanded Rock both explicitly—for his Niggas vs.

chris rock stand up relationships dating

Black People track—and implicitly, for heavy use of the word "nigger. Of course, this is just for black entertainers. You don't see anyone telling Jerry Seinfeld he's a good role model.

Because everyone expects whites to behave themselves Nowadays, you've got to be an entertainer and a leader.

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