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dating mongolia

Too smart, too successful: Mongolia's superwomen struggle to find husbands She has tried dating events and having friends set her up. Largest Online Dating Site for Singles in Mongolia. Browse and Find hot Singles in Mongolia. Meet thousands of Mongolian Single Pretty Girls and Guys Waiting. Looking for the best online dating sites in Mongolia? Look no further. We detail the best places to meet women in this unspoiled country.

Alimaa Altangerel, writer A survey released in March by the World Bank found Mongolian men in their 20s often described women as more ambitious than men, a trait they found unattractive. Some wondered why women invested so much in their education, given that it increased their risk of not being able to find a husband. Bulganchimeg Gantulga, 19, a university student studying political science, says men her age always catcall women who wear short skirts. She says these men, even her classmates, are often behind when it comes to gender and LGBT rights.

She is considering never marrying at all. Thousands of men lost their jobs in the privatisation of state-owned companies in the s, as Mongolia transitioned from a communist system, and they still have not recovered.

dating mongolia

NGOs and the government focus more on women than on men, who face rising rates of alcoholism, as well as unemployment, he says. No woman wants to live with an under-educated, impolite man.

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At Caffe Bene, a trendy Korean coffee chain in central Ulaanbaatar, almost all the tables are occupied by young women on their own.

One sits with her shopping bags on a chair, typing on her phone. Another reads a comic, while the woman across from her peers at a laptop. Single women in Mongolia face a certain stigma, which makes dating even harder.

The Lunar New Year holiday, a time for family reunions, is especially hard: They also face a relatively conservative dating culture. Rather than meet in bars or clubs, single Mongolians often find each other on Facebook or Instagram, chatting over private message, away from the public eye. Clubs and bars in Ulaanbaatar have begun holding speed-dating events, but people are sometimes embarrassed to attend, says Bat-Ulzii Altantsetseg, head of an events group called UB Nights.

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dating mongolia

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The Children Living in the Sewers of Mongolia's Cities (2001)

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