Dating a guy meaningful tattoos

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dating a guy meaningful tattoos

Tattoos are blatant statements of someone's soul and state of mind. While our mothers would shake their heads at any inked-up boyfriend we. 25 Sexy Reasons Why You Should Date Guys with Tattoos because he is not as All of his memorable moments, meaningful things, and favorite quotes are. Chakra Meaning Symbolic Tattoo Ideas For Guys Dating back into the mists of time, the Thor Hammer usually signifies sacred things or making things sacred.

Of course women still win this battle, the miracle of childbirth trumping any sort of experience with a needle. Most of us are sensitive, artistic types. Tattoos are the perfect tool for getting a conversation started. Should you and your tattooed beau find yourselves in the midst of an awkward social gathering, you can count on someone paying attention to his exposed body ink to help kick-start some form of dialogue.

Our ink makes us inherent storytellers. Tattoos are a form of self-expression for the individual. Think of inked-out guys as a walking, talking illustrated storybook.

Most of us have the extra motivation to stay fit. We literally wear our creativity on our sleeves.

dating a guy meaningful tattoos

Tattoos should be a collaborative effort between artist and client. Successful sessions usually come about when the artist takes the time to conceptualize the piece with the person getting it.

Does his penchant for skulls and crossbones signal a morbid interest for the darker things in life? Or are his tats colorful and vibrant, just like his everyday outlook? So, in essence, they are a part of his personal aesthetic.

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It is integral to the Hinduism and Buddhism ways of life. Jesus Fish An old symbol of the Christian religion, these are some of the easiest tattoos to personalize.

The styles have very different meanings, but they generally come back to the main theme of self-sacrifice and all-encompassing love that the first fish sign signified.

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Semicolon The simple semicolon is a powerful sign of mental health struggles and needs. Started in by a social media outreach, it signifies a breaking down of barriers around this area of health. Peace Sign Like what it signifies, the peace sign is eloquently simple and powerfully moving. Popular around the world, it speaks to the universal, deep, human longing for peace in all areas of life. Boar Wild and yet recognized, the boar takes on realms of meaning.

Courage, strength, determination, and fearlessness surround this image. It can also signify the hunted, yet unbowed, trait of the outlaws and people beyond the accepted world.

All Seeing Eye The all seeing eye is very like the eye, but with a deeper meaning. Other interpretations depend on the images and overall design.

Anchor A symbol of hope and last resorts, an anchor tattoo has many predecessors.


A popular design among sailors, old and new, today the anchor means much the same as it has through the ages. Other ideas behind it include loyalty, strength, and stability. Arrow Depending on the style and arrangement of an arrow or arrows, this simple symbol can signify many things.

A single arrow means defense of loved ones or things. Two arrows pointing at each other can mean aggression or war. A broken arrow communicates peace. And the list winds on… Enso Light, inner strength, and the universe are all packed within this little circle. Small and imperfect, it also reminds you that everything has its flaws and drawbacks, but they are all in the end worth the effort. Fudog Protective and courageous, this dog and lion cross serves as both a guard and a shield against evil.

They often signify a courageous and heroic person behind them and their abilities. Japanese Dragon The powerful dragon contains the meanings of wisdom, strength, cunning and elemental force. These meanings make them a popular choice for tattoo artwork.

Koi Fish Koi embody the masculine characteristics of determination, endurance against great odds by a show of force, and the desire to grow beyond your nature. A lesser-known symbol, it adds elements of surprise and discovery to the image.

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Lion The king of the beasts, the lion embodies courage, royalty, power, and more. Mountain Steadfast and serene, the mountain in its purest sense signifies a completed accomplishment. It can be over a human flaw, a journey finished, or a skill mastered.

Top 50 Best Symbolic Tattoos For Men – Design Ideas With Unique Meanings

The deeper meaning depends on the tale behind the towering peak. Olive Branch From the very beginning, as some creation tales tell us, the olive branch was a symbol of new life, fresh beginnings, and a token of peace.

When other elements are added, such as birds, it takes on new depths of meaning. Shamrock Seen as the Luck of the Irish, the shamrock is a bow to that culture and perhaps to a shared heritage. It also has Christian religious meanings and, because it is good grazing for livestock, indicates prosperity and abundance.

Shark The king of the waters, the shark represents powerful stealth, impressive focus, and amazing self-awareness.

A tattoo of a shark also symbolizes protection against the powers of the ocean, as the king of the seas is guarding you.

But that can mean more than what meets the eye. Depending on what the story is behind it, it can mean anything from living every day to fearlessness in the face of death and more. Tree Of Life As its name indicates, the tree of life symbolizes immortality, the cycle of the world, and the endurance of Nature.

Many times, the roots touch the leaves, strengthening the imagery. Triangle The power of three, a shadow of the meaning of the all-seeing Eye, and, depending on the position of the point, masculine or femininity. And all this is within the three points of the triangle. Yin Yang Balance in all things, the beginnings of the universe, and the necessary tension between the ways of the world and the ways of men. The simple yin yang symbol captures all this and more in its circle of white and black.

Zia All the cycles of four are caught within the sunburst of the zia. The four seasons, the four directions, and the four stages of life are just a few interpretations of this symbol. Nordic Runes Full of mystery and might from the ancient days, Nordic runes are full of power.

dating a guy meaningful tattoos

As with many of the preceding symbols, this cannot be ever fully explained, for there is too much behind them.