Dating a guy with sleep apnea

Love Means Never Feeling Embarrassed About A CPAP Mask

dating a guy with sleep apnea

Apr 28, Here's some helpful advice for telling that special someone about your Mention your sleep apnea when you feel comfortable. By spilling the beans about your sleep apnea and your CPAP therapy, your date may feel. Physicians call the culprit "obstructive sleep apnea," a syndrome characterized by the repeated collapse of a person's airway during sleep. Mar 20, Sleep apnea certainly affects sex lives, but some sufferers contend that An estimated 4 percent of men and 2 percent of women between the ages “You wouldn't go around dating somebody and put this thing on and say.

This may happen as often as every minute even though you do not remember it in the morning. Breathing stops for a period of time until the person wakes up just enough to move the muscles and breathe again," she says. Among other serious medical effects, the sleep cycle is disrupted so that the deep and reparative stages are not reached. Apart from the obvious concern for your vitality, sleep apnea can also put a big ol' wrench into whatever sex life you have.

However, since maintaining activity, connection and passion is important to you and your partnerthere are some expertly-guided ways you can keep your brain and heart healthy, while also getting it on.

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Sure, but before you are diagnosed, the disturbed sleep pattern may make you so tired, you do not even get excited at the sight of your partner's naked bod. Here are just a few ways sleep apnea make wreak havoc in the bedroom: You're Exhausted - And Maybe Depressed "Sleep may be affecting your sex life and performance in the bedroom without your even knowing it.

It may seem obvious that poor sleep will cause lack of energy, which can get in the way of one's sex life. But fewer people know that this poor quality sleep can be related to depression and anxiety too," Dr.

dating a guy with sleep apnea

Magid-Katz explains that because it impacts the levels of testosterone, you might experience the loss of libido, or sex drive and in extreme cases, erectile dysfunction. Another side effect of sleep apnea is tied to your diet, Dr.

Dating with Sleep Apnea Doesn’t Need 11 or 12 Stages

This can make it more difficult to lose weight and affect self-confidence," she explains. You Get Cranky If you are a parent or just someone who has partied all night long and woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you know how much of an impact your mood has on every part of your life, relationships included. Magid-Katz explains, "Sleep apnea can affect your sex life not only in a physical manner, but your relationship as well. Studies show that sleep deprivation can make couples 'too tired to say thank you' and causes them to prioritize their needs over their partner's.

dating a guy with sleep apnea

This is what a dying giraffe sounds like, you might think. Soon, however, shock and awe transform into frustration over the difficulty you face in falling back asleep. In some cases the sound may be soft, but in other cases, it can be loud and unpleasant.

dating a guy with sleep apnea

You will take responsibility for finding the right solution. Picking up a package of disposable ear plugs will seem like a major accomplishment—a giant leap towards regaining control of your personal sleeping patterns.

Dating with Sleep Apnea Doesn’t Need 11 or 12 Stages

Cue snoring, at which point you learn that the plugs are distressingly inadequate. For an additional layer of protection, you will bury your head beneath the comforter. When your double sound barrier proves ineffective, you will no longer be able to contain yourself.

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Understanding Sleep Apnea And Sexual Health

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