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Documentary Screening: A Railroader Remembers | Sun Prairie Public Library

Trying to remember some history. Didn't we already have a 'transcontinental railroad' many many years ago? Unless my aging memory has. A Railroader Remembers: Jim Ladwig, Rodney Kreunen, Joe Follmar Not Rated; Studio: Video Art Productions; DVD Release Date: October The Railroad Life - Hey All, I'm new to the circle so I thought I'd but as a wife you have to remember that your life is no longer your own. So my situation is slightly different as I am not married to a railroader but dating one.

Railroads and trains were what people thought of when they thought of my husband. He was in a fairly stable job, in the same shift, most of the time, and I had no outside job, but lots of time-consuming hobbies. This allowed me to shape my time around his hours and days off. We were married five years before we had our family, and that made it easier to work out some of the kinks. We needed that time to establish our relationship before we added in anyone else.

By the time we had our daughters, we were ready for them. My husband liked working the afternoon shift, and the babies were happy and playful in the mornings when he was home. By evening, when they were fussier, he was at work and out of my way. He was a good daddy, very involved. A Railroader Remembers: Jim Ladwig, Rodney Kreunen, Joe Follmar, Bob Leff: Movies & TV

He wanted these girls, and they did not disappoint! When they started school, it became more difficult for me. I had to get them off to school in the morning, usually before he even got out of bed, and every day he was working they were in bed before he was home from work.

He did try to take field trips with their classes in the mornings teachers loved that! We were lucky that his job did not require him to travel much. Along the way I picked up a part-time job which I love. He loves his job. Our daughters grew up with the idea that you found the thing you loved to do, your passion, and that's what you did for a living. It uses the up-to-now unseen FBI report, based on early fears it was caused by sabotage, obtained with a Freedom of Information request, and previously unpublished photos.

At 90, a photographer looks back on his wide-ranging portfolio. Randy Faris Out-of-print No. Examining the life of an Irish- American railroad contractor. Francis Watson Short Takes: No, Just a Photographer Lucius Beebe. The history of locomotive sales and marketing practices in the diesel era. Reflections on a repurposed 19th-century Florida landmark. Roger Grant Meeting an Emergency: The improbable story of a Central Pacific Railroad business car.

Colorful, creative posters and a s multimedia campaign. John Gruber and J. Nevada State Railroad Museum Single copies: A close look at an important Civil War railroad facility. The Last Train Ride: A wartime crossroads viewed through perceptive eyes.

Tony Reevy Demise Postponed. Iowa's electric interurban railways and World War II.

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Hofsommer Milwaukee Road's Electrification. The origins and evolution of catenary on the Pacific Coast Extension. Milwaukee Road at Avery, Idaho. Mike Schafer Single copies: There are a lot of stories behind the stories we know so well. Start with the checkered history of railroad regulation. Decline and Renaissance in the Twentieth Century.

Documentary Screening: A Railroader Remembers

John Gruber has ferreted out the human stories behind the pictures. William Watson of Immaculata University reports on the excavation of a mass grave dating from the s. This issue is full of new stories, and of new takes on old stories. Smithsonian curator emeritus John H. Out of print No. At the same time, public policymakers were coming to grips with the fact that the New Haven was an indispensible asset.